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  1. 09-April 11 - Happy Birthday David Holden :)

  2. 09-April 10 - Happy Birthday David Holden :)

  3. 2 goals for Stacey Long keep Stevenage at the top of the table
  4. Reform as Gravesend & Northfleet and start again in the Kent League. Go into admininstration take the deduction. Whatever happens, there will still be a club but without interference from people who have no real interest in the club other than as a computer game.
  5. He laughed when I asked him that.
  6. With the current moderators there will be no personal abuse.
  7. Andy Ford has quit as Welling manager
  8. The Conference have decided that the 0-0 scoreline for the uncompleted match between Gateshead and Hayes will stand which means that Hayes are now on 9 points and go above us on goal difference. Although Gateshead also gained a point, they have been deducted one point and fined £2,500, and so remain where they are in the league but having played an extra game.
  9. The website hasn't crashed, only the forum which is run separately.
  10. Originally Posted By: billy nick Ebbsfleet have enjoyed an 11% increase in gates this season, as a result of a number of schemes, 2 for 1 tickets, mini season tickets and bringing down the concession rates to 60 for men. All have proved a success, my forecast for next season!!! will be a 20-30% drop in gates due to this ill thought out idea of raising prices, the new MYFC board must be crackers, saying that the old board were too! I doubt that the average gate for the season will drop that much, when you look at the relative support of the teams leaving and joining the league then it
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