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  1. Very interesting performance from the Ref Duncs. Fully agree.
  2. Fully deserved 3 points for you Saturday E&E. We weren't at the races at all. Unbelievable decision for the penalty in the first half, and the ref I think had a poor game. But untimately wasn't the reason we lost. That was down to us. There was a nunber of players missing from the squad, including our regular Skipper Nimmo. Injuries and holidays seemed to have effected us recently. Take nothing away from you boys tho, we didn't deserve anything. On the note, about mid November... At that moment the club was bottom of the league, so the situation is completely different. Unfortunately we do seem to be suffering from the "nothing to play for issue" at the moment, As safety from relegation was achieved quite early. Hence the 4-2 win against you at roughly that period. As manager it's my reasonsibility to change that, and I will be doing eveything I can, starting at Knaphill tomorrow I think there will be a few clubs suffering the same as us now, and I sympathise with them. It's never an easy position to be at this time of the season.
  3. Fantastic performance from you boys Chris. We were way off it. And a fully deserved win. No complaints from us. All the best in Semi-Finals.
  4. We were training on the 4G in Aldershot Barracks. I'm imagining that the surface is now playable, but no one is still allowed on it. I'm guessing this down to there worry of insurance purposes. Rather than being unplayable.
  5. Badshot Lea vs Hanworth Villa now OFF
  6. Badshot Lea Vs Hanworth Villa is OFF. Evidently so is the 4G we were meant to be training on. So it's back to the old school indoor session tonight. Maybe that answers your questions. Albeit, I am in favour of 4G.
  7. Posting on behalf of Salv... Frimley Green Vs Burnham is ON tonight. Friendly match.
  8. Corinthian Casuals Vs Badshot Lea is OFF Waterlogged Pitch.
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