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  1. Be interesting to see if Dorking can use their 'friends' within Surrey FA to get away with another half time abandonment!?! No smoke without fire!
  2. WS; Is this a serious response? What do clubs have to do? Sign an agreement to warm up where directed and receive this in writing? I think you will need to check you policy! Providing an area 30x20 for adults (16 players) to warm up in is not acceptable; I'm sure your qualified coaches would have learnt this during their coaching courses (the warm-up is part of the assessment) and would agree!? I understand that clubs want to protect their pitch but if they cannot provide a suitable area to warm up then the pitch should be used until they can!
  3. Genuine Question; Is there a league rule on the size & type of area a club must provide for teams to warm up in? Surely any qualified coach will understand the importance of and benefits of a warm up and providing a suitable area surely must be stipulated by the FA or league?
  4. Still cannot understand why the referee called the game off??? Pitch, for once was definitely playable and the ref and the female assistant were in agreement to play the game and then one of the 'older generation' assistants arrived............spoke to the ref................game off!!! Then stood there saying it was the refs decision; he must think we cannot see and hear what was being discussed! Obviously the cold was affecting him!?! Wish for once that someone from the league was in attendance to give an opinion.
  5. Krooner, Good to see you last night. As for the game...........good to see that the officials in the CCL have had a decent pre-season!!!!
  6. Due to Croydon failing to fulfil the fixture, the points have been awarded to Farnham Town.
  7. PC, we are waiting confirmation from the league; which we anticipate being after the next meeting (date TBC). I doubt it will be played now!
  8. Farnham Town v Windsor scheduled for Tue 6 May at 1945hrs.
  9. Farnham Town v Croydon..............Off!!! Croydon cannot field a team!
  10. Totally agree Krooner, with GD being the deciding factor between 2nd and 3rd it's a disgrace the way Sandhurst have conducted themselves.
  11. Manors, Its not looking good for tomorrow; we are due rain again early morning which won't help!
  12. Baggy Lea 1-1 Farnham Town Enough said!!!
  13. Farnham Town 3-6 Ash U Worst performance by a Farnham side I have been involved in! Well done Ash. Officials.......least of our worries
  14. Farnham v Windsor off due to standing water on the pitch; the referee deemed it unplayable!!! Another fixture to try and fit in!!!
  15. Camberley 3-1 Farnham Town Good to have a chat with Krooner! We were pleased with the way we played at times however; we are very disappointed by the three mistakes we made that Camberley punished each time. Camberley very disciplined and Brad Smith up top caused us problems all afternoon. First time we have had this referee, he did ok, bit too inconsistent at times. The assistant clubhouse side gets worse (and slower) each game! How the ref allowed the Camberley GK to dictate the pace of the game is still mystifying me now!
  16. NLN, are you saying that if the decision was against you then you would have accepted it? The referee seemed to finally give in to the constant barrage he received from your technical area!
  17. I wish the referee would come on here and explain why he told me he game the penalty for a "push in the back with both hands" Not sure where he was looking!!!
  18. TRS, great footage again. One of the worst penalty decisions I have seen in years! Some would say that the Westfield player, 'played for it'! I'd call it something else!!!!
  19. Ha ha I will agree with that mate, the pitch does need a little work on it!!!
  20. Krooner, We were robbed by the referee at the end with a blatant penalty! The referee was 4 yds away but apparently didn't see it!!! Don't think I've ever played against a team who kick it so high in the air in the last 20 years !
  21. BG, if you had seen the pitch then you would understand why it's off! Referee inspected and deemed it unplayable!!
  22. South Park 5 - 2 Farnham Town We didn't turn up last night and were punished by a strong powerful South Park side who exploited our every mistake. Must mention the pitch; The SP groundsman worked tirelessly to get the game on however; I believe that if we didn't have such a fixture backlog then this game would have been off! Certain areas (middle of the pitch) were dangerous! Player safety is now being ignored by officials who are under pressure from the league to get games played! A dangerous precedent to set!
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