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  1. Always celebrate the good times newby however; to run aound your changing rooms in your PANTS like you had just won the league is slighlty embarrassing when you finish FORTH!!!!! Good Luck Mate
  2. Congratulations South Park on joining us in promotion, look forward to next year! Bedfont - Must learn not to count your chickens too early!!! Dancing in your pants!!!! Who looks stupid now????
  3. Krooner I cannot understand your comment on Respect, As you said only last week: Every person in this world has my respect until they lose it for any reason. I should not have to earn respect from you becuase for the majority of the time we are on the same pitch you have a blinkered view as to my decisions. If it is allowed at the top level then it will cascade down quite quickly. Best example is the throw in at the top level!!! Its embarrassing to watch top level players take so may foul throws and even worse is ref's and assistant ref's allowing it.
  4. Smudge, This is the funniest thread I have seen on this forum all year!!!!
  5. I find the most frustrating aspect of referees is when a they make a decision, one team appeals and the opposition laugh because they see the decision is completely wrong!!! Why cannot common sense be used by the official? Some of the quotes i've heard this year could become a bestseller: 1. In my opinion 2. I didn't see it 3. Not from where I was standing 4. I cannot help the ref as its in the other half of the pitch 5. Only two standing To name but a few!!! I agree that no one deserves abuse however, most players are not paid at this level, officials are. They are paid to implement the Laws of the game and on to many occasions they get the most obvious decisions wrong and then what they do is book players to take the heat out of a situation that they have generated!!! 'Smoke without fire'!!!!!
  6. Aggre with your comments Spy. Why are officials paid? I wonder how many would leave the game if they were not paid?? Or paid on performance, possibly judged by the assesor?
  7. A handshake before a game? what does it mean? Do players go in to tackles and think 'oh I better not commit a foul, I shook that players hand'! Do players think before they question refereeing decisions 'oh I better not question the ref, I shook his hand'! I don't think so!!! So what does it achieve? In my opinion, not a great deal! Why are managers, coaches and substitutes not involved? What would happen if the whole team refused to shake hands? Are referees instructed in how to deal with such a situation?
  8. Great video again TRS. Must say, without getting in to trouble!, the referee was not very good last night!!!!!
  9. Before I start, Camberley fully deserved the win and I am not blaming the referee for the defeat, but his incompetence did not help the cause. The way we played for most of the game last night, we would have lost anyway, regardless of who was incharge. The game started even, and Sandhurst were pleased with the start but then after 20 mins the game turned into a fiasco. Dubious penatly awarded for a tackle just inside the box under the nose of the assistant and I don't think the referee was best placed to award it. As VP has said, the penalty was converted, but because Camberley have been spending money on the new ground proposal rather than maintaining the equipment in the current ground, the ball came back out and a goal kick was awarded, both sets of players had started to set themselves up for the restart. Cue 6 or 7 Camberley players rounding the referee. Unbelivably, the ref then went to speak to his Assistant and both concured that they we both looking for encroachment (ref - players, assistant - goalie) and neither were looking to see if the ball went in. The ref then decides that the net needs reparing - if the ball went wide then why check? 5 minute hold up for that. Camberley then had a far better penalty shout waved away before they took the lead. The next crazy decision was when the Cambo right winger started chasing after a ball down the right wing. Our left back got there just in front of the winger who then shoved our left back to get past. The assistant started waving his flag to award a free kick to Sandhurst, but as he had is flag in the wrong hand, the ref thought he was awarding a free kick to Cambo and played the advantage before coming back to caution our full back to the bewilderment of most. Later on, one of the Sandhurst players went down with a head injury and the referee stopped the game. He restarted with a drop ball and the Cambo player on it said he would kick it back to our goalie but his teammate said 'we were in possesion so keep it'. So all of a sudden from an unchallenged drop ball, the referee just went 'ok' and droped it on the foot of the Cambo player who went to dribble forward. Our CB came in, swung a leg for the ball, got a touch on the ball and missed the player with the follow through of his swing (not attempting to get the play, just the natural action), ref awards a free kick and cautions our CB. Camberley were equally fustrated by the referee when they tried to take quick free kicks because the ball was 3mm from where it should have been. I think before the half closed, both sides had another player cautioned when the award of the free kick was dubious. Into the second half and Camberley went two goals in front from a corner that Sandhurst fell asleep for. When then had out Right Back sent off for two yellow cards, the first for a foul, fine, the second again for a foul, but this time two players competed for a loose ball, the Cambo player got there milliseconds before our RB, a coming together and at worst a freekick only if it warranted one. If Rooney last week was just a coming together, then this could only be described as a tickle. Anyway, the referee couldn't have got his red card out any quicker. It may have been at this time that our other CB picked up a yellow for dissent (no excuse for dissent cautions in my mind). The third goal had a huge suspician of off-side. Cambro player tried to chip the goalie who did well to tip the ball onto the bar and the rebound fell at the feet of the cambo striker with no-one around him and put the ball in. To most in the ground it looked like he was offside from the original shot. Our CB who was cautioned in the first half gave too much verbal and got himself a second yellow card (again, no excuse for it, but I will say that if he is cautioning for dissent, he shold have showed a couple to the Cambo players that surrounded him after the goal from the penalty was not given). Camberley had one of their strikers cautioned for kicking the ball away which was even more harsh than Van Persie's last night. The final silliness from the referee that I can remeber is late on we were awarded a free kick which the referee said in your half for. The ball was placed just inside our half and then the ref shouted come on I said inside your half - the ball was - and then made us move the ball back 6 yards. Something trivial, but given how bad he was, the smallest thing was winding Sandhurst up (again, should not be affected by it, but human nature dictates it sometimes). If he had said 6 yards inside your half, everyone knew where they were standing. The referee was being assessed and it would have been interesting to find out what he made of the performance, although why the assessor decided to sit in the stand for the whole of the game, rather than wander around the ground as 99.9% of other assesors do, is a mystery. The referee was doing lines on division one 3 or 4 seasons ago, so he has obvously been fast-tracked and again this was an example of the Surrey FA pushing someone who is not quite ready yet. The league should also take some flack here for appointing a new-ish referee for a local derby. You won't see the FA give Stuart Attwell or even Michael Oliver (who is far better than Attwell) a Merseyside derby just yet. Those who know me know that I rarely rant on about referees (more the assistants) and in fact I am normally the one explaining to my team why the referee gave the decision (ask Surrey Legend), but this guy last night was hopeless. It may have just been a bad game for him that everyone has, but I know both teams are writing a letter to go with the low marks. As I started, Camberley deserved the win, supported by the fact that we only made the Camberley goalkeeper work once and that was a shot straight at him. Other than that the closest we came to scoring was a shot late on which went just over. The penalty incident spured Cambo on and seemed to knock the wind out of our sails. Some of the cautions were not needed, but if decisions go against you, you cannot keep moaning at the refs because they will start cautioning and they are cheap needless ones that end up causing problems for your team-mates. TC, just read your post on your midweek game as I have been away. I do hope that your report on the referee was honest and constructive???? I would hate for you to receive a fine from the CCL for not being truthful and positive about an official!!! God forbid that they would question your integrity!!!!
  10. agree from what watching the game that sandhurst were the better team in the 1st half and the left winger was causing a few problems with his pace and delivery. but farnham came out stronger and thought were better team in the 2nd half. though the referee looked out of his depth as the pace of the game meant he could not keep up. he gave random decisions and feel farnham should have had a pen at the end. was that sandhurst 1st x11 as i thought they would have been a bit stronger (may have had an off night). but good luck to them in the next round I'm trying not to sound like all my posts are about referees however.........The referee on Tuesday!!?? If you are going to referee a game like a dictator!!! Then you must at least be good at what you are doing! Referees should not parade around the pitch speaking to players like they are 5 year olds when they cannot get the basic decisions right!!!! If your mistakes are then highligted to you and you realise that you may be wrong, please do not display a complete lack of moral courage by dealing with situations in a manner that befits a spoilt child!!!! Got to agree with you Inbetweener, "he was out of his depth"!!
  11. AS I HAVE ALREADY SAID THIS DEBATE HAS NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THE EVENTS OF LAST SATURDAY. There, is that clear enough? This debate was started by Ace1. I have no idea who Ace is but having looked at his previous posts I suspect he may be connected with Farnham Town. I am sure he could confirm it has nothing to do with Guildford City. This has NOTHING to do with Guildford City!
  12. I would agree with this comment Smudge. Someone within the CCL needs to explain what constitutes - Detailed, Constructive and Developmental????? Example: Failed to implement the Laws of Association Football on numerous occassions, would benefit from being assessed and possibly attending a referees refresher course (If there is such a thing?). Is this anywhere near acceptable??????
  13. Sorry MiddleMan but I have to disagree with you on both of these points. As JakesFanClub mentions above, we have been fined this season for attempting to provide constructive criticism that I can assure you was balanced and in no way offensive or personal. If the league wants reliable and accurate markings then why punish clubs for trying to provide them with it? The reports we write are only ever intended to be constructive, but what is the point if there's no obvious retribution? A club gets fined for all sorts of things, quite rightly, but the original point of this thread is very valid - what happens to the referees when they have a poor game? It works on both sides - the league might not deem a report as constructive, but equally us clubs may not deem a referee's performance as 'constructive'! It's all a matter of opinions and stifling them will not help in the long run. As for your second point, page 209 of the 'digital' copy of the handbook shows the league guide to marking referees. This is not detailed in the slightest, it is more a guide to how to count up to 100. The guide essentially boils down to: "The referee was extremely/very/reasonably/quite accurate in decision making, controlled the game extremely/very/reasonably/quite well and communicated extremely/very/reasonably/quite well with the players, establishing extremely/very/reasonably/quite degree of fair play. Mark as appropriate to choice of extremely/very/reasonably/quite." Tell me, what is constructive about that?! As we hear many times during a game from all three officials..............In my opinion!!! A referees report is surely an opinion of what that person has just witnessed? A referees report should be constructive however; it is an opinion. Definition of Opinion: A personal view, attitude or appraisal. How can a club be fined for having an opinion?????
  14. I ask the following question as I know that there is an array of knowledge on this forum, that there are many officials on this forum and that there are also CCL committie members using this forum: What is the point of clubs reporting on referees and his/her assistant's??? 1. What actually happens to the reports? 2. What happens if it is bad report? 3. What can you legally put in a report? 4. Are officials repremanded for poor performances? 5. Are officials given points for good performances to move up the refereeing ladder? Are they deducted points for poor performances? 6. Are clubs penalised for not submitting reports? 7. Why are no officials assessed in the CCL? (I have not seen an assessor all season!) Quite a demanding post for my first one on this forum, I only ask so I can understand the process. Your views and opinions are welcome.
  15. Did ground sharing affect the decision to postpone this fixture???
  16. Hot off the press....................David Cooper has left Farnham Town and signed for Frimley Green!!! See you Tuesday Coops!!!
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