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  1. TRS, I believe you get what you deserve in this league!
  2. Guernsey 1-0 Farnham Town! Well done to Guernsey, treated really well by all involved at the club, great day only spoilt by not getting a result. Shame the Bibs that Guernsey provide disappeared over the weekend! (Shirts and skins!!!)
  3. Smudge, to be fair the officials on the night were very good and managed the game well! (Yes Krooner - this is a positive comment about officials)
  4. Great highlights again Trevor, gives us a lot to work on in preperation for our 'two-legged' fixtures with Guernsey!
  5. Farnham Town 1 -1 Epson and Ewell Good competitive game spoilt by an awful referee!!! Some of his decsions were disgraceful !!!
  6. With such a fixture backlog surely the first team game has to have priority over a Reserve game? Surely this cannot be a league decsion? Can it?
  7. Aggred Krooner, so much rain today made any surface (including "All Weather") unplayable! Northern Ireland are moving towards 3G surfaces but only in the Irish Premier League, and they have some rain over there!!! Not sure the answer is to change the surface, would just like to see a little more common sense applied to how to deal with the backlog! To force teams in to playing three games in three days is ludicrous.
  8. I have a game tomorrow which has been switched to a 3G pitch. We have been told that if the tempreture at kick off is below zero then the game will not go ahead. The reason for this is something to do with the 'black bits' in the 3G surface being deemed unsafe!!! Don't rely on 3G!!!
  9. Just been informed that Bedfont v Farnham is......Off!, pitch failed inspection at 1000hrs
  10. Daniel, You say that you know who did this? Have you got video evidence or pictures of them? Or have you been listening to the same rumours that Godalming have? Before we start accusing players and teams we need to make sure we have something concrete to back it up with!
  11. JR Whoever is responsible for this has done so off their own backs and thus becomes a personal issue and not a club issue. If this had been a structured coaching session by a club then I can understand your point but it isn't. If one of your players commits a criminal offence away from your club should you be reported to the league every time and be brought into disrepute??? I think not!
  12. Inspection due at 10.00 tomorrow. Still had standing water on it yesterday so not hopeful!!!
  13. Farnham Town 3-1 Windsor Farnham played very well yesterday and reacted well to two recent defeats. Birthday boy Craig Smith getting all three goals. Windosr completely different from last season and quite yoiung however; they will get better the longer the season goes on! Officials were very good.
  14. Finished 2-0, two great strikes win it for guernsey
  15. We will be giving it our best shot Smudge! All players trained well this week and are really looking forward to the game. You never know in football!!!
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