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  1. You didn't "let it in", it was expertly placed past your keeper by Jim 'Steve Bruce' Pearson!!!!
  2. Egham 1 – 1 Farnham Town. A good point for us in our final game of the season against a good Egham side. They moved the ball quickly with some decent movement but we stuck to our task, worked hard and deserved a point in the end. Slightly disappointed on two points; 1. Due to the weather we placed two t-shirts at the side of the pitch for our long throw specialist to use to dry the ball. An Egham representative firstly threw them over their wall and out of their ground and after they had been retrieved he then hid them in their turnstile!!! Not sure why? Egham could have used them i
  3. Kroons, thanks for organising the boys U11 football this afternoon. My boy and his team really enjoyed themselves.
  4. Too late Ace. Farnham Town nailed with the "Like Ref when win and do not like Ref when lose" syndrome. Ha ha Kroons, you know I'll have a comment either way mate!!
  5. Need to be careful FTFC, we'll get a reputation!!! Be interesting to know if Croydon are of the same opinion!?!
  6. Brilliant Smudge! I can see that motto on all referees shirts next season!!!
  7. Ha ha Kroons!! Praise from within the club for good officials last night!! Whatever next!?!?! Fecking ref.
  8. HV 4-1 Farnham Town (87min)
  9. Hanworth Villa 0-0 Farnham Town H/T
  10. I doubt it, hopefully just my boy!
  11. Observer, It may seem that I am always moaning about officials (which I am) however; I have given a few ideas to try and assist many times and they are always followed by excuses as to why they cannot be implemented! Resistance to Change is the main factor!!! 4th officials would be of benifit as the best place to view a game from is always the technical areas! You can see everything from there!!!!!
  12. MM As a club the last time we 'put up' we were handed a fine that we were not allowed to appeal, so we now do what most clubs do and 'shut up' as we can ill afford fines for being constructive! A few ideas: 1. why not stop assessors letting the match officials know they are there at the start of a game. 2. At the end of the game a representative from each club can listen to the assessors report to the referee. 3. As stated earlier, why not make assessors the 4th official to assist the match officials? It was noted this week that Premier League managers were growing fed up of officials
  13. Are you saying that referees don't pre-judge teams before a game???? What do assessors do? Is there any evidence that they actually help officials or just put more unnecessary pressure on them? Why not make all assessors 4th officials and they can then directly help the referee during the game and they could also control the benches! Better use of resources would help all round!
  14. Thought that would drag you in Kroons!!! KeepRunning! You'll see me there in a couple of weeks when get back!
  15. Cannot agree on officials Smudge! I would say they are getting worse every year in this league! I have lost count of how many times I have heard "haven't had a good referee all season"! They have to be more accountable for how they perform. Reports are sent and nothing happens. Same officials the following week performing the same! The league need to do more to train and educate the officials. What is planned to train or educate officials during the close-season or pre-season (games do not educate)??? Bet I can guess...........................................!
  16. Got to agree TRS, why was the goal disallowed and why did the Guildford player get booked?? For the RPV second goal, was there not a foul on the GK??? Amazing decisions! Was this not the referee that we had when Farnham played at Sandhurst a couple of weeks ago? Assistant's??? Why bother???
  17. Ash United??! Had a moment TRS, still fuming mate!
  18. Banstead 3 - 4 Farnham Town A strange game where we were fortunate to take all three points. I must add that I witnessed the worst THREE officials that I have seen in thirty odd years of football. Some of the decisions from them ALL were disgraceful! I actually thought at one point that they were not qualified and had arrived at the wrong sport!!! There was an assessor there that was heard to say, "I will have to have some harsh words with them!!!" There is NO way that they should hold any appointment at this, or any other, level of football. I hope that there is someone on here from
  19. Ash U 2-2 Farnham Town (Neville scores his first ever goal)
  20. Fair account TRS, not sure about the last statement? I'm not sure we would have have scored with fourteen players up front today!!! Looking forward to the highlights!? I hope all those that paid to watch the referee and his assistants enjoyed their afternoon!!!!!
  21. Fair account TRS, not sure about the last statement? I'm not sure we would have have scored with fourteen players up front today!!! Looking forward to the highlights!?
  22. They were quite happy with the new entrance including the "Tardis" Thanks again to all at Guildford City for their kind donation.
  23. Farnham Town are pleased to announce that they have achieved the required ground grading today! Well done to Paul Tanner for all his hard work in ensuring that we could remain at this level of football.
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