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  1. Stotfold 6 Peterborough NE Sports 1 Stotfold Development 1 Elstow Abbey 2
  2. Stotfold FC are looking for AWAY friendlies on the following dates Saturday 5th September FIRST TEAM AWAY Saturday 12th September FIRST TEAM AWAY & DEVELOPMENT TEAM AWAY We are happy to share costs. Contact Chairman phil@pmracing.co.uk
  3. Today Hertford 0 Stotfold 3 Stotfold Development 1 Berkhamsted Raiders 3
  4. Revised Fixtures Sat 29th Hertford Town v Stotfold 2pm Stotfold Development v Berkhamsted Raiders 3pm (Pendleton) Tues 1st Sept Stotfold v Biggleswade FC 7.45 (pre match tickets only - available from both clubs. See social media and website on Friday for details. Maximum entry paying spectators 150)
  5. Rhodes, I have never been with another club. I've been player, Manager and Chairman of Stotfold for over 20 years
  6. Additional Stotfold Fixtures Sat 29th August Stotfold Development v Berkhamsted Raiders 3pm (Pendleton Centre) Hertford Town v Stotfold 3pm (Venue TBC) Tues 1st September Stotfold v Biggleswade FC 7.45pm
  7. Stotfold XI 3 Totternhoe 1 A decent run out for both teams. A strong first team dominating the first half 3-0 with the visitors fairing better with the Eagles development side in the 2nd half
  8. Wednesday 5th Aug Letchworth GC Eagles 1 Stotfold 3 (played at The Arena Baldock) Stotfold have friendlies available on Saturday 15th, 22nd and 29th August 3pm KO. To be played on the 3G Pendleton Centre, Stotfold. Contact Phil 07825 133344
  9. Stotfold are looking for AWAY pre season friendlies for the first and development teams We have 1 home fixture remaining for Sat Aug 29th. We currently have home games with St Albans Tues 18th and Hitchin Town Tues 25th. Anyone giving us an away fixture will get a reverse fixture next season
  10. It will get suspended. until understand when we can play football again. I see no opportunity until at least August IMO this could roll until Jan 2021. In which case the completion of the 2019/20 season makes sense. Basically we need to keep our nerve until we know the extent of the virus has on humanity as a whole,
  11. With respect Karen cannot comment as she is a committee member of SSML.
  12. The County FA (possibly by FA direction) have form on this as all clubs already know. If a game gets abandoned and a player has been booked or sent off the club picks up the fair play points whilst the player (or club) picks up the charge costs and any suspensions that go with it. They have got away with that without any legal challenge (probably because of the small costs to clubs). Should the FA continue with a null and void process it appears possible from the letter signed by over 130 that clubs could collectively seek a legal root to A) Overturn the decision and B) recover in full costs of a null and void system. This could have disastrous effects for everyone. Anyhow lets see how this rolls out. Concentration should be on tackling this virus and saving lives at the moment.
  13. This really is simple but the FA and SSML bottled it. Points per game would have given you the top 4 promoted. We should have simply had NO relegation. Clubs would have moved around with the proposed changes. Those such as Rayners Lane could appeal. As they wouldn't be in the SSML potentially they could have gone up anyway. If leagues needed to take more than 20 teams in a division for one season would that really matter? After all we have had 24 previously. This is a complete cop out by all those involved. Far too early to make decisions like this. After all who knows when football will be start up. Not for at least 3 months by the looks of it. If it went further lets say into 2021 you could have possibly played the rest of this season out. Null and void suggests ALL league fees, fines etc will be repaid. Certainly there could be a legal case for it. Particularly if the Step 1 & 2 clubs do play it out. At the end of the day lives of people are at stake so that is the most important. But if any sport is to survive it requires credibility and leadership to do so. This appears to be lacking. We should go with the league transformation and take good use of the points per game ratio taking into account where clubs may or may not have been promoted including their facilities for promotion.
  14. IMO the league/FA will determine the final league table by taking the points per games played ratio. Thus leaving St Panteleimon deserved Champions. The FA will then take that into consideration when making the huge structural change, Many teams will probably avoid relegation because of the change anyway. If you take league 1 for example. St Pants, and Salamis will move league, Stotfold and Wilmslow will go in the Premier. Rayners Lane (5th on that calculation) will likely move as well.
  15. No but they went out of their way to give us one after I had it all arranged. Sorry!
  16. Stotfold are looking for a friendly this Saturday. Home or away. Not sure about match officials being available but we are happy to play anyone and share any costs phil@pmracing.co.uk 07825 133344
  17. We would be happy to accommodate Wootton Blue Cross although we are currently struggling for a referee. We had arranged to play Old Bradwell but the league have now given them a fixture. Please advise and we can then confirm the friendly with the fa Phil 07825 133344
  18. Stotfold are looking for a home or away friendly on Sat 27th Jan We would be looking to play our young youth players so a game against a Reserve, Development, or Div 2 side would be ideal although any fixture would suit as long it helps with the lads development
  19. Potton v Stotfold postponed. Waterlogged pitch
  20. The fixtures are much more balanced this season. I swallowed hard when I first saw four of our first five league games at home whilst having to play Oxhey twice in a week is less than ideal but its substantially better than last year so well done Karen
  21. Karen's job is the hardest one of that there is no doubt and however does it will never satisfy everyone. However as a club chairman I have to look at how fixtures work in relation to income and in recent seasons we have had to endure a huge uneven run of home or away games which does little to help club budgets. Last season we played our first league game at home on the 8th Oct and ended the season with 11 of our 13 games at home. This uneven revenue stream can and does have a negative effect on financing. If you create a mileage chart across all the clubs per division and then plan to play the furthest games on Saturdays each club has at the start and end of the season that would be a good starting point. In our case I suspect that would be playing someone like Holmer Green sometime during August and April. Absolutely provide local derby fixtures Xmas and Easter reversed so of course Biggleswade v United makes perfect sense. The point I am making is that a game with Leighton over the Xmas or Easter period makes little sense when the games could be played against your two nearest neighbours. Anyhow I am sure Karen has it under control and I like many are looking forward to seeing the fixtures in full.
  22. Leighton is 26 miles from Stotfold Tring is 12 miles from Leighton Crawley Green is 12 miles to Stotfold Even Welwyn is nearer. As I say it isn't rocket science
  23. Cant see I am pleased with our Xmas/Easter fixtures. Why we cannot play Biggleswade and Biggleswade United over Xmas and easter is beyond me. Leighton is hardly a derby game. This isn't rocket science.
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