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  1. I wouldnt say run out of beer but when i left the clubhouse jigs of the stuff was being thrown around and half the foam roof tiles had been punched through! The game itself, first half was poor from both sides. Second half Park were a lot better. Camberely keeper was the busier and made some great stops. Lavery scored which the refs assistant gave as it was one of those was it or wasnt it over the line moment. Chris smith rattled the bar 2 mins later and i dont recall wazza having to make any saves in the second period. Camberely are a strong side but are sometimes a little to predictable with the long ball game. Showed good sportmanship at the end when Park received the league trophy
  2. Park 4 Molesey 1 Epsom 0 Cambo 2 Whats the betting we dont hear from Stanley tonight
  3. What a twat you are Stanley
  4. Park were terrible last night. Worst performance I have seen this season. Never turn up against Epsom who fully deserved there win and it could of been by more. I dont think the Epsom keeper had a save to make all night. Referee ruined any flow there was to the game, not that this would of had a baring on the end result. Chessington away tomorrow night. Lets hope the this result doesnt affect the team to much.
  5. Park 2 CW 0. C Smith with both. 10 goals in 3 games. Well not quite 3 yet.
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