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  1. Is the friendly match still available on this day?
  2. I know who u r Chris and please don't think for 1 minute I have anything against you or what u have tried. The thing is the game has moved on, no longer should the Essex senior league be used as a platform for glorified pub players it should be used to breed young Ryman players who are on the fringes of higher clubs. It is still senior football and young players should want to play this level but sadly nobody does. More to the point hardly any manager allows youngsters the time to develop ( hull bridge and manor apart) as the league is win at all costs. The mentality of the league an
  3. I have said something like this before. Your under 18's are quality and I know they are going for the league and are top in a very competitive league which includes Concord Rangers. Why dont the last 4 home games go to the under 18's? I know for a fact that Basildon under 18's have 3 players that could play ryman league in a few years but need a platform to experience senior football first. They will bring their parents etc and Basildon could have the highest attendance for their season! In all seriousness, to look to the future means building a team for the future. Give the job of see
  4. Tut tut Coachie. Touting yourself again..... Deja vu here....
  5. Well I left my dad when I realised he didn't have a clue. Only joking, if Gillam has no passion 4 winning things then he probably won't fit in 2 Manor. If however he is how Coach et 69 says he is then why are Manor worried. Apparently he works hard, is honest, hard working, why 3e they worried. Put him in a side with Pato, Wilf, Baldwin, Smith and teams should be worried. But not Hullbridge though as they have already been done twice with him in the side and are around 21 points behind......
  6. This season Manor reached the FA cup 4th Qualifying round. Reached the FA Vase last 64. Have lost 1 game in 17 league matches. Beat Chertsey, Leighton, Cheshunt, played at Nene Park in front of 1000 people going in 1-1 at half time against Kettering Town. Played in front of tv cameras, had FA TV drooling over them for 3 weeks, had anglia news doing a piece on them. Had Neil Harris answering questions about the possibility of playing them in the 1st round. Then had a double page spread in the England v spain program. Gary Paterson has scored 22 goals since leaving you. They have done the double
  7. Haringey & Waltham Dev 2 - 4 Southend Manor Wilf Missika with 2 more. Aron Baldwin and David Tubbs keep Manor top. Have to say, Haringey were not an easy side to play against and will cause problems for any team visiting them this year. Any others?
  8. Southend Manor Pre season friendlies have been confirmed Sat 16 July vs Hadleigh United A Sat 23 July vs Stanway Rovers A Thurs 28 July vs Great Wakering Rovers (Nobby Johnson Memorial Game) A 7.45 ko Sat 30 July vs Maldon & Tiptree H Tues 2 August vs Tilbury H 7.45 ko Sat 6 August vs Romford H Tues 9 August vs Runwell Hospital H
  9. Are there any teams in the Kent League that have their pitch available to play a pre season friendly on either Jul 9 or July 14. We have our pitch from the 30th July and are struggling for pre season friendlies. Good footballing side, finished 4th in Essex Senior League Please just let me know Thanks John
  10. You saying that Stansted have a budget? Controversial....... Well if theres no budget then the man must get it!
  11. [ Going slightly off topic, but if the esl do a Team of the year, i hope they give it to Mauiritius Sports Association. The club who struggle on the pitch with results and attendances usually in single figures moved from 18th last season to 11th this season. Well done Mauritius. Unforunately they will probably give it to the Aiprort boys for a vase run to the last 16 or to the League champions Enfield 1893. Mauiritius even finished above Takeley who since promotion have been in the top group of esl clubs and Barkingside expected to be promotion contenders. Plus footballing towns like Basil
  12. Well as the season has finished, lets start a debate about team of the year, please note down your Team of the year 4 - 4 - 2 and 3 subs! Player of the year - top 3 Manager of the year Please try to keep it friendly!!!!!!!!! POY- James Robinson of Witham (now Maldon) Dwight Gayle (Stansted) and Neal Hughes of Enfield MoY has to be Spillane at Stansted, half the budget of Enfield yet ran them close, very close
  13. I think that you need to be careful. How dare you call somebody a racist. That is bang out of order. There is banter and then there is crossing the line. You crossed the line. I agree with Silencer I think you should retract that comment and apologise for such a strong and out of order comment. The forum is for Banter and the occasional serious point! Not for people to bring experienced managers and players reputations in to question. Capiche?
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