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  1. Great to see our young Development team growing into the next level of their progression. Average age just 18. Need to keep it going though, as coming out of youth football will not be used to around 40 games a season.
  2. Always remember when we played Salisbury in the FA Vase. Put up our admission from £5 to £6 and the disparaging remarks from the Berkhamsted officials in attendance. Kettle/Black comes to mind.
  3. Looks like they are not the only SML club putting up their prices for the FA Cup. #spiritoftheFACup
  4. Looks like Berkhamsted Raiders are finding it tough at adult football again. Will they see the season out?
  5. Yes, been reading Berkhamsted's Chairman tweets and he really does have the hump. Don't blame him really, but being a bit sarcastic with his comments won't help.
  6. Yeah Totternhoe contacted AFC for the friendly, so must have thought they would have done OK. To be fair though, AFC were looking at playing some youngsters after the exertions on Friday v Luton but with the possibility that Saturday v Bovingdon could be off, due to Bovingdon struggling to get match officials after all 3 were pinched by the FA, decided to field the majority of the 1st team squad bar 2 or 3. Lambeth has gone travelling in Australia for a year. Shame really, would have been good to see how he got on against a Southern League defence.
  7. I think the jist of what clubs were saying last season, if I'm right, many Saturdays they were left without games. Looking back, the reserve divisions had 16 or 17 teams and only played 2, 3 maybe 4 midweeks, which I think is acceptable.
  8. This is the problem with running 4 divisions I guess. Did think starting the Development League on 5th August was a bit early though.
  9. It's funny how these clubs who just concentrate on youth try their hand at adult football and struggle. Remember MK Wanderers!
  10. Did they have a team in the HCL. No mention of them on HCL Full Time. Not even their record being expunged.
  11. Another team in Berko. I hear Raiders have over 70 youth teams, so should have plenty of players coming through the ranks. Will Berko now be looking over their shoulders?
  12. Wonder what the future holds. Their statement was need funds and people in place yesterday (Monday) Fingers crossed all OK
  13. Looking at their signings and it all being over twitter, they are not under the radar now. Could well be a force, how many ex London Colney players is that now?
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