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  1. Oh ok, did not know that. I guess he is just avoiding this thread. Edit: more like avoiding me. I have tried to send him messages, but he has blocked me. Oh well.
  2. That’s no good. Football has gotten so big I guess this is the way it’s going. I know in the US it’s exploded over the last 10 years. I know I can’t now watch ever Real Madrid game, but 5 years ago that was a huge challenge. I know it’s a real disappointment for long time users like you guys that this site has seen it’s better days.
  3. I agree. It can’t be much more then for money. There is really no reason to bother. Why is so quite on here? I don’t frequent any other threads but this one, but it seems European football is rather interesting this year.
  4. Still no Loosely though. Would make this a much better discussion, although I don’t think he has much of a leg to stand on anymore since she was released. That being said, what does she need to do to clear her name? She was released and was acquitted correct?
  5. Isn't that the grounds on which Loosely made his fame on this thread? I agree that discussion is good, but I don't think that was always the case with Loosely. I think the thread was much more exciting while he was here for sure.
  6. Oh that is interesting. Well I guess he has run off for good this time. And yes I did see it. That is what brought me back here. I think it did a good job, and it was objective. Just showed facts.
  7. Yep I am 100% with you. They are both terrible people. Like you said Clinton will be more of the same in terms of what we have now, but maybe a bit more underhanded. Trump does suggest that he will offer changes, but I don't believe him. Whether it be good or bad change, I just think he use to BSing his way through life and he feels he can do it here too. Most of his promises of change, just are not going to happen. With all that said, I think the election is pretty much over. It looks like Clinton has it locked up, and will be our first women in the Whitehouse. Was hoping this would not be the first women we saw in the Whitehouse, but I guess my opinion does not really matter. I do believe that no matter which one wins, it will be a one term stay for either of them. Both are hated too much to be able to be reelected.
  8. Haha maybe so. I don't know, Loose had some real hate for me. Oh dear can I say neither? I am not voting for either of them. I am going 3rd party, but if someone told me my life were on the line. I guess I would have to go with Trump because Hilary is a murder. I can't support someone that covers up lies, and gets American soldiers killed. Who would you take?
  9. I figured you guys knew him better than me. I think I might have been one of his least favor people on earth.
  10. It's rather boring without Loosely or for that matter anyone posting on here anymore. I guess the story is pretty much written so there is little else to talk about.
  11. I am going to have to agree about the pretty face part. Not the best American face I have seen before. In terms of traveling aboard, other then Italy I would think she is fine right? Not much more hate then Americans get aboard normally I would think. Maybe more so after this mess of a presidential election. Two of the worst human beings, but hey we are so smart here in America when voting. [emoji849].
  12. Your talking about her wrongfully accusing Patrick right?
  13. I have no idea what she has done for sales. She is a popular name now, so she might have brought some readers to the newspaper. I totally agree she is a good writer, and I think she is now getting a chance to showcase her talents. What I will say though, she did not put herself in a great position 9 years ago. She had a lot of growing up to do, and in the end she had to do it really quickly. Her actions after Meredith's death did her no favors at all. Being the pretty loud American girl that she was, it put her at a disadvantage from the beginning. Us American's aren't the most loved people around the world (as we can clearly see on this thread alone). She then increases the bad reputation we have by kissing and just acting crazy after Meredith's death. All of this helped the police see her as the prime suspect, which in all honesty she did not do a great job of not making them think it wasn't her. She was behind the 8 ball from the very start (which I am sure she did not think about at all), but then you compile her actions and it just makes things look weird. I think her actions would have seemed much different had this crime been done in GB or America for that matter. I think she acted like herself, which to me showed she was not tying to hide anything. She was completely oblivious to the whole thing. Again that can be seen as bad or good. With her being an American in a country that aren't in love with American's, she made it pretty easy for them to hate her. I am not saying it's right, but I think that played a very large part.
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