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  1. Tayshan Hayden Smith now at Chertsey Matt Nolan back at Enfield Town
  2. Now confirmed on our Twitter feed
  3. Apparently the pitch has been passed fit, but Lewes have made a request not to travel. Currently awaiting a decision from the League
  4. I would also point out that Mo was probably on more than twenty quid a week. So therefore.......
  5. They didn't have a shot on target before the red card - not a rose tinted opinion, but a fact
  6. Hmmm... not sure we're in any sort of doldrums Steph; we won our previous two games, and were unlucky yesterday. It's been a long time since one piece of idiotic refereeing has cost us so badly. After 70 minutes I honestly didn't think we could lose - it wasn't pretty, and our team selection was cagey to the point of timidity, but we had created all the decent chances, in fact Carshalton hadn't had a shot on target. Then Mr Smith decided that he wanted to be the star of the show... 🤬
  7. Hope you're sitting down - final score was 10-1. Can't think of anything positive to say about this one
  8. We are 5-1 down at half time, Kyle Lynch with our goal. Team is Reynolds, Madimba, Williams, Swain, McIntosh, John, Gittleson, Livings, Ibe, Lynch, Charles. Subs Hussein, Debourg, Haider, Lyons, Bawling
  9. Actually she was Andy - once, by Maldon players early in the game. The fact that it didn't happen again suggests that the offending players were put very firmly in their place!
  10. Sam Bantick - Walthamstow No hang on... Sam Bantick - Canvey Island Coming soon: Sam Bantick Testimonial Match
  11. Should have been 1-1 after 90 seconds to be fair. Game peaked very early shall we say
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