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Father Jack

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  • Birthday 21/03/1962

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    Enfield Town, Mayfield CC
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    Nipper Lawrence, Billy Dane, Hamish Balfour
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    Golf and strangling animals

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  1. Alex Solomon - Hampton and Richmond
  2. Curtis Ujah - Concord Rangers assistant Manager
  3. Try... Manny, Harry, Corey, Jerry Well a guy can dream...
  4. Junior Mubiayi - Enfield FC
  5. Win & Fin https://youtu.be/xj_TUGFSeCI
  6. It's OK-fixed it. Took me ages too!
  7. Been looking forward to this.. Billericay
  8. Billericay Carshalton Did anyone mention that we're top of the League?
  9. Mcdonald, Spencer, Payne, Thomas, Knight, Richmond, Isaac, Youngs, Cunnington, Coker, Wyllie Subs Braithwaite, Taaffe, Cass, Okotcha, Della Verde
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