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  1. Gaz Dauti has been appointed manager of our tenants New Salamis
  2. Alex Cathline signs for Welwyn Garden City
  3. It worked for Nathan Livings - Town was the only club he ever settled at
  4. They still have a couple in Ade Cole and Jake Hutchings, but none of Brad's refugees
  5. Moving on to lighter matters.... Bertie Brayley - Hullbridge Percy Kiangebeni - Concord on loan
  6. Mubiayi rather than Murray!
  7. Pretty close to my choice Mr God. Bantick is suspended however, so Potton comes in on the left in my book.
  8. He is actually an ex-person Died in 2016
  9. Dernell Wynter to Chesham
  10. Won 1-0 with a 77th minute goal from A. Triallist. Good work out
  11. Whoops! Missed him off my update
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