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  1. Well you need to go back a bit, but there was also the Enfield Weekly Herald
  2. Manager of Takeley is one Kevin Riley. Can anyone confirm?
  3. Bobson Bawling has signed for Haringey Borough
  4. Hi OT, glad to hear you're keeping well. Currently in the same position as you, work shut down temporarily. I can do a limited amount of work at home, which I am trying to space out. The main highlight of my day is planning a new route for my Government-approved daily exercise - luckily there are some nice tree-lined avenues around here. Don't think you'll get much club gossip right now TBH, but it would be nice to hear how everyone else is doing
  5. Four posts deleted from this thread. Keep it civil please
  6. All Isthmian League fixtures now postponed tomorrow and next midweek
  7. Now been announced. On Twitter and Facebook
  8. And what do you mean by that?
  9. Tayshan Hayden Smith now at Chertsey Matt Nolan back at Enfield Town
  10. Now confirmed on our Twitter feed
  11. Apparently the pitch has been passed fit, but Lewes have made a request not to travel. Currently awaiting a decision from the League
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