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  1. Manny Maja has joined Tonbridge Angels
  2. Jerry has joined Hungerford Town Also - Tony Mendy - Haringey Borough
  3. Billy Crook - Cray Wanderers
  4. First news of last year's squad: Harold Joseph has moved to Cray Wanderers
  5. Honestly, turn your back for thirty seconds... Joe Payne - Cheshunt and yes Sweetnicker, that's a very good signing!
  6. Decent striker, Knew where the goal was, but, IMO, not quite good enough for step 3 at the time. Looks like he has benefited from dropping down a step for a couple of years
  7. Brandon Adams - Cheshunt Sam Chaney - Ware
  8. Looks a very good player to me, and well worth a punt. Wonder if he's related to Kojo, our old player, or Eugene, who played for, I think, Northwood and Hendon? Eugene was a very similar player to Solomon
  9. Some nice new seaside trips there. It's Kingstonian who are moving to Tooting I think
  10. Awards: Manager's Player of the Year: Mo Faal Supporters' POTY: Sam Youngs Goal of the season: Sam Youngs Young POTY: Manny Maja Clubman of the Year: Glenn Hosford Golden Boot: Mo Faal Think I've remembered them all correctly
  11. Sam was MOM, but it wasn't announced for some reason
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