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  1. Struggling to find much out about him TBH. He's been our player all season, and has been dual-registered with Colney Heath. A Google search reveals that he has played in the States, but not much else
  2. Cray https://youtu.be/4CkuZ4cAEMI
  3. You mean the club photographer and his brother who hasn't been to a game for 10 years? Try again. Or rather don't bother
  4. That was two fans, and we've dealt with it. So quit the whataboutery and put your own house in order
  5. Pitch inspection 1245. Fingers crossed...
  6. Twitter post from Cheshunt says pitch is OK now, but they may need an inspection if it keeps raining
  7. Ditto from FJ and Mrs FJ. See you all soon
  8. Rather unfair. Cumberbatch has been steady and efficient in both games, only being sacrificed for the introduction of Cunnington. His dead-ball kicks, particularly corners, are particularly good
  9. Merstham https://youtu.be/z1z4X47uWlg
  10. Tom Collins has signed for Hanwell. We'll be seeing him soon
  11. Signed on dual reg with Billericay, formerly with Dover. Decent player, I think; remember him from his time at Harrow
  12. And Bishops Stortford 😡 https://youtu.be/hvscWcCnqlo
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