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  1. It was a really left-field tactical shift I agree, but somehow - don't ask me why - it seemed to work. It was the right thing to move Lee Chappell out if the firing line, as he was being skinned on a regular basis by Jasper Pattenden. Coker seemed to get under Pattenden's skin somehow, and he wasn't quite as threatening after that. Good overall performance yesterday; think we have now proved that we can live with anyone in this division
  2. Leatherhead https://youtu.be/0HkEuXbTfSI
  3. Kingstonian highlights 😁😁😁 https://youtu.be/qs61WpeiXms
  4. But those players were signed from other clubs. The point being made is that ETFC are not currently in a position to 'grow their own'
  5. It may be that, since we disbanded our under-23s, the step from under-18 to Step 3 football is too great a leap for most
  6. Well let's say it was easier to say than spell!
  7. Official cause of death was 'Cirrhosis '; suggests he was fond of a sherbert or two
  8. To be fair Barney, Tuesday's referee, who didn't have a great game, passed down the tunnel unmolested at the end of the game. Liking this new, resilient, Town side, who seem capable of squeezing out wins in tight games where previous incarnations could not. Cautiously optimistic
  9. It appears that the Lewes club shop is a vending machine
  10. Brightlingsea 21/08 https://youtu.be/el7B3uznreY
  11. Team: Mcdonald, Urquhart, Smith, Thomas, Bray, Gyebi, Taaffe, Youngs, Faal, Maja, Cunnington Subs: Nzembele, Coker, Kirwan, Walsh, Chappell
  12. Folkestone 28/08 Think we got lucky!
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