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  1. We were efficient rather than thrilling. W&F offered nothing up front. Lots of good, solid individual performances, no-one particularly outstanding. The general consensus was that Joe Payne was MOM, but it could have been anyone of about six!
  2. Good solid performance. Restricted Carshalton to a handful of chances. We were also helped by a couple of massive defensive cock-ups by the home side. Somehow I doubt that their centre back Bradley Williams will want this game on his highlight reel!
  3. Quite agree. My first reaction was "wish I'd written that"!
  4. https://www.horshamfc.co.uk/matches/2022-23/37195/enfield-town/ Brilliant report on Horsham website
  5. Vs Beaconsfield at the Dome. 2.00 start
  6. Dernell Wynter - Wingate and Finchley
  7. Away to Canvey apparently. Apologies for incorrect previous post, but that was the original info that I found online. Not sure what happened there
  8. Yes, they have actually managed to spell six players' names incorrectly. Lyle is very much around; presumably his name will be one of the 'additional names' referred to
  9. Raheem Sterling-Parker - Merstham
  10. Kurtis Cumberbatch - Billericay
  11. Manny Maja has joined Tonbridge Angels
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