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  1. Father Jack

    Town v Harlow

    Wright, Hatton, Sutton, Johnson, Weatherstone, Rumens, Parcell, Blackman (c), Bricknell Faal, Greene Subs: McLean, Youngs, Sayoud, Mubiayi, Davison
  2. Father Jack

    Another mystery photo from back in the day

    Possibly Gary Cooper and Borehamwood?
  3. Father Jack

    Norman Milne

    Sad to hear that former Enfield player Norman Milne has passed away. Norman played 21 times for the E’s in 1979-1980 season, scoring 8 goals.His stay at Enfield only lasted one season but he is fondly remembered for his vital goals in the run in to the title. Norman was the very definition of 'cult hero'. Despite resembling Desperate Dan both facially and physically, Norman was basically a winger who was pretty clueless unless the ball was on the deck. He had a penchant for coming off the bench and scoring spectacular goals, something that he did to great effect in April and May 1980, when his goals basically won Enfield the Isthmian League title. Despite playing for the Es for just one season, he is still fondly remembered by supporters of a certain age. RIP Norm. Another of my heroes gone.
  4. Father Jack

    Enfield Town v Worthing

    Exactly. How about Fergus Moore? Nearer 50 than 40 but still doing it for Edgware. (Note: this is not an entirely serious post!)
  5. Father Jack

    Enfield Town v Worthing

    Thanks Barney - got through two cups of coffee while reading your post!! Thought I'd stumbled into an echo chamber last night, so here's my two penn'orth aimed at widening the discussion a bit. Firstly, a few points: Worthing are a very good side, possibly the best I've seen all season Worthing play the same formation as us! For Bricknell, Youngs, Parcell and Taaffe read Newton, Meekums, Ajiboye and Starkey. Last night they played it better than us. We lost the game not because we played only one up front, but because a lot of bad things happened in quick succession - Youngs' injury, Hatton's red card, Parcell's injury, Sutton's injury. That's a lot to cope with, especially when up against a side like Worthing Here are a few points that have not yet been raised: Do we have a problem with fitness? This would explain the tailing off towards the end of games and the silly errors that happened on Saturday. Regarding the defence - we have good defenders, but not a good defence, if that makes sense. I think that we need a Darren Purse-type in the back line to organise things on the field. Joe Wright seems to be far more exposed this season, and he can only do so much Up front, Billy was getting adequate support last night until things got disrupted. Parcell, Taaffe and Youngs were all joining the attack regularly. Selecting a second striker would necessitate a change of system and sacrificing one of our midfield - and I for one would not want to say which one! See - there is far more to it than simply picking an extra striker! Although annoyed at getting knocked out of the cups, I am still not too disheartened by our current position; we are at the right end of the table, and at the moment no other team seems inclined to break away at the top. Andy's most difficult task now will be to restore confidence after three straight losses. Right - get stuck into that lot!
  6. Father Jack

    FA Trophy 10th November

    Yellow cards all round. Keep it civil please!
  7. Father Jack

    Lowestoft v Enfield Town

    There I also Ben Jones, currently captaining our under 23s
  8. Father Jack

    Lowestoft v Enfield Town

    No injury. Think it's a work commitments issue
  9. Father Jack

    Enfield Town v Whitehawk

    Gorgeous sunny day Team: Wright, Hatton, Sutton, Johnson, Olomowewe, Rumens, Parcell, Blackman, Bricknell , Youngs, Greene. Subs McLean, Sayoud, Hope, Taaffe, Adams
  10. Father Jack

    Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent

    And that is why the movement will never take off!
  11. Father Jack

    Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent

    By the way, did you know that the phrase "The Bring Back Brad Brigade" is very hard to say after a couple of drinks? 😁
  12. Father Jack

    Hall of Fame

    Wrong club.
  13. Father Jack

    Hall of Fame

    Gunz, Tyler Campbell, Nathan McDonald?
  14. Father Jack

    Hall of Fame

    Not forgetting Walid Matata and Ryan Doyle, scorers of the two most important goals in the club's history.
  15. Father Jack

    Hall of Fame

    How about: Rudi, David Allen, Matt Negus, Brad Brotherton, Daniel Clarke, John Ridout, Lee Smith, Liam Hope, Chopper. That's just from the early years (Liam excepted)