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  1. reading this, fight and empty room come to mind. The confirmed pre season friendlies will be formally announced in due course. The football league hasn't finished THIS season yet. I was just trying to give some positivity to those who thought we had an indifferent season, by letting them know the club have not been sitting on their heels, and we feel things are very positive moving forward. I'm sure the glass half full's would have got that.! But as this forum is frequented in the main by glass half empty'ers. clearly it was a mistake, because all anyone on the outside has seen is a club bickering. delboys point was also actually a positive one if taken for what it meant. Pre seasons are not a complete secret, but for the reasons stated they wont be formally announced yet, but...if it means that much to you, and you REALLY wanted to know, then pop down on a Thursday and that kind of information is readily available..its just not for full public knowledge just yet. Serious question...Anyone prepared to step forward for the press officer position ?
  2. Ryan, you know the "just ask" point" is very different to getting out general news . No club is going to print a day to day diary of every discussion/discussion. so if a person has a specific question that has not been printed, then thats the time to ask. A press officer who can commit to the time required would be very welcome. (We have asked before) if someone wants to step forward please get in touch.,
  3. Many people can't/dont make every game, nothing wrong with that. The thing with Mighty Blues post is that he stated it as if he knew it as 100% fact. which it wasn't, again, nothing wrong with that, so long as you can accept that others may challenge your view. and yes navy, I agree, forums are for people to put their opinions and have their say. Inc me. "we could of taken 3 u18's to give them the experiance of what its like up with the first team but no, none are signed which shows the non existance of promoting youth through the club, who was the last player to come through are youth probably chatting about 3 years ago but nothing since, craig would rather sign a massive lump than look down to see whose playing well in the u18's and theres also that theres no reserve team which in my opinion is a joke". Both Craig and myself, say again and again, if you want to know something, then just ask. Its simple. Its also better if accurate information and opinion based on facts are stated...is it not? This is a short forum answer, if you want in-depth it will have to be in conversation. Our Youth players are monitored throughout the season, Craig speaks with Gerry regularly, for updates and progress reports, a number of our officials, inc Craig were at Wednesdays Cup Final at Brentwood. We were due to have one of last years U18's on the bench Saturday, but he got an injury during the week so couldn't make it. (he was very disappointed) We didn't need a full bench on Saturday, and it was felt the current crop U18's are not YET, ready to play senior football. Putting them into that match would have benefited no one. Progression has to be controlled one step at a time. Chatting has been with Canvey for two seasons, so it was a lot longer than 3 years ago. All players progress from youth to senior football, and nearly every one of those, at EVERY level, has to take a step backwards to progress forward whist being monitored by there original club. There are very good reasons for no reserve team, and that decision is reviewed EVERY season. And the comment about who Craig would 'rather' sign is complete nonsense. That is my last comments on what is now last season, My focus is next season and that my friend....is looking very good. I'm always at the club on a Thursday night if you want to discuss, or if you want to ask Craig anything, email it to me and I'll pass it on...he will be more than happy to reply.
  4. Had you attended the Q&A with Craig and myself, and made these points MB, you would not have made that inaccurate post. OR, had you spoke to Craig after the game, which he has encouraged people to do if they have a question. You would not have made that inaccurate post. There is no denying It was a disappointing and unexpected way to end the season, a comment I guess a lot of teams will be saying today. But its over now, and although we would all have loved to have made the playoffs it wasn't to be. BUT.... We are so far advanced with preparations for next season that it is the most positive I have felt about a new season in Ten years We have three league clubs confirmed for pre season home games, We already have a number of signed contracts and 100% commitments from players for next season. Shirt sponsorship is done and we have an increased budget to spend on the pitch this summer, Season 2014/5....Here we come !
  5. We have two teenagers starting every game..Issac and Ryan
  6. He also got a red at Tonbridge. ............ We played fantastic football at plod, not so good last night, and I agree with jl re Lowestoft, I thought they worked really hard and earn't the right to win. Also agree its better to see a game than sit one out because of conditions. As always, I think we have a every chance of winning our next game. COYB.
  7. having been confined to home for a few days I was indeed bored mcth. I wasn't at the ground Friday but tbh, i reckon it was an easy decision for the ref. Our situation is slightly different to concord in that our clay sub soil is absolutely saturated, and as the top soil dries it sponges up from below. Although our pitch isn't the best, it doesn't usually lose more than the average amount of games for the league during a season. However this exceptional weather (wettest since records began) has brought about a new problem which we will deal with. It can't realistically be done whilst its still so wet, and to deal with it properly, it cant be done during the season. So we'll ride it out, listen to the moronic abuse, pick up our three points as and when, and enjoy the rest of the season. Hello OT, I think you are correct, we have now used all our Tuesdays , so yes, we will probably be looking at a Thursday, ask the lads if they would rather train or play and I think we know what the answer will be. .
  8. hahahaha.....I deny it...lets go to court Not sure if the Hornchurch Chairman is following this, but I know for a fact he will deny it as well, so thats two of us in court. Now your emails did mention two other clubs, would you like me to ask thier chairman as well ? nite nite plumstead. I'll pick up you reply re the other two clubs in the morning.
  9. yes...I really do. I want all the cheats, scammers, and fraudsters named I note you left out the disclaimer in you last post.
  10. No worries rob. I know this guy, he sent me an email with his suspicions about various clubs re betting scams. Problem is he has no proof. I wish he did have proof, I would welcome hard eveidence but he has nothing other than what he has heard, or the losing bets he has made. As for our pitch, its a problem, but life is full of problems, and right now we have to ride it out, and make the repairs when conditions allow. I'm not stressing over it. it is what it is. How did you get on today?
  11. aha, so you are trying to up the ante... but its beer fueled waffle, We might have a game tuesday, or we may have to play on a Thursday , what are the odds on that
  12. hahaha. plumstead is wearing his beer coat :alc:
  13. Braintree played there 26th game today, with just 11 at home. it is what it is. it isn't a disaster, its just that we havent seen as may games at home (Yet) as we expected to. COYB
  14. trials and tribulations Ryan, trials and tribulations. If we don't play Tuesday we'll play on a Thursday, its as simple as that, and if we have to play on a Monday Wednesday and Saturday we'll do that. And when we play, well be all out for the three points. Anyone who sees our current bunch (players) off field will see what a good and strong squad we have. We're all frustrated, but lets not forget how well we have done as a club since Criag joined us . This is just a blip, half empty is a miserable place to be, join the half full club its much more fun COYB!
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