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  1. BS Conference rule 24. PLAYING SURFACES Competition matches shall NOT be played on any synthetic or artificial grass surfaces without the prior written approval of the Board.
  2. Stewart

    predictions hx v s**ton united

    1-1 Att347 What do i win
  3. Stewart

    Hx 1 Sutton 1

    Poor game fair result. If I was a betting man I would put a few £s on you getting promotion.
  4. Stewart

    predictions hx v s**ton united

    We find it rather tough at your place. I think a draw would also be a good result for us 1-1. Att347
  5. Stewart

    Hx 1 Hastings 0

    40 on a Tuesday is remarkable as that represents a high proportion of the core fans.
  6. Stewart

    predictions hx v hasbeens u know it

    2-2 Hastings are an on the road to recovery! 134