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  1. Well all goalkeeper's can win Player of the Year without scoring a goal!!!!!! Chris McPhee always made it clear it was for family reasons that he moved, so you need to respect him for that. Good that he gave a interview to Lord Chas, who keeps us all updated and his commentaries are second to none. Should be on 5live!!!!! :-)
  2. Charlton have drawn Spurs at home in the next round, which is a good draw, and apparently the team drew 0-0 in the FA Academy League meeting earlier in the season. I will probably go along as the first team still cannot win!!!! :-)
  3. I will renew but this month is a bit tight with the extra expense of Xmas, so I was intending to do it in January as I think my year runs on in February. I am happy to be supporting the club in this way, as I can no longer get to all the home games. The continued bickering about whether it works or not is getting frustrating, but then it was always going to be interesting to see how the MyFootballClub website adventure would proceed. :-)
  4. The pitch at Stonebridge Road should be ok, it is well looked after and generally keep in top class condition. Temperatures although low not down enough to cuase problems today. :-)
  5. So the other thread on here is mis-leading then!!!! Former plays sometimes get respected and at others times get the bird, depending on what they did for the club. McPhee was brilliant for the Fleet last season and he makes it clear he was sad to go and did it for his family, respect to that man. :-)
  6. I went to the FA Youth Cup game at Charlton last week, it was baltic but over 800 fans turned up to see the Yout team do something the first team cant, and that was win!!!! It weas a good game between Charlton and Blackburn and extra time was needed for a 2-1 win. Hopefully a home time in the next round which I would go along too as well. :-)
  7. I think it would be logical in the current climate to expect a drop in the number of people renewing, I will renew in the next few weeks as I want to continue to support the club in that way, even if I don't get to see many games these days. Alot of us said at the beginning that it would be interesting to see how the MyFootballClub site develops in the longer term, will we get a core who will continue to support and help with the development of the club or will we get a financial crisis? :-)
  8. What about all that change that would be needed, keep it at
  9. The Half-Way line mid point!!!! on one side, the drummer end, and the lost souls for away fans, lol. :-)
  10. Good to see that the fans are being listened too (pretty important when the club is owned by the fans!!!). The ground does need some work, but a long term solution would be a move to a modern stadium which could help the club develop more. Unfortunately the team is struggling at the moment but behind the scenes the work seems to continue apace, best of luck with it all. :-)
  11. I was watching Setanta yesterday, and it was mentioned that Jimmy Bullard would be the special guest tonight, I remember seeing him make his debut for the Fleet, and it is good to see him still performing. I am sure it will bring back to him some memories and we need a win to get back on track, by looking at the table we could go third tonight with a win, and that's puts pressure on other teams. I will be watching on Setanta, I would have liked to attend, but the wife is out, so daughter sitting. :-)
  12. What the above says to me, is that the bulk of us on here, are good honest football supporters, who will back teams through the good and bad :-) As for Arsenal, my wife's family support them really and her brother has a season ticket, I have been to the Emirates once, and our daughter is half Charlton, half Arsenal!!! Arsenal should have come back to Woolwich!!! Lol.
  13. Well I base mu support along the line of my life!!! Born in Bellshill (that's where the maternity hospital was) and brought up in Hamilton, that is why I will always support the Accies, as my Uncle started taking me there at 6. Then when I moved south I eventually landed in Gravesend for 12 years, started going to watch the Fleet and will always follow them too, then met wife number 2, her friend works at Charlton got me tickets, and been to most home games there since. So I follow them, and now I live about 5 mins from Thamesmead's ground, so I occassionally wonder over there. So that is me up to four and no more!!! Lol. :-)
  14. I think the interesting thing with MyFootballClub will be to see how it develops or exists in the longer term. There is no doubt, no much how anyone gripes, that the changes has helped the club. I bought into it to support Ebbsfleet, and it was a chance to part of a unique experiment in a way. But like anything, you will always get the disaffected few, who are never happy even if the team won 6-0 each week. I have always been a fan of football and as my moniker says support a few by trying to go when I can. Just to prove how sad I am, last night I watched Thamesmead Town (5 mins from home now) lose 5-1 in a FA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round Reply. The old adage 'get behind the team'. :-)
  15. I think I said on the Eastbourne Commentary thread that when I come back to Fleet home games, I still stand beside a group of 7/8 people who I know have been going for years. The feeling on Tuesday night was why Long was on the park. I accept players go through up and downs but Long did nothing much. Some changes may be needed at time to freshen up the team, and Diash has said he now has quite a strong squad he feels. I feel we need another striker, Gash does look a handful, but Moore is not out and out. Be interesting to see the team which starts on Saturday, feel they need at least 4 points from the next two away games to keep the season going along. :-)
  16. I lived in Gravesend for over 10 years, but now live in South East London, and get back to home games when I can, also bought into the MyFootballClub takeover, to support the club. I think a fair proportion of the fan base is local, but attendances have increased a little this season, and it was the highlight of my football watching life to be at Wembley that day. :-)
  17. This was only the second game I have got to this season, I concur with most of the comments above, the only thing I will say is that in the years I have been going I have stood beside the same group of people. We all were wondering last night why Stacy Long does not get dropped. He did nothing, his corners were rubbish and he does not give the team width. We should have had a penalty right at the end, but the ref was not at the races for the whole game. And you can only applaud the keeper's save at the death as well. It is a long season, and my only concern is about the taking of chances, does anyone feel we need another striker!!!! :-)
  18. Must have been the result of the dodgy trip to Bosnia!!! Hope he is ok for tonight as he is a vital cog in the team :-)
  19. Attendances do seem to have increased a little this season, which is good, I can't claim any credit, only been to one game so far but hoping to make that two tomorrow night. FA Trohpy win last year obviously converted a few more locals, and if we keep performing well then I am sure this year's average should hold up and show a further improvement :-)
  20. I have not posted for a while, but saw this thread and I still keep an eye on what goes on. Players and managers must have disagreement and not see eye to eye quiet often, and they then just get on with it, no doubt players do the same. Sadly, and occasionally, one or the other throws all the toys out and stomps off. Sad if that is what has happened in this case, but let's hope it can be sorted :-)
  21. Well I thought long and hard about renewing my season ticket at Charlton and ok the free one if they get promoted helped. So fat we have signed a centre half and Fleetwood. We have plenty of firepower for next season now I feel, Varney, Gray, Todorove, the big Scots can, and a few others. Need a couple of midfielders to strengthen the squad. They might let Fleetwood go out on loan, so maybe Diash should get on the blower!!!!
  22. I have got a few people who have never seen Ebbsfleet before who want to come and support them in the final. I have been a fan since 1997, and my wife and daughter want to come and a few of my wife's work mates, hope we can all get tickets ok, and we can get a turn out the cheers the boys on to victory. :-)
  23. Well I joined up a couple of months ago because I don't get to attend alot of home games these days. I started going to see the Fleet in 1997 I think, and went to most home games over the next 5/6 years, before trying to attend quite a few in the last couple of seasons. I have only been back twice this season recently, but keep an eye on what is going on. I thought by joining MyFootballClub that 1) I would be continuing to support the team and 2) could have a say in their future. :-)
  24. On a totally unrelated tangent, a love the statement above made by Harry. Unlucky Pats!!!!! I watched the Superbowl and it was one the best if years, how did Eli Manning get away from the pass rush and how did that receiver make the clinching catch. And to top it all, a Celtic fan kicked the Giants!!!! I have applied for a ticket for this years game at Wembley and I think I said I would back the Saints, I am an NFC man, and have got my Bears watch on. :-)
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