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  1. Ok, I apologise for questioning the professionalsim of the club. If it is easier for some players to get to Eastbourne by car then that is probably the most sensible course of action. Just hope no one gets stuck in traffic and we have all the platers available!!!! The A22 leads to Eastbourne and it is not the greatest road. I have just picked up a new car (well used to be honest) so will not take the risk of driving a longer distance for the time being!!!!

  2. Glad the secretary is on the ball!!!!! And the rules were very much appreciated as it makes us fans realise the carefulness teams have to take to make sure they don't play someone who is not eligible!!!!

  3. At least the defence is looking very solid these days, considering the 3 clean sheets on the trot. But I still feel we lack a creative midfielder and a striker. I appreciate the need for cover for the trophy, but really the league is what matters for the team. A run in the FA Trophy would probably be beneficial to the club financially but surely finishing higher in the league carries more importence. The team battled hard on Saturday and we unlucky not to win based on the 2nd half performance. If McAllister plays in the conference cup then I would not be too chuffed!!!!!!

  4. I said earlier on this week it would not be an easy game. Eastbourne looked the better team in the first half, but I though that the Fleet came out and responded well. Think we just about deserved to win and think we can go and take the replay to them. We just need a little bit of luck in front to goal. If Manny is fit to start the replay then we could be in business we definately need him in the team. Also still feel we need a striker, but where do you find one!!!!!!

  5. I agree that we play at a high tempo and that the team stay the course well. In some games a neutral would be hard pushed to tell that the team were part time if they had no prior knowledge. The onlt time this season so far I have seen us suffer was against Barnet, when there equalising goal seemed to totally drain the fleet players. I am sure the players take responsibility for thier own fitness as they want to do the best they can. And I think that the fitness coach Neil Withington should get a lot of the credit. Let's hope we don't suffer from his shared duties!!!!

  6. The sad fact is that with only two training sessions a week we are going to struggle at times I believe. I seem to recall that Andy Ford was looking to have an extra training session on a Monday, but don't know if this has happened. It does seem strange that the fitness coach is splitting his time between Gravesend and Welling, obvoiously Pennock has his ear. I think the need for a new assistant manager is crucial now. If we are to progress then going full time is the holy grail, but can we realistically afford it!!!!!

  7. We really should all get behind the team, no matter what is happening in the game. Positive encourage will always help and not the negative comments I have sometimes heard from certain sections of the home support. I was at Hamilton just after Xmas and the home support there is very critical of the team and the atmosphere is not too good. So get behind the fleet from the kick-off and hopefully the next few months will be good. An FA Trophy final would be nice!!!!!!!

  8. According to the Gravesend Reporter, Manny is fit to return to the squad, does not say whether he will play or not. I agree with the comment above that Jay Saunders is more effective in midfield, and I think he has been one of the more consistent players this season. Still feel we need a striker!!!!!

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