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  1. There are warnings there stating the restrictions are being put in place due to the Fasttrack bus system that is being ushered in from Dartford to Gravesend, including Bluewater I think. No parking to be allowd on the roundabout near the aforementioned Car Park C as that could delay buses. I heard no announcements in the ground on Thursday but at the Exeter game is was made quite clear that cars parked in that area could be clamped. That is probably the future. :-)

  2. I was there that night when 4,098 were supposedly in the ground for the crunch game with Canvey, we were packed in like sardines then, and the rumours were that the crowd was nearer 5,000. What a season that was, and I was at Bedford Town the day the Fleet won the league. Ok, I have drifted away a little as I sold my house in Gravesend and moved to South East London but I still try and follow the team, and I have posted on here for a few years even if infrequentely.


  3. It would be great if Eurostar and the Fleet can agree to make Car Park C avaiable for all home games in the future. I parked in there last night and at least you know your car is safe (well as safe as it can be). Had no problems getting out after the game and the new link road back to the A2 is good as well.



  4. I was at the game last night, only my second visit to Stonebridge Road this season, but now that I own a share in the club, trying to come along a bit more. I thought the Fleet deserved the win, we created the better chances and should have won the game in normal time. Burton did not really threaten the well marshalled defence, Opinel and McCarthy were excellent. Felt the midfield struggled and I think that is the one area which needs work. Akinde is big and strong and was good. The goal was a long time coming but it eventually came, and maybe Long deserved the accolade. It will be a tough two games against Aldershot, but we have to believe that we are in with a fighting chance of making the final and I might get two trips to Wembely at the end of the season!!!! Now that is me beginning to dream.



  5. I made the trip to Stonebridge Road last night and the crowd did seem more than the announced figure, mind you after many years going down to there, I know it is hard to guage the amount of people in the ground. Support for the Fleet was excellent, and nearly everyone stayed until the end. :-)

  6. Well I will be watching the game tonight, one of the reasons I subscribed to Setanta was for Conference football. I managed to get along last Saturday and we battered Exeter in the first half but could not get that second goal which I think would have killed the game. Hopefully the boys can put in a performance tonight as I think we need a win to keep play off hopes alive. As for valentine's day, I got married on the 15th Feb last year, so a year up tomorrow, so I get let off today, lol.



  7. I think the chance to own a little bit of a club you have supported for a few years, 12 in my case, is too good to turn down. I joined up a few weeks ago and it will be interesting to see how it all works out. I know some people are not for the club going this way, but it gives them a chance to reach the league I feel and establish themselves there.



  8. Well I joined MyfootballClub yesterday, so at least I can have a say in the future of the club having lived in Gravesend for 10 years and then relocated to South East London. I still follow the team when I can, and tomorrow was a game that I earmarked to attend, not sure if I can make it yet but my aim is to try and get back to Stonebridge Road soon.


    I think a crowd of around 1,500 tomorrow would be good.



  9. Well I don't eat that many beans, lol :-) And how can a Dolphins fan tell me anything after the season they had!!! Lol. I was supporting the Dolphins at Wembley in late October, I have the programme and my Dolhpins towel at home and it was great to see the NFL London game and they will be returning here next year, although venue and teams still to be decided, but one of New Orlans, Seattle, Kansas City or Tampa Bay will be the home team.


    There has been alot of trouble at Charlton v Palace games over the last few years, so can see why the police wanted it moved so they can give it all their attention. Some Charlton fans were attacked on a train at the game earlier in the season.


    Cheers :-)

  10. Well I have not posted for a while on here, and sadly I have not got the chance to see the Fleet this year. As for this issue, get this one, Charlton have had there home game with Crytal Palace on a few weeks moved to the Friday night, due to police advice. Are we becoming a police state??????


    Up the Fleet, and I aim to be there on Saturday or the following week, with a fair wind and the wife's blessing!!!!



  11. I have not posted for a little while, but still keeping an eye out for the Fleet results, and I was delighted to get a text from a mate to tell me the Fleet and my Scottish Team, Hamilton had won as well yesterday, after watching Charlton come back from 2 down at Half time. I have not had the chance to get back to Stonebridge Road for a league game yet and September is a bust month already but I will return at some point. Good that the team has won 3 out for 4 and are confounding some critics who said that last year was a fluke (Paul Parker please note). Hopefully the Fleet can keep on picking up 1-o wins. :-)

  12. I have seen the pics of the new sing on the temporary website, it does look big and bold and hopefully may pull some more people in. Well done to however designed it, and for the club for getting it up before the pre-season games get going.



  13. I think the fixtures give the Fleet a good chance to make a positive start to the season, I hope to get to see at least one friendly but my chances of seeing a league match are not until early September due to Charlton being at home on the same Saturdays. I expect a few players will be on trail in the next few weeks and hopefully a few more can be signed up. Think the defence and midfield look ok, but we need another striker or two.



  14. Yes, indeed my naughty employers are trying to finish Leeds off it would seem. They owe HMRC a large sum of money and apparently our debt poeple were not happy with the proposals to resolve the situation. I am sure that it will all be sorted out in the end!!!!



  15. Well it is good that De Bolla has signed on for another year, still feel the Fleet need a few more people in, but no doubt that Liam has some irons in the fire and maybe some players lined up to play in the friendly's so he can have a look at them. I think it is more imporatant to build a strong squad and that is what seems to be happenning. So roll on next month!!!!



  16. Can anyone provide a list of the players that the Fleet will have at thier disposal for the new season?


    Based on information so far, how far wrong am I?




    James Smith

    Peter Hawkins

    Paul McCarthy











    (stuck now!!!)



  17. Well having been out to Sheerness a few tinmes, Chatham is marginally better Gary!!!!!! I hope I get allocated a position near my home, so not a long trek back after the cyclists go whizzing past. We will see next weekend.



  18. I recall seeing a few of the suggestions on Conference TV over the season as most were scored away from home!!!! I think it is a toss-up between Moore's Volley at Exeter and Slatter's team goal at Burton, they are both of Conference Football's TV goals of the season for the Fleet.


    If pushed my vote goes to the slick passing and finish by Slatter at Burton.



  19. Well Dave, you are full of good ideas. If I still lived in Gravesend I would be at every Fleet home game and have a season ticket. Alas I now live nearer to Charlton, and whislt I disagree with their decision to scrap the woman's team, I will still get behind the boys next season as we try and get back to the Primiership. No sign of my season ticket yet anyway, so cannae sent it back!!!!!!!!



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