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  1. Well they got kicked out, we got reinsteated and got the money for the 2nd Round, according to the FA site, AFC Wimbledon must also pay back prize money from previous rounds as the player also played in them. Amazing that his eligability did not crop up until now.



  2. I think overall we need to be pleased that the Fleet picked up four points from two games, but I can understand the conceding a late goal makes it harder to take. I still feel, that to finish in the Top 10 this season would be a real achievement for the club, considering the finances we have. Another big game at the weekend and I hope it is on, as I am going to try and get back to Gravesend to see the Stevenage match. Daish has strengthned the squad, and there will be more twists and turns between now and the end of the season.



  3. Well I am so happy so see the Fleet push in the League, Exeter is no easy place to go to, and having read the report in the Non-Leadue supplement today it seems we were aided by their goalkeeper. Who cares, and lets hope for another stirring performance on Tuesday night and then later in the week, reinstatement to the FA Trophy. All three of my teams won this weekend, now that does not happen often!!! :-)

  4. Maybe the future then is in artificial pitches. The club I support in Scotland where I come from originally are the only legaue club in the UK I know of which has a fieldturf pitch. Since it was laid 3 years ago (it is FIFA approved) they have only had one game postponed to my knowledge and that was because of snow making entry to the ground dangerous for fans not the state of the pitch. I have seen a few games on the pitch and it plays really well and encourages passing football. I know quite a few Primiership clubs have these type of pitchs at there training grounds and quite a few NFL (american football) teams have switched to them as well. Much better than the old astroturf which we all hated. I have to add finally that I think the pitch at Stonebridge Road has held up remarkedly well this season so far.



  5. A great result for the Fleet, and I had to spend the evening checking the score on the BBC interactive text, as I don't have Sky and having been at the football on Tuesday night I was being good!!!! I watched Sky Sports News which I have on Freeview for half an hour but did not get to see the goals. Up to third now, even although we have played more games than the teams around us, points on the board are always valuable. Another big game on Saturday to come. Up the Fleet.



  6. I agree with the comment above, the Club would need to consider carefully any offer for MacDonald and maybe if it was big enough then it might be better to take it. I would hope though that it is not the case, as MacDonald works hard for the team even when not scoring. He had a few chances on Tuesday and the goals will come again soon. If the club wants to move forward then we need to hang on to these players.



  7. I was at the game on Tuesday, my first visit back since the day we took Oxford apart. I think the defence does look fairly solid and as you both say maybe a return to 4-4-2 would suit better, but Daish does seem to prefer the 3-5-2 set up, I think that means his team can control the midfield. I feel an experienced target man might benefit the team for the rest of the season, and I creative midfielder might help too. I think Liam Diash has built a good strong squad this season and it will be interesting to see what changes he does make.

  8. I will give you all a laugh, I was a goalkeeper in Scotland when younger, and we used to play on ash pitches, don't know if they had them in England, but they were horrible. Near where I lived we had the black ash and the red ash, the black was better as more ash on it!!!!! Sadly they no longer exist, been replaced with some fake turf on my last trip North. And I will be at Hamilton on Saturday as I am off to Scotland for the weekend, that means over the last three weeks, I have seen Gravesend, Charlton and Hamilton the three teams I will always follow now. Hamilton play on an artificial pitch, the only one used by league teams in the Uk, but it is FIFA approved. :-)

  9. This is great news, and I am glad I was able to get along to the game if not the evening event, the Spurs Veterans deserve praise for appearing and they got a sound beating from all 3 teams they came up against. It was also good the Bruce made the effort to attend, sadly for me when I saw him it brought back how my Dad had suffered. Visit the website and donate some money if you can. More research is certainly needed into the causes of MND and any possible cure.

  10. Well it would be good to be safe for another season, but I think the management and the players have the belief to go further. The move to being totally full time has obviously paid off, even if we did see some players leave who were Fleet through and through. I still feel at with our resources a finish in the top 10 at the end of the season would be some achievement for the club.



  11. I made the trip back to Gravesend for this game, and it was fine performance by the Fleet. They were up for the game from the start and we should have been a couple of goals in front at half time. I was concerned that our failure to score in the first half might come back to haunt us, but we kept battling and got what we deserved in the end. Sodje and MacDonald seem to be developing a partnership, the defence looked solid, and Long had a good game in midfield. I think all the players and the management deserve praise. And I will get back when I can, certainly much more enjoyable than watching Charlton at the present time!!!!! However, I think the test for Gravesend is to see how they play next week at Northwich, same intensity is needed to get a good result to keep the momentum going. :-)

  12. Was that the reserve game were the Fleet got thumped 5-0 by Charlton at Sparrows Lane, it was reported on the Addicks website as one of the Referee's who tained at Charlton took charge of the game. Probably helped both teams out with giving players some match practice. The Fleet need to find the way back to goal, and that would be a start tomorrow, a win would be welcome but a draw would be a good result too. We need to be postive and having watched the highlights of the Morecambe game on Conference Football TV we had our chances up there and it was a bizarre goal which maybe cost us a point. We need to get back on track and keep picking up points, I still feel that anywhere is the top 10 at the end of the season would be a magnificent achievement for the management and the players.

  13. Well I think the more worrying point at the moment is that the goals appeared to have dried up. Not scored not for over 2 games and is too much pressure on Charlie Mac? I agree with CG above, if you play 3-5-2 you need balance and it seems at time that we don't have that. I have seem evidence at Charlton when they have played 4-5-1 that if you have a Central midfielder playing wide they tend to drift in-field and then the width is gone. I also agree with the comment above that if the payers are all on their game then any system that the manager decides to employ should work. Think next weeks re-arranged games becomes a big test before facing Oxford.



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