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  1. It is great to see the Club giving this support to an ex-player and I hope a decent crownd turns up for the game, I for one will try and head back to Gravesend that Sunday afternoon. My Dad passed away over 3 years ago now after suffer from Motor Neuron Disease, it is a disease which does not seem to make headlines but at the moment there is no know cure to certain strain of it. You can contract MND and survived for a long tine (like Stephen Hawking), unfortunately my Dad got an aggressive strain. Hope everyone will go along and support Bruce and his family.



  2. I think to be a successful team you need to be adapatable and what you suggest is not a bad idea. More and more long balls seem to be creeping back into the game even at the top level. What I have noticed with the Fleet this season the times I have seem them play, is that we have some players who can pass and move the ball and maybe we should be doing that more. I think the slightly worrying thing at the moment is that the goals seemed to have dryed up, and we need to get that back. We can concentrate on the league but a Cup Run would have been good for the club's finances. My suggested formation would be 4-4-2 but with a diamond in mindfield, with Quinn holding and Long at the point with the two wingers giving wide to get the balls in for MacDonald and AN Other!!!!



  3. Let's hope we can get through the tie at Chelmsford, no doubt it will be a tough game, but I think we have the quality and resolution to go there and get a result or even a draw and win at home. A home draw against anyone would be good if we can get through to the 1st Round.



  4. Prologue is in Central London on the 7th July 2007 which I am hoping to go and see, it is around the Westminster area I believe. Stage 1 the following day is from London to Canterbury and no doubt it will pass North Kent!!!!!



  5. Well I had pencilled this game into my Diary, as Charlton are away and I like to get back and watch the Fleet when I can, this should be a good game with hopefully the biggest crowd that Stonebridge Road has seen for a little while. And I was there that night against Canvey!!!!!



  6. Well happy to see the Fleet climb to 4th place, with another win, and another goal for hotshot Charlie. Maybe Charlton could tempt him back!!! Another frustrating day for me, denied a blatant penalty yet again, no luck for the Addicks at the moment, rather have been at Gravesend!!!!!



  7. Hope the boys can get another win today and there is a good turn out to support them. I will be in my seat at Charlton as we try and get off the bottom of the table, I will be looking out for the Fleet score or more likely listening for it on the way home. Hope it is a good game with the right result to keep the Fleet going forward.



  8. Their are rumours at the Valley that Charlton are looking at possible options for relocating in the future as well, due to Greenwich Councils reluctance to back thier plans to eventually boost the capacity to 40k. Gillingham seem to make these noises every so often, and I was talking to some Gills fan the last time I was at the Fleet and they would be reluctant to watch them anywhere else but at Priestfield!!!! :-)

  9. The first time I attended a Fleet game was in 1997 but I cannot recall that exact date or the opponents. Been to some great games over the years, but the two best memories for me have to be being at Bedford the day we won the Ryman League and then the whipping we gave Margate in the Kent Senior Cup Final a week or so later!!!!!



  10. I think with a generally small squad it is always going to be difficult to cover every area, but I think you highlight a possible weakness. Maybe Daish think that some midfield players could slot in if needed and that is why he has focused on other areas.



  11. I don't think you are being unfair when stating that if you invested in the club you would want to see some return. I think the people over the last few years who have behind the scenes have worked wonders to get the team where it is today. Commercially I think there is always more that can be done but ideas need to be tried to see if they work in a certain area. Let me say that I lived in Gravesend for 12 years and supported 'the Fleet' throughout. I now live near Abbey Wood Station and so far this season have got back to 2 games. I have become a season ticket holder at Charlton and this might be one of the problems for the Fleet. I admit to be not to impressed with Charlton's Valley Express scheme, but in the end they are trying to maximise thier home crowds, which all team have to try and do. Maybe a smaller schme would help Gravesend, i.e getting people to the ground from villages around the borough. Mind you I also feel that if people want to invest in a team like Gravesend to expect a return of 10% on your money is dream land stuff!!!! I expect brick bats too :-)

  12. Game over, and a great win for the boys, just the result needed after Tuesday night against a team just above us in the league. Another big game to come next week, but then I suppose every game is important at the moment. Well done to the Fleet.



  13. From where I was standing when I return to Stonebridge Road, it was impossible to tell, all you can say is that the Ref for on the spot and made the decision straight away, and once he had given that penalty, he had no choice but to send the player off. I think ref standards are dropping at all levels, I offer the performance of Mark 'Arsenal' Clattenburg as evidence!!! :-)

  14. Well I made the journey back to watch the Fleet today. A solid performance and we deserved the one, admittedly the break cam with the penalty and the sending off, but in the end we were worthy winners and I think considering the injuries the team played ok. Diash stuck with his 3-5-2 formation, and Sodje was a handful for the Cambridge defence. For me a much more enjoyable experience that watching Charlton at the moment!!! I hope for another home one on Tuesday night and the continue good results this season. The switch to being totally full time has certainly paid off in my view. :-)

  15. Well I thought I could listen on the Internet, but can't seem to at the moment as I don't have Sky and have only just come in. Score is locked at 1-1, another goal for hit man MacDonald, let's hope the boy's can keep going!!!! :-)

  16. This is a big game for the Fleet and the start of a little run which will probably tell everyone quite a bit about how the season might pan out. The team have made a great start and to go 8 unbeaten must have built confidence. Dagenham have had good home results but not been so great away, so I think the boys need to have a go and them and hopefully the result will come out right. It would be good to see a big crowd there, sadly I will be watching Charlton face Arsenal, and probably see them sink to the bottom of the league!!!!

  17. Probably to do with the International break, next round of Euro Qualifying games scheduled for weekend of 7/8th Oct and midweek 10th I think. I know Charlton have Arsenal at home on Saturday and then a 16 day break to they play Fulham on a Monday night, so that probably explains it!!!!! If only I had sky!!!! :-)

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