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  1. Well from all the comments I am glad that I missed the game as I had to go to Heathrow and collect the partner's parents after there weekend away. Sounds like a rather flat performance, which is a shame considering we have won the last two and responded to the shocking FA Tropy loss which I still cannot believe happened. Hope the team can pick it up fpr the remainder of the season as surely some of them are fighting for squad places. I still remain to be convinced that Mr Diash is the right man for the job, but we will have to wait and see!!!!

  2. Well it is positive that attendances have continued to increase over the last few seasons, so let's hope that it continues for the forseeable future. We need to build for next season now and hope we can make a run at the play-offs!!!!!

  3. The only comment I would make is why did we not have the same referee as on Saturday? The referee did have a poor game and his assistants were not much help either. And no matter what anyone says, the Stortford No.3 should have had an early bath!!!!!

  4. I would say the first one was dodgy to say the least as how is a player supposed to get his hand out of the way!!! Also several people claimed it was not in the box and it seemed to be the linesman who awarded it. Porter can count himself a little unlucky but he did not look match fit. As for the second, Mr Lovell did the classis footballer standing on the line bit!!!!! Guilty as charged, but then the penalty save was top notch from Wilko. I still can't believe we lost the game!!!!!

  5. I don't think the crowd on Saturday will be that great, as Canvey are in reality not a well supported team and they have struggled this season. Be lucky to see over the 1,000 as quite a few will probably be disillusioned with last night, which I certainly am. Unfortunately, I will be at Charlton on Saturday as my girlfried surprised with a 5 game season ticket for my Birthday, otherwise I would be at the Fleet. I agree that Liam Diash should be given to the end of the season to prove himself, but his tatical awareness last night left a lot to be desired!!!!

  6. I will still try and get along when I can, I would not stop supporting a team on the basis of one bad performace. I have been a Hamilton Accies supporter all my life, so have plenty of experince of highs and severe lows!!!!! As for the comment about the manager, I don't think anyone called him a Saint!!!! His tactical decisions last night left a lot to be desired, so he has some work to do to convince me he is the right man for the job!!!!!

  7. I am totally p***** off after watching the shambles of last night. We were playing against ten men for all the second half and should have won easily, if we had played football, but alas we did not and I feel this might be Mr Diash's style. Which if true, is rather worrying. The one player I would get shot off based on last night is Drury, undoubtably a good player but pretty boy stuff is no good. Essandoh should go as he just does not do the job, Jackson (even given his two goals last night) is not a Confernece standard player (sorry Jimmy). Pinnock tries but has not got the quality. Wilkerson can't kick so he should got too, Pullen is the undoubted No.1. Gledhill just does not cut the mustard, Manny is too injury prone, and the list could go on. Whoever is kept or goes, Mr Diash needs to get things sorted quickly and this season could end in a relegation battle and next season could be tough!!!!

  8. Well I for one am seriously thinking about going again. Once again I paid good money to watch a game partly ruined by inept officials, and the honeymoon period is certainly over for Mr Diash. How he could leave Sidibe on the bench to when he did is beyond belief. The Stortford No.3 has been booked and was lucky to be on the field and a flying winger could have had him in trouble. As for our defence, it is makeshift and was caught out again. We have nothing left to play for this season and some of the player's need to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror. Are they good enough for this level??? Unless things are changed, next season could be a long one and I fear for the work done over the last few years. I hope that the foundation laid by Andy Ford do not go to waste and the club can re-group from this and move forward, but this was a wonderful opportunity to win the FA Trophy!!!!

  9. Whose Dad!!!! No, my Dad was a Motherwell supporter which to me is worse than Hamilton!!! His father was a die hard Rangers fan, and my Granpa would not allow anyone in his house with anything green on!!!!!

  10. Lol, my MSN nickname is 'May the Force be with you' and I often call myself Lord Vader as I am drawn to the darkside!!! As for being an Accies supporter, I was born in Hamilton and brought up there, and I blame my Uncle for taking me at six!!!!!

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