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  1. Well I will be a Hamilton Accies supporter to the day I die, and I would take you up on that offer of a pint but I am banned from drinking and my girlfriend is picking me up afterwards!!!! 3-1 to us I hope :-)

  2. Surely we were entitled to try and defend a one goal lead when we were down to ten men. Cup football is sometimes all about battling and I think that is what the Fleet did on Saturday and we could easily claim we were robbed. Hope we get our just desert's tonight and march on to the Semi's!!!!!

  3. Well if it happens or not, I think this is the way forward for some clubs. The artifical pitch at Hamilton feels more like grass. You do not get friction burns from a slide tackle and you can waer studs to help grip the turf, so it is nothing like the bone hard astrotruf of years ago!!!!

  4. It would speed things up, but where in the Gravesend area do you think we could build a new ground?? I still think that the area down by the river at Northfleet would be ideal, a 5,000 seather stadium with parking would be ideal for the club to progress. What do you think?

  5. Well, whatever the final line-up we will need to be up for it from the off. I feel from what I have read that we should have finished the tie off on Saturday even although we were down to ten men. I will be down there tonight, as I can make Tuesday night games, so I hope for a good performance and a victory!!!!

  6. Well I accept your comments and mean't no offence. I hope for the Gillingham's fans sake that the club does stay in that area. As for the badge then why not have a change, alot of teams seem to be doing it now. No doubt both clubs are suffering from Charlton's continued efforts to take fans to the Valley with thier £5 bus scheme, which they can afford to do. I have to offer mitigation though, in that having been to the Valley recently the atmosphere is good. Hopefully all these clubs will flourish, but then Gravesend and Gillingham could be meeting each other in the next few years in League 2!!!!!!

  7. Well just look at Hamilton Accies home record this season and you will see that the artificial pitch has not given them any bias!!!!! Technology has progressed amd the artificial pitches of today and nothing like the one Luton, QPR or Oldham had a few year's back.

  8. Do we really care about what Gilligham are doing? Surely we need to focus on GNFC and not what Mr Scally and his wags are up too. As for the comment above, Mr Scally will move the club if it benefits him, personally don't think he really cares about the club. At least our chairman seems to be behind the club and is trying to move Gravesend forward.

  9. My home team in Scotland, Hamilton Academicals spent £400k on a new synthetic pitch at the start of this season and it has been a revelation for the club. They can use it for all training and all off the clubs teams including their highly rated youth system. I have been on the pitch myself and it is nothing like astroturf. It is excellent for playing passing football as the movement of the ball is consistent. I know that some people are against these types of pitches but for some clubs the initial outlay would make sense. It is also a reasonable solution for some clubs in Scandanavia and Eastern Europe who suffer with cold weather. As far as I know the Accies Pitch is ok down to a temperature of -10c. They have not had a match postponed this season either which has kept revenue flowing into the club too. So Margate's idea might not be that bad!!!!!

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