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  1. Not heard of him and at this moment in time it does seem the previous manager was at least a little hard done by. However with the amount of money they are reportedly forking out and their plans they want and expect quick progression up.
  2. I can confirm that the attendance was not more like 50 with letting friends and family in, spoke to an Ath bloke and he said there was nobody there.
  3. Ground sharing aren’t they? These situations are bonkers? Who is this club and others like it for?!
  4. Great footage including excellent angle of Dan Parsons superb individual effort. Top work from Sportsshots as ever.
  5. Marlow apparently better side on the day but we missed plenty of chances. Did enough to go through though. Well in lads.
  6. At one stage late in the game Brimsdown only had 8 on the field with one sent off and two in the sin bin!!! I’m not bothered how the wins come we just need to keep putting them together.
  7. Bromley v Aldershot. Big game, played at both grounds and been a spectator at both, good grounds. Think I might try and make this one.
  8. Excellent coverage from the guys at sports shots as ever. Highlights.
  9. Going to have to ride your luck at some points. That is a hell of a result. Going really well down there, pleased for you.
  10. Cracking ground and set up. They’ll be in spartan div 1 next year. They’ve been hitting double figure in their league quite often this season.
  11. Can’t see anyone but then for the title.
  12. Absolutely l. I hadn’t noticed it was a cup to be honest. Need to win back to back games however they come though.
  13. Cranfield are a decent step 6 side. Players they have there they would comfortably finish top 8 in division 1 in spartan.
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