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  1. Surprised at Broadfields but it’s still early days, felt they had enough to be mid table comfortably and possibly even surprise people. I think them and Harefield will both be more than ok.
  2. This is absolute nonsense, I’m even better looking and wealthier.
  3. Strange then that you can be surprised at the result of any game if you haven’t actually watched it then isn’t it. It was a decent season, ultimately disappointing, a poor start and some inconsistency killed us. Still, the football has been excellent and lots of goals last few years. Hopefully we can go one better this year.
  4. Beat them in two cups, were the better side in league game at ours, were very unfortunate in that one, was one of the games I saw. I guess you wouldn’t know since you didn’t watch any of the games. They murdered us in first game of the season though. Very good side.
  5. They really were very good, I actually thought Broadfields were better, based on the two games I saw of each. I don’t think they were punching above though, they are every bit a prem club, have historically been so. They had that agonising season a while back missing out on promotion to southern on goal difference to Biggleswade. They will be more than ok this season. Perhaps they should list to local legend Dean Hoopers advice a little more.
  6. Not sure I understand your point here, if they were punching well below their weight last season as you say, wouldn’t that mean they should be well suited for Prem and not be getting found out?
  7. Shefford are 4 for 4 quite the return to football at this level, a one time south miss powerhouse.
  8. Disappointing performance against a tall, physical but distinctly average side. Lads knew it themselves, it happens. Was a tough day from the start, keeper Sam went down horribly and was knocked unconscious and dislocated his shoulder in the first minute, shook the lads a bit. He asked to carry on and made a couple of saves before decision was taken to get him off when it was clear he was struggling. Side note, I haven’t been able to get on here for a few days, the same pop up ‘congratulations you’ve won blah blah’ kept coming up and made it impossible, anyone else have that trouble?
  9. With Leon Lobjolt upfront they will score goals for fun. After a sensational season for Buckingham Town and impressing on trial he got a contract at Northampton Town, he made a few match day squads, unfortunately Edinburgh was sacked and he never got a chance after that. If Newport Pagnell keep him, it’s a safe bet he ends up top scorer in the league.
  10. Will be a very tough ask, team a step higher, and they seem very confident.
  11. Had heard Jay Simpson too, but think he playing for the Cypriot league side. Salamis and Panteleimon will both be up there, think there could be 6-7 sides all there or thereabouts and a few not far behind that.
  12. St Panteleimon and Salamis will bothe be right up there. Was told over the summer they have healthy budgets and very good players.
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