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  1. Forum is dead mate. Everyone can argue on various social media platforms now.
  2. Back to old reserve league? what a fecking disaster. Absolutely ridiculous at this level.
  3. Yep. We all knew this was happening right back in the summer.
  4. A fix up job has been done to the end of the season where it will be put right properly. Find raising target was beaten with many kind donations.
  5. Winslow had a 100% record. What else are we supposed to do?😂
  6. Would expect it is impossible our game will be on. Very frustrating.
  7. I and others have our very strong suspicions, but not for airing at this time. Hoping that cctv may catch some comings and goings on the town and around the ground and that somebody with a conscience that knows (I expect these f/cking scumbags will have bragged and talked about it) comes forward anonymously or whatever.
  8. Woke up to see online that Winslow’s pitch has been severely damaged in what appears to be a targeted act of vandalism. See Winslow Twitter and Sportshots and Ayden Callaghan. In total disbelief.
  9. Really good club, would not be out of place in the prem. I think it’s a great appointment and expect you to do very well. Exciting times for sure. Good luck with it all, except for two games of course.
  10. Good appointment particularly if he brings the budget he has done in the past. Good contacts, expect to Risboro back up where they have been for last few years pretty quickly now.
  11. Really thought Leighton would be dominant this season under him. Looked an appointment with intent. Is he going to Aylesbury? Timing is coincidental, especially since we all heard they were on the phone to a number of managers Saturday evening looking to make a replacement.
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