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  1. Depends, I have little free time at the moment, I’d like to though.
  2. Yes, Portman road. Cracking old ground, will be a great experience, I expect Ipswich to be even better than Charlton were last year, think they got to the semis last year.
  3. Ipswich away is a handsome reward for Winslow U18. First round proper two years in a row.
  4. 5-4 Winslow. Closer than it should’ve been apparently.
  5. Bateman might have wished he’d waited.
  6. I would’ve guessed much the same. When that generation of guys have gone you wonder what will happen.
  7. There were some incidents for sure but to be fair there hasn’t been a sniff of it since, perhaps they’ve grown up a bit or some of the older heads had a word. It seems hard to get younger guys into watching local football and they’ve done that well and if they can keep them coming they’ll be in a good position. I’d love to see the average age of a supporter at this level.
  8. They did. Leighton have a lot to do if they are going to go up. They’ve done brilliantly to attract a big following, I hope they can keep that.
  9. They couldn’t make their minds up about those players. One minute ‘oh they are just subs’ next minute ‘they nicked our best players’. I hear that they believe they can have a substantial budget because of the money the youth generates. You’re right on the players that bateman can get but if they throw enough money the players will come. Seems a bit pointless to me since the support base just isn’t there. It’s a club with no identity really, too many name changes and no real history. They really should’ve gone in with Aylesbury United and with the resources and people at both clubs they could p
  10. He’s going to want some serious dough. Last time he was there they were spending £1600 a week. Either they have plenty of money or this is a last desperate roll of the dice.
  11. Winslow dismal run in the county cup continues. I believe Langley hadn’t won a game yet this season.
  12. What a bloody shame. I’m sorry to hear that, I’ve seen that happen many times. I’m sure the club will bounce back.
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