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  1. I’d like to be considered if we are basing this not on achievements. I would like to see league goals to be honest.
  2. Mick Foster would be up there I would guess. It’s a hard one because what date range are we talking about? So many managers don’t stay in anyone place too long etc...
  3. Was talk of him playing last season or season before but he rubbished all those rumours apparently. A real shame. His level was step 2/3 and doing well at that level in my opinion. Certainly the best centre forward I saw in Spartan.
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/h/histon/8599065.stm
  5. He was a very good player and he did well higher up, seemed to jack it all early for some reason. I wonder if the reason he never made the final step was a physical one, he wasn’t a physical specimen in fairness was he?
  6. Oh yes of course he went to Histon, they hit the ceiling and fell spectacularly didn’t they?
  7. What was Craig Hammonds record for Royston in the prem like? Would’ve thought he’d be up there. Did Edmund Protain play in prem, he knew where the goal was.
  8. Seem to be making some signings. Suggests that somebody is putting some money in there.
  9. A number of the young guys have played, a couple of them can’t play Saturdays at the moment. I have heard that Paul has moved a couple of players out too.
  10. Not been anything like what had been hoped by all at Winslow. If there is a budget, there won’t be much of one this year and certainly nothing close to what they managed to get together last season. The only pressure Paul will be under will be from himself I would say, that being said it won’t take that many more bad results to find themselves totally out of contention for top four even.
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