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  1. Winslow started well, as before, gave two poor goals away, as usual and then heads dropped and Risboro had enough experience to never be in danger after that. Was over as a contest after 2nd goal for sure.
  2. I was wrong. Very comfortable for Risboro today. 3-0, few minutes left. Winslow not really in the game at all today.
  3. Stotfold, Rayners and MK Irish will all be up there in div 1 I think.
  4. Aylesbury are going to have a tough season, would be surprised to see them out of bottom five or six, perhaps Levy had an off day, but if they finish below Aylesbury they’ll be in trouble in my opinion. Hope not, Leverstock are a good club, set up is great and have had some cracking sides, but everyone has their ups and downs.
  5. If the season plays out.... in div 1 I think Salamis top, St Panteleimon 2nd aylesbury vale and Levy relegated I think. leightons year this year.
  6. I don’t disagree, dominated is a bit strong, a hell of a lot of long ball down that slope, physically they dominated for sure. Thought that Winslow were pretty comfortable in first half and most of first 45 in Risboro half, Haule coming on made a difference, his experience showed and Freshwater going off was a big moment. The winning goal was certainly coming, I said that for the last twenty minutes of second half. on your side note, yes and no, I’ve played in games where we had the game wrapped up at half time and games where we were dead and buried at half time, played in games where we had enough chances to win five games in first half and then ended up getting punished and vice versa. Risboro have a good chance of progressing in next round too. Saturday I expect will be another tight one, likely to be the odd goal again, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t.
  7. Should have had it won by half time but then never really got going in second half. Few of the more experienced guys missing and it probably played a part, Risboro are a good team though, will be another tight affair on Saturday in the vase.
  8. Battered tat home in the first game. I feel confident in my prediction of a season of struggle, mediocrity at best.
  9. Listened to live commentary of the game. Winslow weren’t in it at all in the second half, will be interested to hear thoughts of those that were there as to why we didn’t reappear after half time.
  10. Huge budget, according to at least one of their players (twitter post in response to someone questioning him calling himself a ‘semi pro) he is earning vast amounts on a Saturday.
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