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  1. I don’t know to be honest, but I think the club are no fools. They just received a sum (albeit small) as a former player got a pro transfer in Cyprus, or so I’m told. As for Curtis if he shows what he’s shown so far he is worth a gamble from their perspective in my opinion, with the added training and quality he’d get there they could turn him into a proper player. He’s a great lad, excellent attitude and is more than deserving of a shot.
  2. Who has he ‘bought’ the club from? How many chairman own clubs at this level? Who owns the ground? this whole thing is absolutely ludicrous.
  3. Most of the refs are better refs than the players are footballers at this level in my opinion.
  4. I’m told Curtis Brown belatedly starts his Luton trial today after suffering an injury. I understand his has a couple of other trial offers too.
  5. No, I meant Ipswich, but was obviously distracted.
  6. Will be interesting to see how Aldershot do against Spurs.
  7. Can’t say Bradwell beating a winless team bottom of the table is much of a giant killing. They’d probably be down the bottom of division 2.
  8. How can teams be allowed to continue after multiple assaults on the ref? Unbelievable.
  9. I’m not sure, plenty of teams with plenty of mouth. Didn’t ever see them play or hear much about them, the pandemic seasons are a blur.
  10. Yes, I saw that, absolutely disgusting. I believe Newbury Forest have a reputation for violence, intimidation and the like, perhaps the club and everyone associated should be banned from football.
  11. Just had an update. 4-1 currently at Winslow. 2-0 at half time. Soon after restart Stotlfold down to ten for a stamp, one of the management sent off and just had another player sent off.
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