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  1. I think that’s exactly it. They may well promote and relegate as they wish and day their hands are tied.
  2. I suspect it’s careful wording while they work out what to do next and potential ramifications, especially as they were meant to be restructuring a couple of years ago. I would expect a null and void announcement soon or something that amounts to the same thing.
  3. Yes, could still be difficult without fans and bars, I spoke to a friend involved in the running of Faversham Town and he seemed to think they would have to pay players, you would hope players would play just for enjoyment under these circumstances.
  4. I agree, I posted earlier somewhere that perhaps dividing the divisions into smaller local groups 4-6 and playing a friendly league trophy just to do something. We aren’t going to fit the majority of a season into 12 weeks.
  5. No chance even starting in April if that was possible along with an extension will we finish the season.
  6. The taking on of loans to just function now will inevitably lead to the ruin of some clubs in the future.
  7. I have started a football manager save and have got Aldershot into the Championship
  8. Can’t do any of mine really, also homeschooling is taking up all my time. Playing a bit of computer and watching films, catching up on some reading.
  9. I don’t think even what you lay out is possible, you’d have to lose no hands to water logging in March and April, which is doubtful. I doubt the tier system will be at a stage that allows any or all clubs to play, there will be some clubs who can’t play in June also, if sport is up and running that means cricket will be.
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