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  1. Agree with everything in your post LL.
  2. Really, thought I’d seen a list with a lot more teams on it. just checked and I was counting Cranfield and Letchworth but of course they are in a county league not in SSML.
  3. They can still go, they just need someone over the age of 18 that can take responsibility/blame for them acting like a bunch of little pr1cks.
  4. Yeah, looks like half of division two have applied. No harm in applying, not sure what bearing the restructuring will have on any movements.
  5. They’ve applied for promotion to step 6 I see. More than a bit of needle between the management of Corby and Berko.
  6. That’s just awful. Cannot imagine what his friends and family are going through. I hope everyone and the club get all the support they need however they need it.
  7. Tragic news from the club It is with the deepest sorrow that St Panteleimon FC share the tragic news that our beloved Thiago Gonçalves passed away this evening. May God rest his soul. Our deepest sympathies to his family and his loved ones. He was our brother, our son. We have lost a family member. condolences to All his loved ones, so sorry to hear this, I hope everyone can find some sort of comfort at this time. Utterly tragic.
  8. You know talking to yourself is a worrying sign don’t you mate? 😉😂
  9. Yes their form has dipped but that can be a double edged sword, heard Winslow were still going to be missing a number of players too.
  10. Another six pointer for Winslow and MK Robins. I think the game may succumb to the weather though
  11. Man sent off, they then take the lead, then we have one sin binned and with last kick of the game 9 man Winslow rescue a point. Phew.
  12. Big game. Six pointer certainly. Think Winslow still have a lot of players missing.... could have done with an ‘easier’ game.
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