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  1. Really thought Leighton would be dominant this season under him. Looked an appointment with intent. Is he going to Aylesbury? Timing is coincidental, especially since we all heard they were on the phone to a number of managers Saturday evening looking to make a replacement.
  2. Winslow Boy

    Saturday 29th September

    May get to the Wodson game. Will be a lot better from both sides compared to my last visit some years back (think they were at Ware) both teams were struggling then.
  3. Winslow Boy

    Saturday 22nd September

    Simon King has been a big miss for us as shown on Saturday with the impact he had. Losing the goals of Aaron King and Sean Coles it was always going to take time to find our rhythm again, starting to get back to where we were performance wise. Aaron King and Coles may yet return, I wouldn’t be surprised and they will be welcomed back with open arms. Team and squad looking much more like it now, just hope we can get the same side out most weeks, that’s key.
  4. Winslow Boy

    FA Cup 2018/19

    Some cracking shots of the night by Sports Shots https://www.flickr.com/photos/sports_shots/sets/72157696882236052
  5. Winslow Boy

    Terry Hayes

    What a shame. Dad said he was top player.
  6. Winslow Boy

    Friday 10th August

    Thanks. Appreciate it.
  7. Winslow Boy

    FA Cup 2018/19

  8. Winslow Boy

    Friday 10th August

    All welcome. Come down for our first ever FA Cup game.
  9. Good signings. Could be a really good season for you.
  10. Winslow Boy

    Saturday 4th August

    Heard you look a very decent side. Good luck for the rest of the season. Congratulations on 150 years, hope this proves to be an excellent one.
  11. Winslow Boy

    Saturday 4th August

    Some cracking signings there for Tring. Could be a really good season. I’d expect Baldock to do well this season so that’s a good win.
  12. Winslow Boy

    Pre-Season Friendlies 2018

    Saw this. Thought it was pretty funny https://www.footballinbracknell.co.uk/features/opinion/34492/from-freak-athletes-club-hoppers/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  13. Winslow Boy

    Under 25 League

    Going to be tough to convince managers and players to bother with that.
  14. Winslow Boy

    SSML Premier Division 2018/19

    Essex senior down a side now apparently F.C. Romania have been promoted. Been a reshuffle due to Shaw Lane withdrawing from northern prem.