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  1. I know that was a big deal for you, but a game against a small, poorly supported and now non existent club doesn’t merit any space in my memory banks. I’ll have to call the motorway police for traffic updates between any given two points in the country in the future, I didn’t know they did that.
  2. That’s great stuff. Very strong. Definitely up there in the last 20 years as one of the strongest.
  3. Come on we all know they stormed the league, didn’t lose a game scored well over 100 goals in the process, won the FA Vase, got to the 3rd round of the FA Cup, because they were all playing so far below their level and the following season they did it all again but in the division above....
  4. My favourite ground, the pitch was as good as anything in the country at its peak. It’s a tragedy.
  5. Started out as a centre forward, converted to left back reasonably late on as an academy player at the gooners. He went on to be absolutely world class as a left back.
  6. Edgeware v Corinthian casuals at The White Lion ground 14/3/87. Cracking photo.
  7. Hahaha, you are good. No, perhaps I wasn’t clear, my friend was at Arsenal with Ashley Cole and Livermore among others. Was signed from Luton youth by George Graham and was there under Wenger early years, won player of the tournament one summer at Ajax playing against Ajax, AC Milan and Barcelona, he also features on a video of Arsenal greatest goals when he scored in an FA youth cup tie. He wasn’t offered a contract and after some poor advice from his agent he turned down several good moves here and abroad and eventually ended up packing it in after a few years playing non league.
  8. Yep. It’s why despite having a team good enough to win the league and do well in the division above I didn’t predict us for the title, always lose four or five games in a season that we shouldn’t, and last few years our record against top 4/5 sides has not been good when you look at it.
  9. Good player at step 6 and 5ish, without setting either league on fire. Most players end up playing the correct level for their ability. These days step 4, 5 and 6 have a lot of mediocre sides in the divisions with only a few good ones so quite a lot of pretty average players have played and do play for clubs across those steps.
  10. Sure they had contracts on the table. 🤣 a good friend of mine was there during that period, same team as Cole, Livermore etc...
  11. Lee was decent at Step 6, that’s it. Wax lyrical as much as you like mate, keep them coming. 👍
  12. Sure it’ll go ahead whenever the next season starts.
  13. Gosh all these players who had the ability to reach the top but playing step 5 and 6 who’d have thunk it, quite something.
  14. General manager at Miami, not coaching. Or last I heard anyway.
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