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  1. Apparently they are dishing out a few quid and have signed some good local players.
  2. Can’t see Winslow in any position to go for promotion. Over a number of years they’ve consistently been up there and only a poor start to ‘this season’ has knocked them down, but with managers and players moving on I think it would suit them to stay in division one now.
  3. Darren Byfield manager there isn’t he? Sure I remember seeing that Sylvan Eubanks Blake had signed there. This might all be pre covid though.
  4. Yeah, all looks positive. We’ll see, I’m not sure about all this back room team stuff, not much coaching you can do at this level, lucky if you get one training session a week with everyone. With rumours of a few clubs around paying out silly money it’ll be interesting to see what players end up where.
  5. They’ve a great track record over 30 years almost, I’m sure they will continue to do very well.
  6. Well be interesting to see how they get on, they’ll be building a team from the youth side as I’ve heard a number of the first team have already said they are signing for other clubs, certainly they will be almost starting from scratch.
  7. 😂 give it time, all 5 of them will be in there at some point.
  8. https://www.sportsshots.org.uk/2021/03/15/winslow-united-name-green-king-as-new-management-team/?fbclid=IwAR3disM8yzWgX0tz_AXkMA4dXZ92xc8sRCSWR8PV4vNhsozYKZSZDidKjf8
  9. Great for any clubs that want to take part. I wouldn’t bother if I was running a club but can see why others would.
  10. https://www.sportsshots.org.uk/2021/03/04/ssmfl-alleyne-joe-step-down-from-winslow-united-management-roles/
  11. I’m not sure that clubs will be up for this and some may not even be in a position to do it. Just start pre season earlier.
  12. I think that’s exactly it. They may well promote and relegate as they wish and day their hands are tied.
  13. I suspect it’s careful wording while they work out what to do next and potential ramifications, especially as they were meant to be restructuring a couple of years ago. I would expect a null and void announcement soon or something that amounts to the same thing.
  14. Yes, could still be difficult without fans and bars, I spoke to a friend involved in the running of Faversham Town and he seemed to think they would have to pay players, you would hope players would play just for enjoyment under these circumstances.
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