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  1. Another player who has been playing division 2, are they preparing to play lower down?
  2. Yeah, I wish Pete the Greek would stop going on about some Sunday league nobody. langford won surface of the year, it’s always been a nice set up over there.
  3. A great day. The one in 2013 was even better.
  4. To be fair Cranfield had a decent side, Drew Mitten among others who have stood out in south mids before. They’d have been top ten in div one I think.
  5. They were unlucky. Winslow should have been 7 or 8 to the good and then ended up hanging on for dear life at the end.
  6. Damn. What a shame. £175k is a lot of money to anyone at this time though and then it’s how much more to keep running it year after year. Clubs need to look at themselves too and the way they have run, to be out that much money is criminal. Overpaying players for too long I suspect.
  7. No tax money for the government from 15 people stood watching a game.
  8. Nice set up there. So much better once they even led that slope up.
  9. Got a guy from ADL Aylesbury district league as director of football too now, another bedgrove chap, they seem to be taking over but have no knowledge of football beyond local leagues. Very strange.
  10. 27 I thought it said. Has mainly played for Aston Clinton I think. as I was told, tidy footballer, decent in possession and hard working. Winslow quite strong in that central area so he’s probably looking to start more games.
  11. Don’t remember him playing much. Certainly not 20 games. Rang someone to ask about him ‘nice tidy player, but was back up player’
  12. 🤞 im sure there will be some but my suspicion is that as soon as football is given the all clear at this level people will want to not waste more time and just get the season under way.
  13. 🤞 im sure there will be some but my suspicion is that as soon as football is given the all clear at this level people will want to not waste more time and just get the season under way.
  14. I think a lot of clubs are quietly working away. There will be revolving doors as ever with players early on (and most of the season to be fair). I believe clubs have had conversations about friendlies but they may not happen and just go straight into the season which makes sense to me.
  15. Hard to say at this point, we always seem to start slowly then have a really strong mid season but run out of steam as you say towards the end. Cup competitions have also been a source of frustration. The noises that I’m hearing all sound positive, so fingers crossed this will be the season.
  16. Clubs at levels such as this and even up to step 2 and those at step 1 who aren’t looking to get into the league it makes total sense, low maintenance costs, you don’t lose games, train on it, can have all your sides use it if you want, hire it out for extra income etc..
  17. Think I’ve mentioned a few times that it’s Paul Alleyne with Roni Joe as assistant at Winslow.
  18. Maybe but most clubs will have little to no budget, so most players will have to accept that, they can’t all sign for the few clubs that will still be throwing money. I think Vale will struggle, hope I’m wrong, there’s a couple of good guys down there but I think it’ll be another tough season there.
  19. Interesting signings, players having played div 2 pretty much exclusively. Have Aston Clinton won that league recently?
  20. Grim, I remember Potters Bar played around one of those (not 3G just Astro turf) back in the late 80’s or early 90’s.
  21. Leighton’s is very good, on the whole is say the accounts aren’t great, many only post something if they win, lots don’t even bother with match update. There are a few good accounts though.
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