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  1. Excellent result for Levy, Risborough had a lot of money on the pitch. Baldock apparently should’ve been out of sight at half time and then totally collapsed.
  2. Had some good teams too. Played a few times over there, quite a walk from changing to the pitch as I recall.
  3. Thank you. Good times. Looking forward to a few good ones this summer.
  4. Don’t know enough about him. My guess is this season will be consolidation, I wouldn’t expect Winslow to be top 3/4 as they have been in recent years.
  5. My understanding from afar is that too many players moving on to other clubs and Uni etc and the managers felt they may not get a competitive side together so did the right thing and made the decision early. It’s a shame but a club like Winslow lives year to year, until someone wants to put in stupid budget like some other clubs. I believe there has been some interesting applications already.
  6. Every time I played at Chalfont the pitch always seemed to be really heavy.
  7. £10 to charity says he doesn’t last the season.
  8. To quote the special one, I prefer not to speak. I'm sure he will have no problem getting £90k out of his bitcoin bro cult. I mean that’s only a fraction of Bedford merchandise sales isn’t it?
  9. I’m not reading all that. Can someone sun it up in a paragraph?
  10. I thought given recent form it would go that way, all in all a good season for a very young side.
  11. 2 goals in last two minutes for Shefford.
  12. Shefford have beaten Winslow twice this season. Winslow have really not been great since February. If Winslow can play as well as we know they can I’d fancy them against anyone but it’s not been happening recently, I think Shefford will edge this one sadly.
  13. Gutted for Ampthil. Finished second after a consistently strong season. Lose out to a team who were never in the reckoning at all. Play offs are a joke at this level even more so.
  14. Yes. The two best teams over the whole season. I don’t view everything through yellow and blue glasses.
  15. Something like that. yes that does often seem the way, part of the reason I think the whole playoff thing is bull$hit. At the pro level it’s not about competition and rewarding success it’s about money. At this level it’s ridiculous. Two promotion spots, the top two teams should go up, they’ve earned that over the season.
  16. Why are they on separate days? Worried about tv schedule conflicts or enough police for the games?
  17. Winslow 3-1 down and have been poor apparently. Last part of the season have lost their way a bit, perhaps missing a couple experienced heads.
  18. Just to be clear I absolutely don’t think he is a bitcoin grifter.
  19. Haha yeah. I’m sure that’s all absolutely legitimate.
  20. I see. If they’re going to give them perhaps there should be enough to give enough to anyone who has played 50% of the games or more.
  21. I didn’t know that, ridiculous as in too many or not enough?
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