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  1. On 01/08/2022 at 03:51, Rhodes said:

    Here we go then for the 2022/23 campaign:

    Tuesday 2 August (kick off 7.45pm)

    Premier Division
    Arlesey Town 0 v 2 Biggleswade United
    Aylesbury Vale Dynamos 0 v 3 Baldock Town
    Cockfosters 3 v 1 London Colney
    Crawley Green 1 v 4 St Panteleimon
    Harpenden Town 2 v 0 Colney Heath
    Leighton Town 1 v 2 Stotfold
    Leverstock Green 1 v 2 Risborough Rangers
    Potton United 1 v 1 Dunstable Town
    Shefford Town & Campton 1 v 2 Hoddesdon Town
    Tring Athletic 1 v 1 Ardley United


  2. 1 hour ago, Rhodes said:

    ShiIIington FC were founder members of the SSML back in the day weren't they untiI they sadIy Ieft the League at the end of the 2004/05 campaign: 

    May be an image of 12 people, people standing and text that says "Shillingon Football Club South Midlands Football League Season 1979/80 පරරද R.Crawley, N.Lewis, W.Morgan, B.Baines, P.Stack, P.Toyer, S.Richards J.Prince, .Harnama A.Catling, D.Harnaman, P.Brooker, J.Bascom"

    Had some good teams too. Played a few times over there, quite a walk from changing to the pitch as I recall. 

  3. 19 hours ago, Daily Dose said:

    Winslow Boy - need to shed some light on this I one. An excellent mixture of youth and experience, with young hungry managers. This relationship looked like it was just taking shape and one to watch for the future.

    My understanding from afar is that too many players moving on to other clubs and Uni etc and the managers felt they may not get a competitive side together so did the right thing and made the decision early. It’s a shame but a club like Winslow lives year to year, until someone wants to put in stupid budget like some other clubs. I believe there has been some interesting applications already. 

  4. On 01/05/2022 at 16:41, Rhodes said:

    View from the Boundary - Thanks for creating this thread, I see that a groundhopper from another Forum was at Chalfont St Peter yesterday, I won't fancy paying £2 for a coffee if it's decided that the CIub return to the SSML next season. AIso £9 was rather over the top for entrance wasn't it. 

    Inter Step Play Off
    Chalfont St Peter 0-4 Boldmere St Michaels
    Adm £9, Att 313
    You know you are in a posh part of the world when it is £2 for a coffee and three of the mascots are named Hugo.
    Anyway, Tales From the Riverbank, your theory about the relative merits of lower level step 4 and good step 5 sides was completely vindicated by this excellent performance from the Sutton Coldfield team in front of a very good number of their own fans. On the front foot from the outset, as well as having aerial and ground dominance in defence, they never looked like being breached. The goals, two sharp angled finishes, a superb overhead kick and a simple tap-in from a corner, were just reward for an afternoon of dominance.
    Mill Meadow is a slightly unusual ground with a fairly large stand and banking behind one goal, and a few rows of uncovered seats behind the other but just standing down each side. On the whole I liked it, especially in the glorious warm sunshine after a slightly chilly week.

    Every time I played at Chalfont the pitch always seemed to be really heavy. 

  5. Shefford have beaten Winslow twice this season. Winslow have really not been great since February. If Winslow can play as well as we know they can I’d fancy them against anyone but it’s not been happening recently, I think Shefford will edge this one sadly. 

  6. 4 hours ago, Rhodes said:

    Washing your hair you mean, Wellingborough Whitworth couId weII be dark horses for promotion as they score goaIs for fun and it is usuaIIy the team who just scrape into the Iast PIay-Off pIace who make it Iike in the EFL Championship for exampIe.

    Something like that. 

    yes that does often seem the way, part of the reason I think the whole playoff thing is bull$hit. At the pro level it’s not about competition and rewarding success it’s about money. At this level it’s ridiculous. Two promotion spots, the top two teams should go up, they’ve earned that over the season. 

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