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    Winslow Boy reacted to Opinions Opinions 433 in FA Cup   
    It is crazy how some of these teams have ended up in the FA cup, it seems to be more about who's secretary's were on the ball during lock-down and made the necessary applications. 
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in Winslow United FC   
    Can you imagine what players must feel when confronted with this view at 2.55 or 7.40pm,  it must be like heaven:

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    Winslow Boy reacted to Karen Browne in Yes? Or No?   
    No fans, no competitive football
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    Winslow Boy got a reaction from tringarmy in Start Of The New Season - CONFIRMED   
    Also away teams are only allowed to use changing rooms, home team must come prepared and go home dirty. Apparently the virus suspends it’s level of contagion while your man marking someone but can jump into separate changing rooms after the game! Utterly absurd. 
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    Winslow Boy reacted to petethegreek in Langford   
    As clear as crystal now.

    Now had Winslow Boy said 'has-been' instead of 'nobody' I would have probably picked it up.
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Savagebee in Langford   
    petethegreek i think WB was just joking as Rhodes is the person who posts a lot on here about Adam Wombwell who WB thinks is a Sunday League nobody.
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in New Bradwell St Peter   
    What a photo this is from New Bradwell St Peter v Old Bradwell United in a 2014/15 SSML Division Two fixture on Saturday 27 December 2014, with the windmill in all its glory although I wonder what the linesman is flagging for, Old Bradwell United won 1-0 with a Peter Maddigan strike:

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    Winslow Boy got a reaction from Savagebee in WTF? 🤔   
    No tax money for the government from 15 people stood watching a game. 
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    Winslow Boy got a reaction from Savagebee in Crawley Green   
    Grim, I remember Potters Bar played around one of those (not 3G just Astro turf) back in the late 80’s or early 90’s. 
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    Winslow Boy got a reaction from AlwaysLeighton in Leighton Town   
    Smart move putting him through the middle then. That ratio is up their with the best I can think of in recent years. 
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    Winslow Boy got a reaction from Karen Browne in SSML Constitution - 2020/2021   
    Come on Karen, we all know it was you, it definitely wasn’t me, so no need to scroll up and check!
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Karen Browne in SSML Constitution - 2020/2021   
    Expect changes to Division One, one club has resigned due to Corona Virus but they have still to make this information public so with respect I will not be naming them
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    Winslow Boy reacted to petethegreek in Grenfell Athletic   
    Likely to be Combined Counties from where they are based once the restructure (eventually) kicks in.
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in Happy Birthday Rhodes   
    Winslow Boy - Thanks, is that just because I started a thread for your Birthday, I can't see myself getting many greetings today can you particularly from the likes of Karen, a certain match Official and Wisezola. Yes, all the pubs are open here in Denmark (see my local below) and football started again recently albeit restricted to an attendance of 500, I tried to get a ticket for a Danish First Division game yesterday without success. Thanks again and hope you and the family are keeping well, I expect George Tomlin is chomping at the bit to get things started again at Elmfields Gate:

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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in Happy Birthday Winslow Boy - 6 June   
    Winslow Boy - So did you have a nice birthday yesterday, what did you get up to, you're a pretty popular bloke aren't you, only Savagebee and myself greeted you on this thread.
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in Happy Birthday Winslow Boy - 6 June   
    Yes, that must have been an amazing day mate, I see you get a mention in this press article:
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in Happy Birthday Winslow Boy - 6 June   
    The photo is a real Who's Who isn't it, Alex Stewart, Mark Ramprakhash, Amir Khan, Ewan Thomas, Darren Campbell, Jeff Brazier and, er, Winslow Boy.
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    Winslow Boy reacted to AlwaysLeighton in Leighton Town   
    New to this forum, but would say with ease, that this ‘seasons’ FA Vase run has been far better than that of 17/18. Admittedly, I wasn’t following Leighton as closely (week in/week out) as I am now and haven’t missed a game this season, however, if you look at some of the attendance figures, it shows just how mighty this season’s run was. Last 64 (Round 3) game, against Eastbourne at home, 426 in attendance. The Round 4 game against Norwich CBS saw just 251 at Bell Close! 
    The Northwich game lives long in the memory for the attendance and being at home despite losing, but the whole run with great moments with last minute winners, comebacks, great performances, lots of goals, atmospheres at many rounds, it certainly was the better of the 2 in my opinion. 
    Not only that, but the club has a brilliant feel around it at the moment and attendances continue to increase, down to the performances on the pitch as well as hard work off of it by many at the club! 
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Munchkin in Development Division   
    They absolutely [****!!****]ed up over the Dev league, promised all sorts to clubs such as 3 officials and better standard with only clubs with lights allowed. They shafted the div 2 reserve sides. Our reserves had 3 different leagues in 3 seasons trying to recover.
    The promises were false, it was a disaster and clubs left in droves. When questioned at the agm, the response “well you voted for it”...
    all that for more money from the FA
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in Petition - Completion of Leagues at Non League Level   
    Here we go folks, South Shields Football Club are doggedly continuing with their battle against the FA's 'criminal' decision to null and void the 2019/20 football season and have launched a donations page to help assist with their high legal costs, please dig deep if you can:
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Big J R in When will non league resume Step 3 and below?   
    Better safe than sorry in my book.  Do nothing, and all of a sudden, it's decided that football is back !
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    Winslow Boy reacted to tringarmy in Saturday 15 February - Results & Reports   
    I’d suggest anything that earned a 3 match ban or less be waived but long suspensions still count. That way “normal” offences are let off but a ban for something like an assault on a referee would remain in place. 
    Edit - just seen that Enfield Til it died suggested the same on the AGM thread back in April.
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Enfield Til It Died in SSML - Annual General Meeting (AGM)   
    If this wasn't the case, then there would be nothing stopping player getting a game abandoned, without any recourse.
    Also, if a player is suspended Sine Die for an assault, or the like, during an abandoned game(probably the cause for an abandonment) then again there would be no recourse
    If all fines and suspensions were lifted for this season then any player suspended Sine Die would be free to play again.
    However, I do think any suspension of 3 games or less should be expunged for the start of the new season. Anything over, should have 3 games taken off of it
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    Winslow Boy got a reaction from Savagebee in SSML Constitution - 2020/2021   
    As it stands by default they are rewarding failure and punishing success which is totally against the spirit of the game. It’s simple, somebody needs to be brave and say that they are doing it and everyone has to accept it, and they would pretty quickly. 
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Karen Browne in The Hidden Gem   
    Your researcher needs a refresher course, I was at both games and the first game on Saturday 27 August 1994 was the 1-1 draw at Herns Lane with the replay at Viking Sports the following Tuesday with the Citizens winning 1-0, Sean Giddens scoring for the Citizens in both games. The Citizens were to return to your so called 'Hidden Gem' on the 4th October 1997 when they won 4-3 in the FA Vase with goals from Duncan Hardy (2), Steve Gibbs and Steve Smart (pen).
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