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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in Happy Birthday Winslow Boy - 6 June   
    Happy Birthday today (6 June) to one of the Forum's long serving posters Winslow Boy, have a good day. Can you spot him in this team photo from a Charity match on Sunday 28 April 2013 playing for Balls To Cancer All Stars against a West Bromwich Albion Old Boys side, Winslow Boy is an Ambassador for the Balls To Cancer Charity and has helped to raise many thousands of pounds:

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    Winslow Boy reacted to Daily Dose in Winslow United FC   
    The merry go round of players and managers. It’s quite strange, managers leave clubs to join others but take the same players with them. It would be truly amazing if they stayed at one club with the same players. I’m sure there are different reasons for this but mostly it doesn’t need to happen.
    im sure one of the first questions to all managerial candidates is; do you have a pool of players that will follow you?
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in Leighton Town   
    Good news folks, AlwaysLeighton has painstakingly managed to 'broker' a deal with Stockport based company FilmMyMatch and Saturday's eagerly awaited FA Vase Fourth Round tie with Walton & Hersham at Bell Close will be live streamed, kick off 6.00pm, purchase now for a meagre £5.99 via the link:
    Webcasts (247.tv)

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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in Aylesbury Vale Dynamos   
    I see that the new Aylesbury Vale Dynamos Forum is proving to be popular, just one post so far and that was a test post from the administrator
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in What does this mean for the SSML? and non league ⚽?   
    Who can recall football sock numbers back in the day, it was a fad wasn't it and started by Leeds I believe:

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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in What does this mean for the SSML? and non league ⚽?   
    As predicted the 2021/22 FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round is pencilled in for Saturday 7 August, I expect there will be some bumper attendances if, all being well, we are back to normality:

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    Winslow Boy reacted to Savagebee in What does this mean for the SSML? and non league ⚽?   
    Any ⚽ played in April, May and June is better than nothing in my opinion but I totally understand Leagues and Club not wanting to bother playing again until next season and cutting there loses as our Supreme Leaders could easily change there minds regarding the easing of the Lockdown. This ain't over. Next Season needs to be thought about long and hard. This season has been a shambles.
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    Winslow Boy reacted to GRS67 in What does this mean for the SSML? and non league ⚽?   
    It's all messy and will get messier if they do restructure. 
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Big J R in What does this mean for the SSML? and non league ⚽?   
    To be totally honest, it had to happen.
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    Winslow Boy reacted to AlwaysLeighton in Leighton Town   
    It’s absolutely spot on and sums him up perfectly. Personally, I don’t think he deserves anymore air time so I’m hanging my gloves up. 
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    Winslow Boy got a reaction from Daily Dose in Bored   
    Can’t do any of mine really, also homeschooling is taking up all my time. Playing a bit of computer and watching films, catching up on some reading. 
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in What does this mean for the SSML? and non league ⚽?   
    The FA Trophy Quarter Final draw, former SSML Club Haringey Borough must be really kicking themselves mustn't they being 2-0 ahead at Oxford City in the Fourth Round and a home draw with Peterborough Sports in the last sixteen, they would have been looking forward to a trip to Notts County:

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    Winslow Boy reacted to agamemnon3 in What does this mean for the SSML? and non league ⚽?   
    Some posts above there is reference to a petition to 'Save the National League Clubs with Support Grants'.  I'd just like to say that I think the petition is complete and utter nonsense and that I hope that it sinks without trace.  Apart from being ill-timed and ill-judged, it is simply factually wrong.
    The government has not 'changed the terms of its support', and no-one has 'moved the financial goalposts mid-season'.  To those who were actually paying attention it was clear from the outset that the initial grant was a one-off payment.  Rather, the truth of the situation is revealed in a one-liner in Alison McGovern's letter to Nigel Huddleston --  'football has been beset by a number of poor governance and financial issues for many years, including prior to the pandemic'.  
    Precisely, or as Winslow Boy succinctly puts it, 'for far too long they have been paying ludicrous wages'.
    When people with their hands out go on about 'government grants', or 'government money', what do they mean ?  Because the fact is, the government doesn't have any money -- all it has is the revenue it can garner in from taxpayers, which is, in essence, everyone on this forum, and everyone like us.  So when chancers are demanding 'government money', what they actually want is my money, and your money, and yes, even SavageBee's money -- I know how much he will enjoy me pointing that out. 
    Take Barnet, for instance.  I have no axe to grind with Barnet, but they are owned, and, some would say, mismanaged, by the millionaire Tony Kleanthos.  So why on earth should my taxes, and your taxes, be given to him to help pay for what is, in effect, his hobby ?
    It's quite simple --- yes, the situation is easing, but still hundreds of people are dying every day, and thousands more are going to die before we get through this.  And so, while we remain in this position, I want my taxes to go to the people who are making our lives bearable -- pharmacists, research scientists, ambulance drivers, hospital orderlies, even dustbinmen if you like -- people who are making a difference.  I do not want my taxes doled out to profligate, poorly-run football clubs so that they can continue to pay fifth-rate footballers.
    So, there it is.  Rant over -- and  I promise not to mention it again.
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    Winslow Boy reacted to petethegreek in What does this mean for the SSML? and non league ⚽?   
    I think the £ sign in the bottom left of the photo may have something to do with teams playing FA Trophy games and not playing League fixtures, or am I just being cynical? 
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in What does this mean for the SSML? and non league ⚽?   
    AFC Fylde make a good point don't they, in a statement the Club say that 'teams are prepared to play in their FA Trophy fixtures but have the hypocrisy to declare themselves unavailable to fulfil their league fixtures, we sincerely hope that the National League take a tough line on those taking this stance'. Darlington and Southport play in the FA Trophy tomorrow however have declared themselves unavailable to fulfil their National League North fixtures on the Tuesday:
    CLUB STATEMENT| An update on the Guiseley AFC fixture and the integrity of the competition | AFC Fylde

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    Winslow Boy reacted to AlwaysLeighton in Leighton Town   
    Rhodes - I can wholeheartedly guarantee you, that I am not being harsh. We would not have won promotion on Scott, I can tell you that for a fact. Berko still would have gone up regardless of our Vase run or not. 

    He was more bothered about looking good on a post match interview than he was about coaching his squad of players. It comes as absolutely no surprise to me to have seen him fail at Aylesbury and to now see him at Bucks Ath. 
    The best thing that could’ve happened, happened at the end of 17/18 season. He left! Yes, 18/19 was rather boring to say the very least of a season, but, that was fine, Danny Nics didn’t work out, but now we’ve got Joe & Coppo and we’re flying.
    He gave us a good season, a great cup run, a decent league finish. But the way that season ended and his shocking selection for a Vase quarter final, showed what a poor manager he is.
    Remember you aren’t seeing what he’s like behind the scenes either...
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    Winslow Boy reacted to AlwaysLeighton in Leighton Town   
    Rhodes - I know exactly how I can say that. Can I ask how many games you saw of Scott’s? Or how many times you’ve spoken to Scott? 
    His management cost us the quarter final game with an absolutely woeful squad selection.
    His overall management, his general demeanour amongst other things was poor. I’m glad he went at the end of the season. Rubbish. 
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    Winslow Boy reacted to AlwaysLeighton in Leighton Town   
    Rhodes - as I’ve said before, absolutely not. Scott was not a great manager, simple as that. We would not have won both games against Biggleswade FC at all, they were the better team in both fixtures. They were absolutely superb that season in my opinion, a very, very good side that deservedly took the title home. 
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    Winslow Boy reacted to agamemnon3 in RETURN TO FOOTBALL - THE MIDDLESEX FOOTBALL FAMILY   
    No, is the simple answer to your question.
    In my early years in London I was heavily involved with independent cinemas, and so spent most of my time sitting in the dark watching films, rather than standing in the rain watching football.  I didn't get along to Church Road until April 1980, when I watched Hayes win an Isthmian League game against Dulwich Hamlet 2-1.  I liked Church Road a lot, and was very sorry to see it disappear.  Having said that, I quite liked the original Warren, at Yeading, as well, and was never really sure why the two Clubs wanted to merge in the first place.  Was it a genuine 'merger', or was something much murkier going on ?  I recall being at Hampton one night, and one of the Club officials there suggesting that 'two or three dubious gentlemen' had made 'a great deal of money' out of the supposed 'merger'.  But it was a long time ago, so what do I know ?
    I still haven't been to the new Hayes & Yeading ground.  One for the future perhaps, if indeed, football has a future.
    Incidentally, I didn't come to London to seek my fortune, but came to visit a friend.  I had intended to stay for just a weekend, but somehow never managed to find my way home. 
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    Winslow Boy reacted to View from the Boundary in What does this mean for the SSML? and non league ⚽?   
    Good for them. Playing football in lockdown sends completely the wrong message nationally, exposes players, officials, backroom staff and emergency services (not to mention their families) to Covid, unnecessarily so, and provides the perfect excuse for deniers not to wear masks/comply with government guidance.
    I appreciate they are not refusing to play for altruistic but for more practical financial reasons, but even so, it's about time so called elite clubs called a halt to this lunacy.
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in What does this mean for the SSML? and non league ⚽?   
    Winslow Boy - I think most of us are still naively clinging on to that tiny glimmer of hope that the campaign will get under way again before too long and it can somehow still be completed, I know that seems unlikely. To already null and void the season, as the Lincolnshire League and West Lancashire League have done, is pretty final isn't it and it seems like those League's have tamely thrown in the towel, shrugged their shoulders and just given up.
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Savagebee in Leighton Town   
    That keeper looks about 14 😂
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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in Leighton Town   
    Leighton Town made the trip to the Recreation Ground on Saturday 26 September 1992 for a 1992/93 Diadora Isthmian League Division Three fixture, having won the South Midlands Premier Division the season before and got promotion. Aldershot Town obviously won the Championship only losing two League fixtures however Leighton Town weren't that far behind in fourth place and only lost the game at the Recreation Ground 2-1 in front of 2,104, they were one of the two teams who beat Aldershot that season, winning 1-0 at Bell Close, on Saturday 30 January 1993, in front of 1,522, does anybody remember the two games: 

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    Winslow Boy reacted to Rhodes in Milton Keynes Irish   
    Don't all rush at once but Milton Keynes Irish have nice enamel badges available, shouldn't the date read 1883 though and not 2020 as that was when Buckingham Town were formed:

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