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  1. Originally Posted By: Claudius Attack the poster-not the post. For goodness sake, tie him to a post then attack the poster.
  2. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz It's very good, too. Will become a serious rival to this one, with less idiot and trolls. I dunno about that Gaz, Iv'e registerd
  3. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 Originally Posted By: bilbo baggins Or maybe Gary Aldous is available .. managers are like wives. You don't appreciate them until they leave you for the bloke next door (or a rival club in Oxfordshire) This is a figure of speech My wife has never left me for the bloke next door or a club in Oxfordshire Who could also lead the Fleet into the Ryman South! He has never managed at this level! Whoosh
  4. Originally Posted By: Darter I wonder what a watered-down version of MyFC would look like, HG? Surely it couldn't get any more watered-down from the original concept than it is now? This article is presumably another strand of the retention plan. Fire a warning shot axcross the bows .... Go AWAY
  5. Originally Posted By: Jeff Seems that they might not even make it to Kent tomorrow. http://www.terras-talk.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5119 I don't believe for one moment that this will be the only club (Weymouth) suffering on a knife edge this season. I'm not sure where we stand either, and our guys are pretty open about it. Other clubs are not very forthcoming at to their current financials. The way it's heading we could make the playoffs without to much effort and trouble. Mind you, I do feel sorry for the terras supporters. I wish them well and hope they get over this crisis.
  6. Originally Posted By: fleetzone No, let's go there - we would have won 3-0 if they had their away strip on! (It's nice to have a moan...) Why? Is their away kit green as well?
  7. Bugger! Uncles back, and I thought for one glorious moment we had lost him together with Twisted.
  8. He needs to have his bottom slapped and made to sit on the naughty step for spitting his dummy out. Petulant Prat.
  9. Originally Posted By: StuThompson I will be renewing although I hardly use the site other than in important votes. Me too Stu, and if it don't work out my sub plus will go to the trust
  10. The lad will beat it OK, It's just a hard bloody slog. Best of luck to Chris and his family. My thoughts are with him.
  11. Originally Posted By: Lord Horn Big bit about it in the Non-League Paper yesterday. Apparently Lance was as cool as a cucumber whilst some of the others were bricking it! I would be some of the others.
  12. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin Originally Posted By: DA11 I think there is plenty of room on these forum for a bit of healthy debate. As much as I don't agree with some of the motives or Karl (no offence mate) getting involved in issues that he has no real connection with I respect what they say. As Les says if I don't like it, I ignore it. you have no way of understanding my motives DA11 and as a board member of the society that I subscribed to you also have no right to doubt my motives which are simply for the Operator and his elected or self chosen executives to look after the members interests and respect their views...you stated that you would uphold the members views and rights when you stood for election...and I voted for you.. if I have no connection with these issues does that apply to the other 30000 members who bought into this with good money as I am one and the same....a member and owner...! own the club pick the team.... Some Big Deal. For gods sake give Uncle back his
  13. I see Bitter & Twisted are at it again. Take no notice guys and don't sup at their table, and just ignore the poison. Come on you Reds.
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