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  1. But fixtures will probably still be completed though?
  2. Play four matches in four days?
  3. Whilst it may not have been as bad, I can confirm that we have had a LOT of rain in the past few weeks. All other pitches apart from Footes Lane have had lots of games called off. Corbet Field resembled a lake a week or so ago and only last week around 60 roads were closed due to flooding.
  4. The cost of fixing the pitch wasn't met by the club as they do not own the Ground.
  5. I should add that after the work on the pitch over a period of time, not ONE match has been called off becuase of the weather!
  6. I'd quite like to see where my team is... (Guernsey FC of Ryman South)
  7. This type of thing should be online for all applicable Leagues, for all to see... Name and shame a few clubs.
  8. Just the way he was, his mannerisms etc. Or maybe its my Gaydar!
  9. As for Tom coming out, it shouldn't make any difference to anyone. I'd guess he came out as one of our lovely Tabloid (aka Sh1tty) papers were about to reveal all... I thought it quite obvious he was Gay...
  10. Well done to Windsor on some well deserved publicity. Personally I don't like the kit, but fair play to them. It's not that unusual for 442 to cover non-league, if they did cover more then I would buy it more often. Started to read When Saturday Comes lately. 442 covered Guernsey FC not that long ago and recently covered the Guernsey Prison team who entered a local league...
  11. I was told that this was considered by the Authorities.
  12. Posts like this make the forum worth reading. Top marks fella.
  13. You'll get plenty of local support if you play the Crapauds!
  14. Pleased you all had a good time, certainly heard you in the bar afterwards, lol Pretty much every team gets applauded off, win, lose or draw.
  15. Pleased you all seemed to have a good time, your Chairman's blog was very complimentary about the island and also the club.
  16. Ryan, The clubhouse is at the back of the main stand, so inside the Ground. But you shouldn't need a ticket for the main stand to access the bar. I personally would get there a bit earlier than 15 mins, the club are expecting a crowd of around 2,000 so its likely to be busy.
  17. GFC TV show all their matches live when regulations allow, so on Saturday it will be shown as its a 1pm kick-off. £2.99 per game I believe. www.guernseyfc.tv
  18. If you want to sound knowledagble when on the island its St. Peter Port, no plural.
  19. Its been destroyed by a controlled explosion now.
  20. A passport or some other form of aproved Photo id is needed if you are flying. Also advisable if coming by ferry, never been asked for ID on the boat however you could be asked as you will have to pass through Customs... Don't forget your Duty-frees, especially on the way back.
  21. Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable trip over and take happy memories with you.. but you can't have a win!
  22. I am shocked, our local paper getting a story wrong...
  23. £116 return is cheap at such short notice! Travel Solutions is the company, info here on GFC website, http://www.guernseyfc.com/fans-away-match-travel-packages
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