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    HKP reacted to frustin in FA Meeting 8th of May   
    That's a shame I was really wanting Walton Casuals to drop down to the CCL. It does annoy me when teams get a lucky break when they deserve to take the drop.
    Then next year someone else will get relegated and come down.
    They seem to of had the Dorking get out of jail card, not that Dorking will have one this year
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    HKP reacted to frustin in New signings   
    A nice positive reply, I should be used to them on here by now lol.
    Half the players in the CCL are so called wasted but still stay with the clubs they share a bond with.
    Pagey is our captain and is enjoying his football and the team spirit he shares with his team mates.
    I think he should be applauded for showing some loyalty to a club that has 100% respect for him.
    Good on you Pagey #9
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    HKP got a reaction from diggity in Ideas for the League   
    Take the right Cup to a presentation?
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    HKP reacted to duncs in Ideas for the League   
    don't let any teams from the outer hebridese enter as it could cause fixture pile up if the weather don' play ball.
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    HKP got a reaction from johnnojudo in Ideas for the League   
    Take the right Cup to a presentation?
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    HKP got a reaction from Hartley Hare in Premier League Table   
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    HKP reacted to Ftfc in Guard of honour   
    Because we knew it would annoy u lot
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    HKP got a reaction from Krooner in Guard of honour   
    They did it for one simple reason and its something the likes of Bob rarely understand or use, RESPECT.
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    HKP reacted to Karen Browne in Guard of honour   
    I'm sure there have been many teams that have left the CCL for one reason or another and no doubt their demise would have impacted on other club's history however I don't see you moaning about them. You obviously have a very large CHIP on your shoulder when it comes to Guernsey. Either grow up and accept the fact that Guernsey are no different to other clubs wanting to better themselves or get back in the sandpit and play with the other juniors.
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    HKP reacted to Krooner in FA Vase Final Might Move From Wembley   
    I guess after Blackppol failed to sell all their tickets for the Championship play off they should move that game too.  Or how about the Semi final of the FA Cup after Wigan failed to seel their allocations ?
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    HKP reacted to WorldWideWeb in Monday 6th May   
    Impossible to tell from that angle
    At Warlingham away a couple of years back we had a perfectly good goal scored that went through a hole in the net, maybe football does even itself out! Great footage from the TRS archives!

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    HKP got a reaction from GuernseyGeordie in Premier League Table   
    Guernsey are promoted to the Ryman South.
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    HKP reacted to Flint700 in Monday 6th May   
    FT Guernsey 1 Farnham 0 = promotion congratulations to Guernsey
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    HKP got a reaction from higgs1 in Premier League Table   
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    HKP reacted to Gsy_Spurs in Saturday May, 4th   
    Wishing her a speedy recovery Smudge
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    HKP got a reaction from We Fear No Foe in Ryman Relegation?   
    When I am elected onto the FA Board I promise to push for a change.
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    HKP got a reaction from Green_Fingers in Ryman Relegation?   
    When I am elected onto the FA Board I promise to push for a change.
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    HKP reacted to frustin in Ryman Relegation?   
    I personally will be pleased of Walton get relegated to the CCL Prem.
    If teams don't move up and down what's the point of it all.
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    HKP reacted to Green_Fingers in Promotion/PPG   
    In which case 12 points guarantees a place in the top 2 second places (10 points only gives you joint 2nd and the FA haven't stated they'll look at GD to separate teams on identical ppg.) No pressure then - 4 wins it is 
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    HKP reacted to frustin in Relegation Battle   
    Congrats to CWU for avoiding the drop with all the ground flooding problems they have had to go through this season.
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    HKP got a reaction from Chris Clapham in Midweek CCL Action 29th Apr - 3rd May   
    Four in five days, phew, easy.
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    HKP reacted to ormering in Promotion/PPG   
    Great news for us. Fred, Bommie and GF, you are mines of information. Don't think I'll be taking anything for granted till I see it in print from the FA mind. REALLY looking forward to this weekend now. Could be a lot of fun now eh, HKP?
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    HKP reacted to Green_Fingers in Promotion/PPG   
    What is confirmed is that Step 4 need 16 teams promoted from Step 5 in order for the FA to achieve their plan. Only 12 of the 14 Step 5 League can provide candidates. The FA have also stated that additional teams required to fill those Step 4 places will be taken from 2nd placed teams in 7 Leagues that feed the Ryman catchment area. Only 5 of those 7 Leagues can provide a 2nd placed team. GFC need to be one of the top 4 of those 5. GFC require just 2 more points to achieve just that. 
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    HKP reacted to Green_Fingers in Promotion/PPG   
    Some good news for Guernsey. Wisbech have withdrawn their application for promotion meaning that GFC now need just 2 points to be 1 of the 4 top 2nd placed teams and thus promoted 
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    HKP reacted to E&E Rich in Promotion/PPG   
    Latest update including Tuesday's games:
    Of the 16 (maybe 17 spots) available we now appear to know eleven of them.
    Promoted as Champions:
    Dereham Town - Eastern Counties, Burnham Ramblers - Essex Senior, Erith & Belvedere - Kent, Dunstable Town - South Midlands (unbeaten league record!), Marlow - Hellenic, Stratford Town - Midland Alliance, Scarborough Athletic - NCEL,
    Darlington 1883 - Northern League
    plus three who will either be second or are not yet guaranteed the title:
    Egham Town - CCL, VCD Athletic - Kent, Aylesbury United - South Midlands
    There are also three other leagues that have not yet determined their Champion or in the case of the United Counties League, the best runner up to Holbeach who did not apply for promotion. These are:
    Peacehaven or Redhill - Sussex, Padiham or Bootle - NWC, St Ives or Spalding United - UCL
    The first two of these require massive goal difference swings to change so we can assume Peacehaven and Padiham are up while a win for St Ives on Saturday is vital or Spalding will pass them with a win of their own.
    Assuming Egham win the title (which they will do with either a win on Saturday or a Guernsey draw or loss in any of their four games) then there are two (or maybe three) more second placed spots available and here  is the current PPG:
    Guernsey 2.211
    Wisbech Town 2.184 (season completed)
    Redhill 2.175
    Barkingside 1.971
    It looks like Barkingside are out of it, so if we do have 17 spots then the other three will go up. However, if just two go up, which could happen if the FA decide to reprieve Walton Casuals then it is very tight for Guernsey who have most games to play and therefore most potential for their PPG to drop.
    Remaining games:
    Guernsey - Dorking (H) 21st, Hartley Wintney (H) 19th, Epsom & Ewell (H) 4th, Farnham Town (H) 11th
    Redhill - East Preston (A) 4th, Hailsham Town (H) 13th
    Right now the only guarantee is that if Guernsey finish with a PPG above 2.184 they will guarantee promotion. That means they need 92 points, or 8 points from 4 games.
    If Redhill lose their big game at East Preston on Saturday, then the most they can get is 90 points, or PPG 2.143, which means firstly that Wisbech would then be promoted, and that Guernsey would then only require 90 points for promotion as they have a better GD than Redhill, who would also probably then finish behind the non-applying East Preston in third but I don't know whether it is ppg or league position that is the tie breaker with the FA. VPCTFC any clues?
    Guernsey fans in particular may be interested in @Redhillfc on twitter, while East Preston do not appear to have a twitter feed but are on http://www.eastprestonfc.co.uk/
    If GFC beat Dorking on Friday then a win for them over Hartley on Saturday coupled with a Redhill loss would guarantee promotion as far as I can tell. Unless anyone else knows different!
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