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  1. London Bari I find what you say hard to believe cause I hear a Rymans player had been offered 100 a week to join, if that's what ur offering then it seems you do have a big budget... But has you say only you no the truth, I remember a certain team called witham say they did not have a big budget mmmmmm!
  2. You should not laugh they will be title contenders. You heard it here first be warned
  3. Bari fc mean business I hear they want Rymans league football next season. Can anyone from Bari confirm this?
  4. Can I get a apology from rich pls, it's not what you no it's who you no I posted this a week ago.... Don't call me the source for nothing, all I will say is they will be one of the favourites for the league and will have a huge budget.., remember where you heard it first.
  5. Never been will be assistant manager ' with a young uefa b coach in charge of Eton manor... They will be half decent this season lot of younger players tho!!!
  6. Rich.... your not always right fella, anyway good news is there should be 19 teams in the league this season I can't wait.
  7. Sorry stand to be corrected it was not a AGM it was a meeting with the FA and ESL on Thursday , to say provisional Bari fc will be accepted into ESL, if they change there name and become a new team.
  8. 1 Enfield 2 Great wakering 3 Bethnal Green 4 Bari FC
  9. Rich.... your getting old Fella it was confirmed at the AGM that BARI FC have been accepted into the ESL and will Ground Share with Clapton FC' so nice new ground to visit For you all ( Enjoy)
  10. Xmas rumors folks Bowers = Smallsy to bowers in the New Year discussions have already took place. Enfield = to cut playing budget, apparently there in debt. Witham town’s = budget to be put up and more funds available to Kemble to go and win the league. Bethnal green fc = will move to wadam lodge for next season. Basilden = will have a new secretary in the new year believed to be( Sally) who was @Harringay & Mauritius last season . Barkingside = Carl Griffiths will be involved in the new year maybe as manager. Sporting Bengal = has approached some big players from Ryman’s league to join them. Hullbridge = the chairmen of hullbridge wants Colin to remain manager and for coach et 64 to coach the youth sides. Southend manor =are losing patience with Patterson and his ego and are putting 7 dayers in for a few striker. Sawbridgworth = have got a nice little budget down there and are my choice to surprise everyone and finish in the top 6. Burnham= will ask Keith to leave cause since his interview for the wakering job did not go his way, results have been poor @ Burnham and players cant play for a manager who does not want to be there. Clapton = will get money from the football foundation to revamp there ground.
  11. Been watching the forum with some interest for a while and feel its time to speak I was @ the southend manor and BGU game few weeks back and got to say the way BGU where treated was nothing but shocking, got to the ground to find know one there to great them then there management was told they have to pay for tea, then when the coach of bgu started to set up the drill for the warm up the manager started to moan no not there mate got to go to the over the other side and said you should read the sign in the changing room, then has the game started the southend m went 2.1 up well deserved lead not taking that away from them, then all the balls go missing and when the bgu manager is asking for balls they start abusing bgu bench then a bgu player got smashed from behind right in front of the dugout and the MANAGER of manor said to his players great tackle son and this Bering in mind was a nasty tackle and the player needed treatment, then bgu manager said that’s out of feecking order and the manor manger started provoking bgu manager by saying to his player do it again great challenging, any way after the whistle the manor player ran trough the club house changing rooms and outside bgu’s changing room banging on the door like they won the world cup I could not believe it well I took it that was manor’s biggest win in there history, against a team that only started 10 years ago Nasty manager who talks to people like sh*t
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