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  1. I agree with you Gsy_Spurs. The team that wins the league always deserves it - no exceptions. Congratulations Egham, by all accounts the 3-1 victory against GFC at your place was a very dominant display. I would suggest only Spennymoor in the first leg of the semi final have achieved that against GFC in their entire existence - all 2 seasons of it. For those of you who want to goad GFC supporters or simply want to see the back of GFC, you'll have to find a new toy soon. The CCL has been a fantastic place for GFC to start life, full of great people and friends that GFC will no doubt stay in touch with for good. I think the standard is about middling for Step 5 but the friendliness and good spirit as strong as anywhere in NL football.
  2. I've read all of the info on Pete's (very impressive spreadsheet) and it is clear that based on a fair bit of supposition, there is every chance GFC can still go up, even if they drop points which they will no doubt do. My only point of caution is regarding FA decisions in May - when the new step 2 was introduced in 2004, a few Step 4 clubs thought they would make it up but didn't. Threats of legal action and all sorts went on but those clubs ended up having to lump it. Just got to keep going and see what comes out in the wash.
  3. I can understand why the question keeps being asked (Vase semi was 6k a week v 0k a week) and it's normal for step 5/6 sides and above to get paid (not all but most). GFC is a special case in many, many ways. They definitely do not get paid - fact/period/end of. Most have understanding/flexible employers who value the fact that one of their employees is involved in a project the island is so proud of.
  4. Good question - their (GC) league position suggests they're comfortable at that level without any big changes, and could have pushed for promotion save for a major dip in form just before and after the Christmas period. I think they are the 2nd best side GFC have faced - they were very decent and unfortunately for them came up against GFC in full flow and at full strength (inc Zico, Gus etc). Spenny are stronger and can play as well as be direct and physical but then I think they'd psss step 4 and settle mid table/play off contention in Step 3.
  5. Valid points indeed - maintenance is not cheap either and annual FA inspections have to be undertaken above step 7. All part of the business plan though. I used to train on one indoors 13 years ago and it was as good as any around today (though was probably twice the cost) but as you say, who knows what the future holds? That said, the key is that I feel it is now very close to the experience of playing on high quality grass pitches - Kenilworth Road, Deepdale and Loftus Road most certainly weren't! I was using other sports as examples for training purposes more than competitive games though dual use I guess has to be a consideration eg Guernsey FC and RFC
  6. This is a topic every non league club should be discussing right now. I can think of numerous reasons why 3G pitches are the way forward, including; - Income stream; ok there is a massive initial cost but through public/private partnership, there is always a way. The long term returns, if facilities are managed properly, should be significant provided the catchment area isn't overrun with 3G pitches. Football, Rugby, American Football, Touch Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee....the list of sports that can use the facility is endless, and with it the additional revenue opps on bar, food, sundries etc increase. At a guess this could bring in £3k a week in (40 slots a week @ peak time cost of £65 plus add revs) - Cost savings; no outlay for training (at 1 session a week, costs can be £3-4k pa per team) - Insurance against the British weather; difficult to put a figure on it but every game lost to the weather must cost NL clubs at least £1k (through the gate, over the bar, tea bar, fund raising etc). - (For me, most importantly) Better football; The surfaces now are very similar to playing on a lush green surface at the start of the season. Players' touch and technical ability has to be better on 3G and as does their ability to pass the ball accurately. The technical deficiencies of the British game (yes we have unique bulldog qualities that shouldn't be undervalued but we are still too far behind the continent when it comes to control of that round thing) would be improved if more of our players were comfortable on 3G surfaces (as opposed to a surface that allowed you to stick it in the channel and hold up without running out of play - you lose the ball but gain territory which is all too much like Rugby for me). You can pick holes in the finance assumptions all day but if clubs, councils, sports' bodies, the FA work together - 3G pitches can be the catalyst to improvements on and off the pitch, a step change perhaps only matched in history by the introduction of floodlights. Come on people, do it, and do it now! PS I have no personal investment in sports' facilities' business before you ask!
  7. I'm sure some of you are aware of this but did you know that success in this competition means you represent England in Europe, which means you get the full treatment, wear the three lions, medical/coaching support etc? It's an amazing opportunity and I don't think you're the only Step 7 league not to have grasped the opportunity.
  8. Sir Geoff Rowland, QC - former Bailiff of Guernsey and one of the biggest supporters of Guernsey football you will find. Top, top man. Don't be shy - give it some welly! He won't mind.
  9. Shildon favourites - they were expected to beat Ascot so you never know but apparently they were comfortably the better side and Tunbridge had a very favourable draw against Hadleigh. My view anyway
  10. Sorry - to finish the Step4/5 thing, the club still has to convince those players to stay after promotion but it's easier when you're on a roll and money is probably more readily available than at perennial step 4 strugglers.
  11. I'd echo that VPCTFC - top step 5 sides almost always adjust comfortably to life in step 4. My theory on that is that it's usually more attractive for good players to be in a top Step 5 side in terms of money, less travel and more focus/momentum around winning or gaining promotion than in a struggling step 4 side where money is tight, long journeys still need to be done on a Tues night in April and motivation levels are waning. Bad Guy - I remember reading you were attending the Molesey game and that it was your first game. It was probably their worst performance to date in this league from what I've seen (most on TV admittedly). They couldn't pass it 5 yards and looked very rusty. Allen was quiet, which he sometimes can be, but he was feeding off scraps largely (apart from a good chance at the end). His record speaks for itself - just a class act all round. That's not a defensive comment about GFC, just trying to put it in perpective. It was after a long break with some key players missing (I know everyone has that but again, context!) and one of the outstanding things about them is that they rarely have an off day - their consistency is fantastic and a credit to the players and staff, though they did have a daft 20 on Weds night at Croydon by all accounts.
  12. Unless a conscious decision is made to play/recruit players from the mainland, they'll find their level and like most sides, stay there and hope to consolidate. I reckon the current crop of players could get out of a step 4 league on ability but travel, logistics, politics, family commitments etc may mean that doesn't happen. That said, they've continued to achieve beyond what I thought they could achieve as a group up to this point so who knows? For the good of Guernsey football development on the pitch I think staying with locals/those living in Guernsey is the way to go, but for fans it's probably possible to develop a professional model and compete in Step 1 or league football given the travel links, private sector funding available and numbers through the (soon to be installed) turnstile. That would be exciting for fans undoubtedly, but would probably limit development opps through GFC for local players.
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