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  1. What a team falling over at the slightest tap. Glad that no 24 eventually received a yellow card. They were lucky with two very soft goals. I missed the last 5 mins as I had to shoot off, but I hope our Mickey is ok. Put it behind us but I thought Enfield were a disgrace.
  2. Does anyone know the when we can expect Sam and Billy to return ? Cheers
  3. Great gritty performance. Ref made some odd decisions but most went our way which was good. What has happened to Sam and Billy? Does anyone know?
  4. I went see grays - there’s a couple there who are very good. I think aveley may be worth a look too.
  5. Absolutely agree with the comments. Driving home today I couldn’t work out why players have not been attracted to the club and those who have have left. The money must be ok after the trophy run. We hardly have anyone on the bench. Saka has gone and he was a promising young player - where’s the update on those out with injuries? It doesn’t take much to explain that on the website. There was some promising moves, but we can’t score. We need some fresh blood to help the good players we have. Let’s get them quickly or our slide will continue.
  6. Ps I also heard last night that it was Chris Dickson’s last match as he is pursuing other interests. Surely players want to come and play for the Trophy champions?
  7. Yes what’s happened to the players? We need an update on their return plus Johnson ? What’s happened to him? Needs new signings - what’s the point in attending east Thurrock if we have little on bench. Nice to see Saka on pitch.
  8. Aim high. They’re ESL - put out a strong team notch up the goals and only then put subs on. Let’s not have a mistake of a replay.
  9. Dreadful. Things picked up when the substitutes came on, why did we start with one of the weakest players up front from the start?
  10. I hope there will be enough to go round. I am not a season ticket holder nor do I fall into the other categories mentioned. But I have been at all home and away games for 18 years unless I’ve been on holiday!
  11. This is what can happen if you have a vision and the resilience and determination to achieve it. Well done, but really words are not enough for what everyone at the club achieved. This for me tops the 1st/2nd round of FA cup, Weymouth and the slog in the ESL. My first match was Marlow at home - anyone out there know what year that was?? I can then pin down how many years I’ve supported this great club.
  12. If we raise the dosh for the overnight stay I think we can win. We must not underestimate the strength of the team spirit. When you have that you can achieve anything. We also have Nathan and Chris back. We can do it.
  13. My flabber has never been so gasted!! Grit and determination like I’ve never seen. Well done lads.
  14. Any news on whether Dickinson and Cooper will return for the Darlington match ? Also us there any chance the match will be streamed?
  15. After all the shenanigans re streaming it was great to see the depleted team pull together and pull off a fantastic win. How on earth the team and Mark managed to beat a conference team after restricted training and lack of matches is beyond me. I put it down to team spirit and a determination to win for the fans and the urchins. Dodgy streaming at times and hilarious when commentators couldn’t work out who was coming on and off and had to be helped by a youngster in background! Great and what a goalie.
  16. Agree Charlie seems to be the missing link and what a great ho does. What a great job he does I meant ! plus George Ellis and everyone really two super performances
  17. My thinking is that the pros playing at the moment are tested numerous time’s a week I assume that’s not practical in non league. That’s why the threat needs to be 1 before we can play I would assume.
  18. Re the recent tweet which said that they hope to start non-league football with crowds in September, what’s the general view out there? The key problem is the close contact of players. I can’t see how it can happen until the threat level is down to level 1 i.e no social distancing needed. What do you think?
  19. Thank you for posting this game. It's funny how your memory works. I remember the grotty B&B I stayed in on the Friday night, the beautiful lady who served me tea on the seafront pre match and Jesus scoring in the last minutes of the game. Great team and if anyone knows the whereabouts of Simon Parker tell him it's on YouTube! I agree with Miss Hornchurch the Bromley game with Elliot in goal plus any of the 1st/2nd round FA Cup matches if possible.
  20. This was an important issue that needed to be clarified. Jamie’s goal was excellent and I think him, Chris and Danny will be an unstoppable combination going forward.
  21. Excellent news thank you for clarifying. I have been a supporter for 20+ years and have never heard anything like that so I was shocked by the announcement. Shame about the result I would have had Chris on earlier to see how he would play alongside Dan and Jamie. But let’s put this one behind us and look forward.
  22. I was shocked by the announcement about racial abuse behind the Potters Bar goal. Can anyone shed any light on this? If true, and I assume the suggestion was it was an Urchins’ fan, this is a very sad day.
  23. Agree with many of the comments. The passing game seems to have disappeared with some passing not being crisp enough. Saturday’s match remained me of the Sean Marks games with the long ball being sent to the new guy for a header and the same with throw-ins. Very boring. George Saunders was terrific as usual, Chris Dickson is missing Uche who plays so well with him. What has happened to Dominic Green? - the couple of times I saw him I thought he was good. The lino and ref were poor on Saturday allowing their number 3 to just continue to wander up the pitch for his throw-ins and their constant whingeing was frustrating, but as said before it seems to be a trend.
  24. I am an Urchin's fan who has been through the highs and the lows - from losing in the second round of the FA Cup to those cold and chilly matches in the Essex Senior League. But am I the only one who has been bitterly disappointed with the performance this year? We didn't fail to get into the play-offs because we lost to Canvey, we failed throughout the year when we played poor sides and lost or drew when the talent in the team should have meant reached the play-offs in style. I, and others, on the Riverside have groaned time and time again when we resort to the long ball when in fact we play much better when we play a passing game. Some posts have referred to the falling supporter numbers well this is because the style of football this year has been unattractive. So often we have played poor teams, allowed them to play and then struggled to win when they have gained confidence. Colin is doing a great job at getting money in, but does, I wonder, the fault lie with the manager and the coaching. Week in week out it's the same old style and only occasionaly do we seem to get it together and play an attractive game. With our talent in the team we should be much much better. We need a change and we need it by July. The fans are great, and the volunteers work endlessly to put on a good show, but we need to sort out the style of play to win back the crowds.
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