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  1. Mr Cowley did not barge into a player he told him if he had stayed on his feet the 2 previous challenges he would of probably got the penalty shout ! We have a side that has not lost to the "champions elect" so thats pretty good in my book !
  2. Blimey ! A fair appraisal from a Ricay fan !
  3. Danny Scopes was spat on by one of your supporters ! Would you not be angry if someone did this to you ? Your Chairman was very interested in trying to identify the person involved !
  4. As the Chairman of said club could you please explain how my conduct is being brought into this discussion ? The only time i got involved was to ask your supporters to calm down when our managers were throwing there handbags ! All other comments are taken onboard and i wish you all a happy xmas and a successful new year !
  5. 15 maybe at a push ! We take more away than you ! Nicky has been having injections to be able to play all season so for me he is what i want at our club, Someone who plays with there heart and not for the money !
  6. always the same with you lot Rob, only see it one way ! I told our guy to put Mr Curley as MOM as i say it as i see it mate.
  7. if you consider me having to tell one of your directors off "kicking off" then yes !
  8. Yeh sorry ! There was 12 !
  9. we are saving them for xmas !
  10. Jesus the banter has got as bad as yer football !
  11. Just under yer mrs arrse !
  12. Coz 9 points from 14 games suggests you are in tip top shape U scared Robert ?
  13. 4-0 Concord ! Coz we are going to seriously hammer someone, So it may aswell b you !
  14. Usual poor performances from u lot, can see why nobody is on here anymore ! And gooner suck my plumbs u retard ! X
  15. Bringing more than 10 supporters this year ?
  16. Concords manager is hardly setting the RPL alight is he. No proper struggling ! Only got two promotions and a nearly play off in prem in three years ! See Rumturd are setting the world alight as usual, how's the new stadium ? Lol
  17. I can say for sure that one thing BBB isn't is a thief ! Maybe a crap manager but not a thief ! Hi Col x
  18. See we have some wonderfully creatures popped up on here lately ! Don why u answer to some of this [****!!****] I don't know ! ( should b unblocking bogs) And I've done that a few times at CRFC!
  19. I think the draw may have a little to do with it ! Taking nothing away from Manor of course
  20. Some very interesting bits in there L & H ! I know why i do what i do for our club and that is watching GOOD football !
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