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  1. Aaron snapped his Achilles' tendon on August Bank Holiday. Expected to be out for the season. Bishop's Stortford midfielder Aaron Greene ruled out for a year after injury in Isthmian League draw with Bowers & Pitsea (bishopsstortfordindependent.co.uk)
  2. Dennis Greene, ex-EFC, uncle of Aaron has been appointed manager of Grantham, succeeding Carlton Palmer.
  3. That was my thought at the time - I was focussed on the six-yard box and didn't see Sam's run and header at all but it looked as though Mickey got a firm header.
  4. I hope we do see him on the pitch: he played for Chipstead in the first qualifying round. Buildbase FA Trophy First Qualifying Round | Hashtag United 1 - 4 Chipstead | Football Web Pages
  5. You really think the management don't routinely have our opponents watched? As you would say "FFS" Anyway, back on topic, I think I'm right in saying our series against Hanwell currently stands at 1-1 (counting the draw and replay win as a single tie).
  6. Maybe a case of attack being the best form of defence. Making Pattenden think about Coker's potential threat going forward. Anyway it showed why we're on the terraces and Andy, Mario and Ian are in the technical area.
  7. I must have imagined Nathan Smith galloping forward from centre back at 3-0. Or Ryan Kirwan continuing to attack down the left wing. Or the numerous other goal attempts throughout the second half. I didn't notice much sitting back. But maybe I missed it through squinting through a camera trying to focus on the Town bodies in and around the Leatherhead box. You can criticise the conversion rate but not the willingness to aim for goal.
  8. I know the performance when we did play Dereham wasn't great but surely you can't have forgotten that the game even took place https://flickr.com/photos/35233459@N02/albums/72157649081681982
  9. His company name was on the training tops for the (brief) resumption last season and he had a full page ad in last season's programme. I hope we gave him a good price.
  10. Tom S


    I think that was VCD Athletic's misspelling and/or inputting of date of birth. But you make a good point.
  11. Tom S


    EFC/ETFC misspelling players' names has a long and distinguished tradition going back at least as far as the original Andy Edmonds (who went through his EFC career as Edmunds). And didn't Paul Furlong start out as Furlonge?
  12. I think most people here know where to look but for anyone who doesn't, my Grays photos are now on the club website (go to "matches" then "photo gallery") and also on my Flickr feed https://flickr.com/photos/35233459@N02/albums/72157719651793284
  13. The 1990 shirt, the facial expression, the cap, and the glasses made me think at least twice. Of course without the cap our man might look completely different but with the cap the resemblance borders on the uncanny, at least to my eyes.
  14. Anyone got Ofcom's contact details?
  15. Joe Payne is currently playing for Concord Rangers in last season's FA Trophy final, having signed unnoticed from Potters Bar in February.
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