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  1. Gary Cooper was the name that came to me. He only played about four games didn't he? Boreham Wood is a good call as the previous year's photos included a balding defender who looked very familer. Is this Dave Hatchett in red?
  2. Can anyone identify the EFC player here? And the opposition? If it helps, I have a picture of him crossing from the left wing or left back and the same set of negatives has a game at Dagenham (presumably the following Saturday). I also have pictures of the same opposition (or at least opposition with the same shirt sponsors) from an earlier season wearing all red.
  3. Tom S

    It was 20 years ago...

    The York Press gives its view of the game
  4. ...next Wednesday Enfield 2 York City 2
  5. Tom S

    ETFC V Haringay

    As a Haringey player broke down the wing, with Remi Sutton in hot pursuit, he squirted his water bottle at them.
  6. Tom S

    FA Trophy 10th November

    Don't Basingstoke play in yellow?
  7. Tom S

    Hall of Fame

    Don't limit it to players. Jim Chandler, Peter Hammatt and Steve Newing should be there (in my view).
  8. Tom S

    Old EFC photos

    And finally, Steve Terry and Paul Moran
  9. Tom S

    Old EFC photos

    Steve McGrath
  10. Tom S

    Old EFC photos

    Gary Fitzgerald and George Borg
  11. Tom S

    Old EFC photos

    Steve West
  12. Tom S

    Old EFC photos

    Andy Pape
  13. Tom S

    Old EFC photos

    Danny Jones
  14. Tom S

    Old EFC photos

    Any guesses on this one?
  15. Tom S

    Old EFC photos

    And I think this is Danny Alleyne.