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  1. Frustratingly I won't be there. To misquote from Airplane "I chose the wrong week to contract Covid". At least there's no danger of my dropping and smashing the camera before kick-off like I did at Dulwich.
  2. Photos now added on Flickr and on the club website
  3. If anyone's waiting anxiously for my photos to go on line you'll have to wait until later in the week as I'm about to go away for a few days and will be editing them on my return.
  4. Tayshan Hayden-Smith has got a slot as a garden designer in second series of the BBC's 'Your Garden Made Perfect' (currently available on iPlayer). Not the type of thing I would normally watch but I had a look and he came across well.
  5. Did you watch the Horsham highlights (for one example)? Fooled me when Mo passed to Cass. I was far too late panning across to get the shot: all I got was an out-of-focus Cass on his knees.
  6. Likewise. I had a nasty fall yesterday that resulted in my headbutting the pavement and requiring stitches above my right eye (my viewfinder eye). I had intended to go minus camera but come lunchtime I was still feeling a bit beaten up and decided staying in was the better option. Normal service on Tuesday, I hope.
  7. Aaron snapped his Achilles' tendon on August Bank Holiday. Expected to be out for the season. Bishop's Stortford midfielder Aaron Greene ruled out for a year after injury in Isthmian League draw with Bowers & Pitsea (bishopsstortfordindependent.co.uk)
  8. Dennis Greene, ex-EFC, uncle of Aaron has been appointed manager of Grantham, succeeding Carlton Palmer.
  9. That was my thought at the time - I was focussed on the six-yard box and didn't see Sam's run and header at all but it looked as though Mickey got a firm header.
  10. I hope we do see him on the pitch: he played for Chipstead in the first qualifying round. Buildbase FA Trophy First Qualifying Round | Hashtag United 1 - 4 Chipstead | Football Web Pages
  11. You really think the management don't routinely have our opponents watched? As you would say "FFS" Anyway, back on topic, I think I'm right in saying our series against Hanwell currently stands at 1-1 (counting the draw and replay win as a single tie).
  12. Maybe a case of attack being the best form of defence. Making Pattenden think about Coker's potential threat going forward. Anyway it showed why we're on the terraces and Andy, Mario and Ian are in the technical area.
  13. I must have imagined Nathan Smith galloping forward from centre back at 3-0. Or Ryan Kirwan continuing to attack down the left wing. Or the numerous other goal attempts throughout the second half. I didn't notice much sitting back. But maybe I missed it through squinting through a camera trying to focus on the Town bodies in and around the Leatherhead box. You can criticise the conversion rate but not the willingness to aim for goal.
  14. I know the performance when we did play Dereham wasn't great but surely you can't have forgotten that the game even took place https://flickr.com/photos/35233459@N02/albums/72157649081681982
  15. His company name was on the training tops for the (brief) resumption last season and he had a full page ad in last season's programme. I hope we gave him a good price.
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