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  1. The 1990 shirt, the facial expression, the cap, and the glasses made me think at least twice. Of course without the cap our man might look completely different but with the cap the resemblance borders on the uncanny, at least to my eyes.
  2. Anyone got Ofcom's contact details?
  3. Joe Payne is currently playing for Concord Rangers in last season's FA Trophy final, having signed unnoticed from Potters Bar in February.
  4. Typo in the email. Transpose the 4th and 5th letters of the password as given.
  5. Glad to be of assistance.
  6. I've found a few among the ones I've scanned so far (disappointingly few, although the one with the fox makes up for much of the disappointment) and have added them to my 1990s Flickr album https://www.flickr.com/photos/35233459@N02/albums/72157662743534664/page2 I don't do twitter so if someone can pass the link to Paul...
  7. Photos added from the Aldershot cup game, including the unveiling of the Cable London sponsorship. https://www.flickr.com/photos/35233459@N02/albums/72157662743534664
  8. What I load to Flickr is probably about a fifth to a quarter of what I take during a game.
  9. The ETFC pool on Flickr was set up in 2006 and has several people's work. https://flickr.com/groups/etfc/pool/page334
  10. Here you go. My first dabblings in digital football photography https://www.flickr.com/photos/35233459@N02/collections/72157618641903127/
  11. I gave up taking photos in the late 90s when my camera died and didn't resume until the start of 2009 when I finally got a new digital SLR.
  12. I've added some more photos to the album I set up a year or two back. More to follow during the lockdown https://www.flickr.com/photos/35233459@N02/albums/72157662743534664
  13. As a diabetic I'm defined as 'vulnerable' even if I don't feel it. Living between Grovelands and Oakwood Parks I have plenty of choice for my exercise. I also have three supermarkets within a 20-minute walk so I can get a bit more exercise visiting them in turn to see if the panic-buyers have left anything I need on the shelves. Today is my father's 89th birthday - many you will have met him at games at Bury Town, Lowestoft , Needham Market or Leiston - and for the first time since he and my mother moved to Ipswich we haven't been able to get together to mark the occasion. That's the sort
  14. I've just looked at the start of the match video and it confirms what I thought: Josh was at right back from the start.
  15. So you're disqualifying Shulton on the two year rule but want to include Faal who has only just completed one year?
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