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  1. Tom S

    Where are they now?

    Muleba has now signed for Kingstonian.
  2. Tom S

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    He had that haircut, I think, before the job change. Maybe it was for the interview
  3. Tom S

    Derek Robinson

    Crikey. It's been a bad week and a half.
  4. Tom S

    35 years of Enfield football

    If you're referring to the Newport tie Enfield lost 4-2 in the replay with two very late goals from the home side. At 2-1 up with around 20 minutes, I think, left Steve Turner hit the bar and if that had gone in I think Enfield would have won. The Newport attck in those games included John Aldridge but it was Tommy Tynan who scored a hat-trick in the replay.
  5. Tom S

    R.I.P Malcolm Philpott.

    A picture of Malcolm (left) at Southbury Road in, I think, the mid-1990s
  6. Tom S

    new player

    Not really a new player; just returning from a loan spell.
  7. Tom S

    We're in a Cup semi-final - anybody notice?

    Aaron has played a large part of his career as a left full back/wing back so once the decision to move Remi inside had been taken he was the obvious choice to take the left back slot.
  8. Tom S

    We're in a Cup semi-final - anybody notice?

    Dan Heald appeared as a sub in the County Cup loss at Hayes & Yeading. I think that still counts as a first team game.
  9. Tom S

    Merstham v Enfield Town

    Positively the last word from me on pitch sizes... Dave Farenden informs me that the Google Earth photo is a couple of years old and our pitch is now 66m wide. He also told me the length but I've forgotten that already.
  10. Tom S

    Merstham v Enfield Town

    Adding to my previous post, the grading requirement for step 3 is a minimum pitch width of 64 metres which translates to 69.99 yards. So I would guess Merstham's pitch is 70 yards wide and Steph slightly underestimated the distance between the 10-yard mark and the 18-yard line. Does anyone know the width of our pitch?
  11. Tom S

    Merstham v Enfield Town

    55 yards? The penalty box is 44 yards wide, you've estimated the distance from panalty area to corner flag as 12 yards (10 from the mark to the quadrant, 1 from mark to penalty box and 1 from quadrant to flag). That makes a total of 68 yards (44+12+12).
  12. Tom S

    Where are they now?

    90 minutes at Leatherhead, which went really well...
  13. Gary Cooper was the name that came to me. He only played about four games didn't he? Boreham Wood is a good call as the previous year's photos included a balding defender who looked very familer. Is this Dave Hatchett in red?
  14. Can anyone identify the EFC player here? And the opposition? If it helps, I have a picture of him crossing from the left wing or left back and the same set of negatives has a game at Dagenham (presumably the following Saturday). I also have pictures of the same opposition (or at least opposition with the same shirt sponsors) from an earlier season wearing all red.
  15. Tom S

    It was 20 years ago...

    The York Press gives its view of the game