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  1. I've just looked at the start of the match video and it confirms what I thought: Josh was at right back from the start.
  2. So you're disqualifying Shulton on the two year rule but want to include Faal who has only just completed one year?
  3. A photo from that trophy run
  4. Moving back to heavier matters, Reiss made one appearance for us as well. I had noticed Ralston's absence from Boreham Wood's line-up this season. Now we know why.
  5. And Thomas rather than Scott. My days as a holding midfielder are long gone. If indeed they ever existed.
  6. Not one of our ex-players but an ex-opponent. Dan Lincoln, who has kept goal for Bognor against us a few times, has been called up to Middlesex CCC's first team squad. He's been playing regularly for Berkshire and for Middlesex second XI. https://www.middlesexccc.com/news/2019/07/middlesex-cricket-registers-dan-lincoln-for-vitality-blast-campaign
  7. Potton (L) and Thomas (R) in action here:
  8. My voting form must have been lost in the post. What was the result of the poll?
  9. Youngs "seems to have been carrying a known injury"? Don't you read the match reports or watch the videos? He was carried off at Whitehawk and hadn't played since. You recently complained about Rumens "keeping his place" at Haringey when he was recalled after being dropped for the previous three games. Why should I take anything you write seriously? Given that Porter is cup-tied for the final next week don't you think that might be part of the reason for his non-selection? It's obvious that the left side of our defence for the final will have to be two of Rumens, Payne and Green. I don't think it's any conicidence that the last two league starts have featured two of the three possible permutations and who'd bet against Payne and Green starting on Saturday if that's the case?
  10. Just about every team in the top ten can say that. It's as if nobody really wants to get into the playoffs.
  11. Muleba has now signed for Kingstonian.
  12. He had that haircut, I think, before the job change. Maybe it was for the interview
  13. Crikey. It's been a bad week and a half.
  14. If you're referring to the Newport tie Enfield lost 4-2 in the replay with two very late goals from the home side. At 2-1 up with around 20 minutes, I think, left Steve Turner hit the bar and if that had gone in I think Enfield would have won. The Newport attck in those games included John Aldridge but it was Tommy Tynan who scored a hat-trick in the replay.
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