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  1. it wasnt on no, but best place to look and where i post info is on the official forum, the website and facebook
  2. Just a reminder that the Fleet Shop down at the ground is open tomorrow morning from 9:30-11:30 for all your Fleet Xmas gifts Thanks Mike
  3. confirmed here: http://www.therocks.co.uk/news.htm
  4. 11am leave from the shell garage other side of the ground.
  5. that's a different time to what i got told the other day.
  6. kind words by a kind man, a true fleet hero. i was talking to my dad about it and there isn't many players that leave us to go to a side in the same league. They normally leave to go down the leagues and it was nice to see Chris get a good clap before kickoff by the halfway liners. Anyone got Mrs McPhee's number going to buy them a house up here, so he can come back!!
  7. stonebridge road compared to the astro turf you cant compare, SR will be fine tonight it's not that bad weather today
  8. hahaha classic, they would sell out of them im sure
  9. kev u want to make next week trust me on that 1!!!
  10. Training is off tonight everyone, will be back on for the last week before xmas next week and hopefully a special xmas surpise for everyone as well!!!
  11. ya anyone can come, it is a men's team so i have put a limit of 16/17 years old and over. send me a email fleetsupporters@hotmail.co.uk for more info. Thanks Mike
  12. I have been informed by the rugby club that the astro turf is frozen and has ice on it, so unless it melts before tonight, we can't have training due to safety! I will have a answer very soon. Please can this be a sticky until tonight. Thanks Mike
  13. http://www.eufcshop.com/index.php/ by MYFC
  14. mine is in the bank as i'm really not sure. Don't know if anyone has seen the back of the Non League Weekly today, interesting article on the back page. Also you would have to be bloody mad to pay
  15. Don't know if anyone knew this but Sam has moved on a month's loan to Croydon Athletic, he went there last year. http://croydonathletic.net/web/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=390&Itemid=1
  16. 1st time 2day and had a cheeseburger and hot chocolate for the same price and less than a burger the other week and was lovely and hot!!! took me 20 mins to drink me drink!!!
  17. i know we will win today, been feeling it in my water since last night!! 3-1 i am going for
  18. crazy things going down at that club, really sad state of affairs. I know this week they have dismissed that are to merge with Dorchester but sadly it might be the only option unless someone buys them out very soon. For a area where there isn't many big clubs, Exeter, Torquay, Yeovil, Dorchester you would think someone would want to buy them and make them big
  19. nobody want a chance of winning
  20. Hi Everyone I have been asked by the club to help out on "Square Up" which is a competition where you could win
  21. i think lance will start in goal, macca back in the middle instead of murray.
  22. Tommorow nights match in the Setanta Shield, ticket prices going to be full price or a bit cheaper? Most teams have taken them down this season, anyone know?
  23. transfer list them i say, that normally kicks them up the backside. because they will want other clubs to be looking at them
  24. i had a hot dog and it was nice, hot chocolate was crap!! had one the other week and it was nice, let down this week
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