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  1. not a bad draw, we have already beaten them this year as well so who knows. Agree maidstone match is without a doubt match of the round.
  2. theres now 15% off on the online shop shame there aint much to have!! http://www.justsport-group.com/shop.ebbsfleet.com/index.html
  3. we lost the match due to the ref 9 yellows, 6 for the fleet and 3 for histon including darius getting sent off 2 yellows!! it wasn't a dirty game just the ref was on tv and couldnt stop blowing his whistle, the match couldnt flow. i still think we havent got that player that can change a game for us
  4. a new rule to the bsp this year if the manager gets sent off he can't go to the stands like before. He has to leave the ground where he cant see any of the match! Stupid rule i think!
  5. I got one from last season and i highly recomend it, it was 1 good reason i was happy they didn't go down last season! I have just brought one (i hope we win now)
  6. a striker we have signed? its down the bottom http://www.footballconference.co.uk/news/news_article.asp?id=832
  7. Following on from the release of the white away shirt on the myfc website, they have announced that the green one will not be for sale. Don't know why?
  8. This is the message that has been posted on facebook: I have made a final decision and that is that THE MATCH WILL BE CANCELLED, we can't go up there with 9 players and not everyone 100% sure if they can make it or not. I have contacted the Kiddy Manager, I have called the decision so that the Fleet fans that are going can make arrangements to get up there another way and leaves them a week to arrange that which I hope is long enough. We will have a match the following week against the Teachers, more info to come in the next day or so. Sorry but if people don't say yes and come forward with a 100% answer what can I do, hopefully we can arrange a away match later this season sometime. Any problems please post here or email fleetsupporters@hotmail.co.uk See you all Monday against Histon. Thanks Mike
  9. we got 9 maybe 10. whats your 1st name fleet fan dont know who u are?
  10. we wait months and months for the away shirt and all we get is a free mug!! thanks very much, we must be the mugs i think! http://www.justsport-group.com/shop.ebbsfleet.com/acatalog/replicaaway.html
  11. i will have a 100% answer tommorow, people are dropping out like flys!!! if we do go it's by car!!
  12. sky sports news will be showing the goals tommorow morning-lunchtime
  13. Darren, Have forwarded you that email again, please let me know if you get it or not. Cheers Mike
  14. Hi Darren, Did you get my email from the other day about having both matches? Cheers Mike
  15. Think this is a bad move from Wrexham it's too early in the season to get rid of him.
  16. this fixture was on setanta last season both home and away!!
  17. i would bring in pooley for ricko, he had a mare on tuesday night. Summed up by i went s""t 1st touch as the ball went away from his foot then s""t 2nd touch as it went out of play!!
  18. anyone know his DOB? i know he's 18 but thats it.
  19. well done to the 12 that turned up tonight and aren't afraid of a bit of rain!! another good session, same time, same place next week.
  20. Fleet Supporters training is still on tonight even though we had a little rain, it didn't rain in Istead Rise where I was!! 6:45pm meet ends at 8, the bar is open after as well.
  21. Sounds like Lance, Smithy and Mooro had fun: http://www.thefa.com/England/NationalGameXI/NewsAndFeatures/Postings/bosnia_arrival.htm Good luck to the lads
  22. Just a reminder, training tonight at Gravesend Rugby Club. Meet for 6:45pm-8pm the bar is open after for a drink,
  23. Originally Posted By: ChrisEggleton Ahh i got a spare 50p somewhere, when im the chairman i will offload that big mouth twasock Kedwell! kedwell signed for afc wimbledon on friday!!
  24. I will ask on Monday at training and will take it from there.
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