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  1. hang on a sec ian mate lol. will see on numbers but i cant see many going up there, and i don't really want to drive all the way up there!
  2. Just a quick one, training will be on weather permitting so keep a eye on here, the official website and the facebook page! Can this be a sticky please. Thanks Mike
  3. 01 Cronin 15 Ricketts 06 McCarthy 24 Charles 03 Opinel 08 Long 23 Hand 14 Barrett 17 Purcell 09 Gash 18 Moore Substitutes 21 Mott, 11 Stone, 12 Pooley, 16 Shakes, 20 Ibe listen here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/check/player/sol/newsid_7540000/newsid_7549600?
  4. Just a quick update: Training is back on this Monday and every Monday from now, as I have arranged that we have the astro turf for the next season unless we don't need it! So Training is every Monday at Gravesend Rugby Club, please get there for about 6:45pm and it finishes at 8pm
  5. i wish him well but i know me and jimmy won't miss him much. two words mate.....stevenage away!!
  6. can everyone turn up about 9:40ish please, 9:50 tops!!
  7. i have had them scouted and they are a good side. but so are we this season!! got my new boots today as well, anyone that wants new boots go to hargreaves sports/sports direct they close down on tuesday and are doing well cheap boots. got a pair of white and red total 90s for
  8. the green kit won the vote, i don't like it http://i35.tinypic.com/24cb6lj.jpg
  9. I can announce this morning that the 1st match of the season has been arranged thanks to Stuart, details are as follows Pre-Season Friendly: Fleet v Craggs Farm at AEI Sportsground Saturday 23rd August, 10:15am KO, Players meet at 9:45,
  10. fleetastic performance by the fleet!! well done to the fans that went down, could hear you on the tv and was quite a few of you down there. so pleased with that performance im going to sleep really happy tonight!!
  11. super goal by mooro, corner by torquay cleared really well by gash and moore just kept running. the weather looks lovely down there!! keep it up Come on you reds!!!
  12. Just seen on Sky Sports, the transfer deadline has been put back to 12 midnight on September 1st. Just thought i let you know
  13. Can this be a sticky until Saturday morning please. The possible match against Bromley this Saturday has been called off due to the kick off time they wanted BUT we might have a match against Cragg's Farm (a mate of stuart's) up at AEI on Saturday so watch this space!! Keep a eye out on here, facebook and http://www.freewebs.com/ebbsfleetunitedsupporters/
  14. Originally Posted By: jc Rob French was playing for Sittingbourne on Saturday. As I assume he's still technically our player, it's debatable whether this belongs in this thread - I'm sure Jimmy or Stu will set me right if I've made a gross error of protocol. he is in the sittingbourne team photo as well!!! http://www.pittsfamily.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/squad_08-09.jpg
  15. the vote is open for the 3rd kit kit 1: http://i35.tinypic.com/2ym7s4w.jpg kit 2: http://i35.tinypic.com/98zf6d.jpg kit 3: http://i35.tinypic.com/24cb6lj.jpg
  16. Just recieved a email from myfc and the away shirt has been confirmed as the white one as we all knew for months. white shirt with bits of red red shorts with white bits, the ones they played in against Rushden and white socks!! there will be a 3rd kit too, which myfc members will vote on!
  17. beat u 2 it mate about jukebox scoring its on the other topic pat gradley!!
  18. Andy Drury has just scored for Stevenage but there still losing 2-1 at home to eastbourne!!!
  19. cheers yorkfox got it through that sounds like we should be 2-0 up already!!
  20. News update can be found on the official website: http://www.freewebs.com/ebbsfleetunitedsupporters/index.htm Then click on the news page. Plus the new player photos have been uploaded on the player pics page!! Just want to say well done to the 18 that turned up last night, past 5 weeks have seen a superb turn out by the players and i can really see a couple of wins coming our way this season!! Cheers Mike
  21. Originally Posted By: StuThompson NLP said it was going in anyway and Moore poked it over the line. Its a bit like the England game last year when the debutant (cant remember his name) helped it over the line and claimed an already certain goal. david nugent of portsmouth did that england goal
  22. Just had a quick look as i prefer to have a look at the ground etc but well done Rachel and everyone superb design. I know Rachel has put alot into it over the summer and it looks like it too Plus The Fleet Supporters Team have there team picture in there as well!!!
  23. Nope not the Supporters Team we had that Monday, but the 1st team had there photoshoot on Tuesday. If you get the Gravesend Messenger this week there is a picture of it in there. Kezie Ibe and Dean Pooley are in it too, i know Liam wants Dean. But for Kezie to be in it as well, maybe he has signed. Looks wicked with The FA Trophy and Kent Senior Cup at the front, bring on saturday!!!!
  24. 5th Training Session for Ebbsfleet United Supporters Team. Monday 11th August at Gravesend Rugby Club, please turn up about 6:45/6:50pm and remember
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