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  1. I can't belive the squad we are going to have next year. Playoffs, FA Cup/Trophy run. Well done Andy and the Directors. to get Manny is got to be one of the best deals done yet. Jackson Porter Protheroe Saunders Mitten I cant wait now bring on August.
  2. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid, bloody April fools wasn't it?
  3. David you put this on the old website: 01/04/04 Sam’s the man Gravesend & Northfleet manager Andy Ford announced the first of his signings for the new season with the signature of Margate defender Sam Sodje. The tough tackling centre half will play his last game for Margate against Farnborough on Saturday, after which he will take an extended holiday courtesy of the FA. Andy told Northfleet on the Net, that he had been looking to sign Sam for some time now, and the early finish to his season meant that he could capture his signature now rather than wait until May.
  4. Just read that. It just was always going to happen. Shame as there won't be no Kent derby now at x-mas or new years day. i suppose we have Canvey instead. But still ashame. Good that Sodje, Porter, Mitten, Saunders all joined. Gutted Che Stadhart.
  5. I hope its soon. As trhe website doesn't look good at the moment. But i think it will once its complete it will be hopefully a good website. Lets hope it done over the next few days.
  6. Hi type in www.gnfc.co.uk/home/html or www.gnfc.co.uk/home.
  7. When you go to gnfc.co.uk it has moving objects and The Fleet and Conference badge up the top and bottom of the screen. But when you go to gnfc.co.uk/home.html it doesn't. As well theres hardley anything on it apart from news. Is it really ready yet? I don't think so. What do others think.
  8. Now David has left the website. The club haven't done anything about the pre-season fixtures, new signings or anyhting up to date. Please get someone in to do it on a day 2 day or David please come back.
  9. Great ideas Jimmy. I agree with them all. Maybe then in the shop they could sdo programme binders to keep them in. Even a team poster to sell. The programme needs more pictures and articles to read less adverts please.
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