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  1. CD Towner

    Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent

    Theodopilous, what is your vendetta against certain people? Andy Leese and Liam Hope in particular? Are you actually an ETFC supporter? At the very least, both men seem to me to be well mannered gentlemen who at the very least deserve a little more respect in the way they are talked of even it is your opinion that they are not of the standard you would like there are constructive ways to articulate that view. One is our manager and one is our all time leading goal scorer so shouldn’t we get behind them? This thread has has made me question how much the 12th man of supporters are to blame for our recent dip in form.
  2. CD Towner

    Margate v Enfield Town

    Very frustrating afternoon. 1st half Margate the better side with the wind but an excellent breakaway goal for us. 2nd half saw us on top but not taking the chances and a poor goal to give away cost us. Other observations would be that our wide men are not currently being effective and 1 up front doesn’t work!
  3. CD Towner

    Hall of Fame

    Great thread! I agree with most suggestions. Would also add Corey Whitely, Norwl Imber and Bryan Hammett in to the mix. Maybe something for the club to think about creating? Could be a great way for supporters to engage with former fans favourites?
  4. CD Towner

    Hall of Fame

    Very good CC! And he’d definitely be in there!
  5. CD Towner

    Hall of Fame

    After watching Frank Lampard being inducted into the Legends of Football Hall of Fame this week, it got me thinking about an ETFC Hall of Fame. As a Spurs supporter, the Hall of Fame is a big thing and something that they used to promote on their stadium tours with a hall of fame in the tunnel. Has the club ever considered an ETFC Hall of a Fame and for the purposes of this post, who do people think might be worthy candidates/legends??
  6. CD Towner

    Enfield Town v Merstham

    Very flat throughout and what a dull game! Aninteresting team selection which I didn’t really feel worked out. I don’t understand why we don’t play with 2 centre forwards? We looked better when we did that in the 2nd half. Would like to see BB and Liam play together perhaps. Having witnessed most of the games so far this season, one thing we definitely need to improve on is our crossing. Far too often we kick the call out or don’t beat the first defender. It was good to finally keep a clean sheet and Matt Nolan performed very well deputising for Joe. I also thought Dan Rumens performed very well as well. All down to Margate next week!
  7. CD Towner

    Where are they now?

    I really hope not. Would be a terrible signing for us in terms of the characters we are looking to sign. Anyone that takes him is mad.
  8. CD Towner

    Where are they now?

    Not sure I agree on Blake RG. He proved a useful impact sub and I would have kept him for that role but not as a starter. Wadkins didn’t impress me tbh with both his link up play or his finishing. Agree on Sam Young’s though
  9. CD Towner

    All quiet on the Enfield Front

    Don’t forget Jack Hockney as well. I think that’s a good balance of forwards and gives the management options.
  10. CD Towner

    title odds

    Dorking 20/1 worth a punt as are Margate. I don’t see Bishops Stortford being title candidates. More like bottom half.
  11. CD Towner

    All quiet on the Enfield Front

    An excellent and needed signing. It’s been good to see AL target specific areas that we required with strong signings to compliment what we already have. Pleasing to see some of our younger players being retained alongside more experienced players as well, both are important. It feels like the squad will have a lot better blend to it this season. Keep up the good work Andy and team! When are the fixtures released???
  12. CD Towner

    All quiet on the Enfield Front

    There still appears to be uncertainty over a number of last years squad. Some of which I’d be keen to re-sign. Anyone know what is happening with: Adam Martin Taylor McKenzie Ryan Blake Liam Hope Jack Hockney Sam Youngs Darnell Wynter Tyler Campbell Samir Bouhmitine
  13. CD Towner

    Enfield Town V Worthing

    I actually for once agree with Theo! We don’t have too many older players in the squad now and have the right balance between youth and experience. Our experienced players (Mitchell-King, Martin, Hope, Thomas) are the right fit in terms of ability, experience and character to support the younger players. Should they all be in the starting team? No but in the squad yes and 1 or 2 starting IMO. The younger players are players with quality, ie Wright, Greene, Youngs, Parcell. I disagree on the Junior comment. From what I’ve seen he’s not at the standard of other players we have and so just because he’s a young/homegrown player doesn’t mean he has a divine right or interest to be playing ahead of others! Granted I was not at the Dorking game but that appears to be where the argument of his involvement has stemmed from! The issue is with the way all of our players (not many of which I would actually want to lose) are being asked to play. 1 up front for example is not a formation I would champion. Kicking it long I’m not a fan of. Overly defensive tactics I’m not a fan of. Rigid management styles and indecisive tactics I’m not a fan of! Is there a common theme here???
  14. CD Towner

    Enfield Town V Worthing

    No point in dwelling on it as there is only 1 game left but the point I’m making is that if we were in the middle of the season, the point would be made that we should dwell on it and poor performances of some players shouldn’t continue to be tolerated. As there is just 1 match remaining, my fear is that the same underperforming players will continue to be as such at the start of next seasons campaign, when we will revisit the argument and no doubt dwell on it further!!
  15. CD Towner

    Enfield Town V Worthing

    A very unenthusing match to watch. After a promising start, the goal we conceded was comical. As others have stated, a poor free kick from Ryan Blackman was cut out and before we knew it, we were 0-1 down. Not many players came out with any credit although is that unusual to say? Yet AL and team seem to select the same players week in week out regardless of performance. I again thought Dan Rumens played well and looks much more comfortable as a central defender.