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  1. CD Towner

    Town v Harlow

    Agreed Wildlife Rescue. Weatherstone is a vast improvement on Taofiq not just for his leadership skills but also his quality on the ball unfortunately. I think it’s a fantastic signing. Not so sure about Faal though. He’s certainly all arms and legs but not sure on the quality! Bricknell has been crying out for another forward to play with him for some time though. I’d like to see more of a link up player as I think Billy would thrive even more in the box but nonetheless a good week for the town and some positive progress.
  2. CD Towner

    Brandon has joined Ware

    Despite early promise, I personally didn’t think he was of the standard required for this level of football so if his departure opens up a spot for someone else to come in, I’d see it as a positive move. The only other argument that I’d suggest is that it’s the defense that requires addressing currently as an urgent priority. Good luck to Brandon for the future.
  3. CD Towner

    Enfield Town v Worthing

    What an inept performance. Poor mistakes from the defence and some interesting team selections. One thing that unsurprisingly didn’t change was the formation, which the management appear to be completely stubborn on. After a disastrous start to the 2nd half we were beaten by the better team, convincingly.
  4. CD Towner

    FA Trophy 10th November

    Pot, kettle ... hehe
  5. CD Towner

    FA Trophy 10th November

    We are 3rd in the league and in the chasing pack. We could have more points than we do but I’m sure every team will say that. I’d have taken this position at the start of the season - albeit with a better cup performance
  6. CD Towner

    FA Trophy 10th November

    We were the dominant side and should really have progressed. The 2 goals were a result of errors on our part and it was only really those occasions where we gave the ball away that BT looked dangerous on the counter attack. I have to agree with previous posts. When will the management finally show some flexibility and play with a different system or at least adapt during the game? Our substitutions are direct, like for like replacements, made far too late in the game. I’d really like to see an example of us tactically reacting to the match situation accordingly. All being said, no panic from me at this stage. We have a good squad and are playing well but we must cut out the basic mistakes and be more clinical in putting the opposition away.
  7. CD Towner

    ETFC V Haringay

    A frustrating afternoon all round. Really enjoyed the 1st half performance and deservedly went in ahead at HT. The 2nd half was much more even and the sending off helped Haringey’s cause. Once again we persisted with stubborn tactics and left our substitutions far too late. Why wasn’t Mickey Parcell introduced as well? All things considered it was a fair result IMO but at half time, I would have expected us to have gone on to win the game.
  8. CD Towner

    Lowestoft v Enfield Town

    Thanks for the match report Raingod. I couldn’t agree more, it’s great to have a detailed review when you can’t make a game, which was the case for me this weekend. I don’t remember us ever winning at Lowestoft before so great to finally do so! I agree on the centre half issues. We look light on options there with only 2 fit CBS and Rumens is probably our best defender. Could any of the current squad fill in if needs be? In in terms of centre forwards, having witnessed most of our performances in recent weeks, it’s been clear that Brandon Adams is not ready to play in the starting XI though. Bricknell and Hope would be an interesting pairing and playing with 2 might just give more freedom to our wingers who at times seem caught between playing wide and joining the play in the middle. Is is there any news on the Sam Chaney injury?
  9. CD Towner

    Enfield Town v Whitehawk

    Where can you watch online RG? The Enfield town highlights channel on YouTube seems very delayed in publishing highlights? The last game uploaded was Merstham
  10. CD Towner

    Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent

    Theodopilous, what is your vendetta against certain people? Andy Leese and Liam Hope in particular? Are you actually an ETFC supporter? At the very least, both men seem to me to be well mannered gentlemen who at the very least deserve a little more respect in the way they are talked of even it is your opinion that they are not of the standard you would like there are constructive ways to articulate that view. One is our manager and one is our all time leading goal scorer so shouldn’t we get behind them? This thread has has made me question how much the 12th man of supporters are to blame for our recent dip in form.
  11. CD Towner

    Margate v Enfield Town

    Very frustrating afternoon. 1st half Margate the better side with the wind but an excellent breakaway goal for us. 2nd half saw us on top but not taking the chances and a poor goal to give away cost us. Other observations would be that our wide men are not currently being effective and 1 up front doesn’t work!
  12. CD Towner

    Hall of Fame

    Great thread! I agree with most suggestions. Would also add Corey Whitely, Norwl Imber and Bryan Hammett in to the mix. Maybe something for the club to think about creating? Could be a great way for supporters to engage with former fans favourites?
  13. CD Towner

    Hall of Fame

    Very good CC! And he’d definitely be in there!
  14. CD Towner

    Hall of Fame

    After watching Frank Lampard being inducted into the Legends of Football Hall of Fame this week, it got me thinking about an ETFC Hall of Fame. As a Spurs supporter, the Hall of Fame is a big thing and something that they used to promote on their stadium tours with a hall of fame in the tunnel. Has the club ever considered an ETFC Hall of a Fame and for the purposes of this post, who do people think might be worthy candidates/legends??
  15. CD Towner

    Enfield Town v Merstham

    Very flat throughout and what a dull game! Aninteresting team selection which I didn’t really feel worked out. I don’t understand why we don’t play with 2 centre forwards? We looked better when we did that in the 2nd half. Would like to see BB and Liam play together perhaps. Having witnessed most of the games so far this season, one thing we definitely need to improve on is our crossing. Far too often we kick the call out or don’t beat the first defender. It was good to finally keep a clean sheet and Matt Nolan performed very well deputising for Joe. I also thought Dan Rumens performed very well as well. All down to Margate next week!