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  1. We (Hartley) are looking for an Away friendly Tomorrow night, preferably on grass, happy to split costs. Any takers ring me on 07715576773 Luke
  2. I know we aren't Combined Counties now but.. Sat July 8th vs Alresford Town (A) & Sandhurst Town (H) (mixed squads) Tues July 11th vs Portchester (H) Sat July 15th vs SCR (A) Tues July 18th vs Frimley Green (A) Sat July 22nd vs Tooting & Mitcham (A) Tues July 25th vs Walton Casuals (H) Sat July 29th vs Farnborough Tournament Sun July 30th vs Farnborough Tournament Tues Aug 1st vs Knaphill (A) Sat Aug 5th vs Reading XI Sat Aug 12th - Season start
  3. However farcical the ref, you can never condone threats of any sort and that is very embarassing. I hadn't heard that (I was on the other side of the pitch) but that would have been stamped on. The actual decisions the referee made were fine, his actual decision making was good, that was what was just so stupid and made the rest of it so unbelievable. Anyways, it's a huge shame, but onwards, we have two good young sides who played some good football, and that's what it's all about
  4. Ha I wasn't going to comment on here but Rother has set me up so... Yesterday saw the most ridiculous / mad refereeing performance ever (wait for the refs Union members on my FB to jump on this post but here me out). Youth team friendly (don't use main pitch for friendly so it was up a park, setting important here!) two clubs that get on, 2 teams that just wanted to play football, not a bad challenge in site. The referee kept stopping the game, running over to the team's management and to quote 'you're boys are pissing me off tugging and fouling, sort them out before they really piss me off and i start giving out yellows and sending £10s to county. Now sometimes in friendlies, referees will talk to the benches to calm down a game with the best of intentions and for the right reasons, but this guy was just trying to make the game all about him with absolutely no justification for it. There hadn't been a challenge in the game let alone a bad one! So our Assistant manager (who also is our physio) pointed this out. The ref then sent him off. Legally you can't send the physio off which was pointed out to which the referee told him that he'll have to stand in the bushes then. I said your not making my assistant manager stand in the bushes ref! To which he pointed out the game wouldn't start until he did. Anyway after about 10 minutes (with the boys stood around) we negotiated that he would be 10 yards from the pitch, close enough to effect play but not close enough the ref would be upset. 5 minutes later the ref stops it again. 'He's still in my sight, it's upsetting me, he has to go further away, maybe to the corner of the park'. Again more toing and froing. One of the supporters shouted 'ref it's not about you, just let the boys play football', so the ref ran over and then sent him off! Baring in mind this is a public park, and the supporter had done nothing wrong, he refused to go. To much laughter and groans from players, management and crowd, referee said he would refuse to play on until supporter left the park. For the sake of the boys, off he went (after about 10 minutes more btw) and stood half way across the adjacent pitch. 5 minutes later the referee stopped the game again, ran accross the next pitch and told him he had to be at least level with the playground in the corner. This is between giving out yellow cards to both teams that wouldn't be warranted in a competative game, let alone a friendly. At this point both clubs decided we would referee it between ourselves, at which point the ref decided he would ref again. Yes I did still shake his hand at the end btw
  5. Atko has gone to Badshot Lea. Although our camp will be flattered so many have us in their predictions, we are absolutely the underdogs with clubs like Guildford doing what they are doing. As Millers said Camberley will also be strong again so it's going to be a tough season!
  6. If young management has Abit of experience it can work very well, as pointed out re likes of Turks, Millers, Juppy and Ben all doing great jobs. At Hartley, Millers and Brown who r joint managers are 34 and 29 respectively, I'm 29 as of last week (happy bday to me) and Joe is 25. We even have a young chairman who can only be in his late 50's
  7. Thanks Cove Supporter, getting better at the quoting too
  8. Just to dispel rumours we have applied to go up and we have lots of people working very hard behind the scenes to get the grading done In saying that we know its a long winter and will have to work as hard on the pitch to achieve this. Some very good teams in the league this year!
  9. It is the fact that reserve team football is dying that is making it even harder to bring the yougnsters through. Their are plenty of reserve teams out there still, but they are pretty much just a second youth team or as you say, under 21s. The idea in the past was reserve teams were good for a mix of older senior heads helping the younger ones through, look at Paul Dadson at Camberley for example. 10 years ago the Suburban League was so strong, and (although Duncs will disagree) many of the Prem sides (and even some div1 sides) would have beaten combined counties prem first teams. it was playing in teams and against teams of this standard that was the next step up the pyramid for youngsters, but now, these days are long gone. The reason is widespread, grassroutes as a whole is on the down. Since the economic crisis money is more important than ever, people just cant give up the time that they used to. Instead, they play 5 a side for an hour on a tuesday night on the local 3g on a tuesday night which is more than enough for them. Less money also means more work hours, so less time with the family that people will claw back on a saturday. Your next problem, is since the set up of all these non league academies and the amount of disalussioned youngsters. They all play for Woking academy or Basingstoke Town academy or whatever and they are sold a dream, but the reality is, sadly very few, if any will make it.
  10. Although we are far from perfect and still learning ourselves I think we are on the right lines at Hartley. We make sure we dont absorb an entire 'team' into our youth set up, instead we have a squad of 22 players, relativley divided between players that are in year 11 at school (15 / 16 years old), 1st year at college (16 / 17 years old) and 2nd year college (7 / 18 years). Each year we will lose between 7 and 10 players who will be too old but we will still have another 10 or so left for a base that we then add to from our trials. It means that with a constant relative young squad we wont exactly set the world on fire (if we finish half way up the Allied Counties this year thats a success) but we are aware that success is dependant on how many players we push into reserves and the first team, but as Duncs said, when they are ready. Another problem clubs have is the youth set up being divided from the firsts, and you get this amost rivalry between the two camps which just doesnt make sense as surely everyones goal is a successful first team and a good enviroment for youngsters to learn and push on. We are lucky to an extent as I am the Under 18 Manager as well as they 1st team coach and Millers / Brown regulary take sessions so we are literally one club. This helps us in turn as the few times we've played youth team boys in the first team they've been doing similar sessions ad they know what is expected of them. Getting even deeper, clubs like Ascot United and Camberley Town have got it nailed to a tee, their junior set ups being almost fully integrated and they have over 70 junior teams al pushing their way through the club before they arrive at the Senior Under 18s and push on from there. I think at Junior set up's they have qualified coaches the whole way up as well which definatley helps as the basics need to be nailed by the time they reach the senior set ups. Anyways I've gone off on one. In conclusion Youth set ups good - if ran properly and as part of the club and if the end goal is pushing players through, not some Dad wanting to win everything and go up the pub bragging to his mates how well little Timmy is doing,
  11. Ha your right Briggers, I didn't do it justice in the slightest just gave quick overview but I knew you would pop up soon enough
  12. Great game, SCR beat Beckenham 3-2. SCR played well, especially in the second half and look well organised. At HT they were 1-0 down but I said they didn't deserve it and wouldn't be long till they got level. Great to see so many old faces too!
  13. Well as everyone's saying forums dead, let's throw this in. E& E Rich, I think it's a good report mate but your report is ever so slightly biased in your favour E & E Rich, although I concede a draw was a fair result. I think think you do yourself down Abit by putting such a one sided spin on things. It means when people read your reports and you say you were unlucky people never know weather to believe it! We have had some games this season where we thought bloody eck we got lucky to nick points here (Knaphill for one) but this was def not one of them. I agree you could have nicked it at the end and perhaps your players will feel that free kick that whisked passed the back post late on could have won it for you. But what of the first half an hour? Would you not argue that we were in complete control of the game Until you shot from way out and a gust of wind literally blew it over our keeper. No mention of that on your report. On your Twitter, its a soft penalty we got, you conceded an unlucky 3rd goal, you should have had this, you should have had that. I'm not saying any of the above would have altered anything, and im not saying we deserved to win it, just saying try not to see things through quite such a one sided pair of glasses
  14. Think a lot of it is on Twitter these days, always plenty of opinions flying about on there, just abit easier i guess. In saying that, if you see how many people look at each post I think the forum is alive and well!
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