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  1. Arlesey Town Chairman John Morrell has resigned from the club with immediate effect, while Dave Kitson steps in.
  2. As I dont register players I have no views due to never using the system
  3. I suggest you send all complaints to the FA, they decided to change it without any feedback from the leagues using it.
  4. SSML Spring Cup competitions have today been sanctioned by the FA. Full fixtures to be listed on Full Time and the SSML website tomorrow.
  5. The date of the Finals have yet to be decided
  6. Another incorrect fact. The SSML has no wish to lose any of it's member clubs. The FA Leagues Committee now decide all promotion/relegation matters The boundaries for SSML Premier (Step 5) are not changing it is Division One (Step 6) that will see the boundaries pushed further northwards thus losing its Southern based clubs.
  7. Given the fact our request to the FA was only submitted on Friday and that the FA don't hold meetings at the weekends I don't know where the Biggleswade chairman is getting his information from regarding the sanctioning of the competition.
  8. To clarify - it was the clubs themselves that had said at the Divisional meetings (Premier and Division One) that they did not wish to play without fans and the SSML respected their views. One club then said they would be happy with a behind closed doors competition and therefore we canvassed all clubs again 25% of members wanted a behind closed doors competition which will now be run. For Division Two I recommended to the League Committee that due to ground sharing, no floodlights and cricket I would not be able to complete their season but felt we could run a behind closed doors cu
  9. Group matches will see each team play each other once (two home and two away). In the case of the six team group the home clubs for last game were drawn out of a hat. Fixtures were also decided by each club's pitch availability due to reserve games etc. All clubs have been informed of the fixtures and dates.
  10. Match fees will not change for the Semi Finals/Final. The SSML is covering all costs for the Finals
  11. Semi Finals on 15 May. Finals - date to be decided
  12. The Premier/Division One competition now has a sponsor and the competition shall be known as The Gladwish/SSML Spring Cup 2021. The Division Two competition is still looking for a sponsor. All matches with the exception of one Division Two game will be played on Saturdays (The one remaining game will be on Monday 3 May). Any game postponed as to be played by the following Thursday. Group winners to be at home in semi-finals. If venues not available then switched to opponents ground. Finals to be played on a neutral venue.
  13. The SSML has submitted a request to the FA to sanction its two Spring Cup competitions. Couple of rule changes Five substitutes may be used, however like the FA Cup it was decided that clubs only have three opportunities to make these plus half time. All match officials fees have been reduced by £10 each. Dates and fixtures have been sent to all club secretaries of teams taking part and whilst I will not be adding them to Full Time until the FA sanction the competitions clubs are free to release them Premier & Division One Spring Cup GROUP
  14. NEW FIRST TEAM MANAGERS APPOINTED North Greenford United FC would like to announce that Paul Mills & Gary Brown have been appointed as the new joint first team managers. Paul & Gary were both assistants to our previous first team manager Colin Jones who has stepped down. We all wish Paul & Gary the very best of success.
  15. Zoom meeting held last night and full details on sponsorship, trophies, rules and fixtures will be announced in due course.
  16. Aston Clinton FC Management update: The club would like to announce that Billy Harrison and Taylor Collins will take over as the management team for the 2021/22 season, after the resignation of Jack Seaton last week.
  17. The other three are Division One clubs STOP PRESS Another Premier Division club has requested a late entry
  18. Ten Division Two clubs have applied for a Division Two Cup Competition which will be discussed at Zoom meeting next week
  19. Ten clubs ( 7 Premier and 3 Division One) want this competition and a Zoom meeting will be held on Monday night to arrange
  20. WINSLOW UNITED The club is delighted to announce our new management team as James Green and Jordan King. James has been coaching our MJPL and Southern Counties YFL sides and Jordan led Aston Clinton to success from 2015-2018. All at the club wish both James and Jordan success in their role!
  21. New Salamis FC are saddened to announce that first team manager Gurzel Gulfer has stepped down from his role at the club. We are delighted to announce that our New First Team Manager will be ex Salamina Player Danny Bailey, he comes with a wealth of coaching and playing experience.
  22. Stotfold manager Luke Gregson to step down at end of season
  23. Some clubs have requested a cup competition to be played behind closed doors, the SSML are awaiting to hear which other clubs want this before deciding
  24. Berkhamsted FC has accepted the resignations of reserve team manager Steven Hutchins and his assistant Kevin Godbold.
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