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  1. It's good to hear Bodkin has signed a extension already, he must see potential in the way the club is going or we have really given him a good pay deal that he thinks is to good not take advantage off. I can't comment on Stone I don't recall ever seeing him play, I haven't seen the friendly's but if he can hold the ball up and win things in the air that alone could be a useful asset to the playing squad. As for Dan Stubbs he has a very good motor on him always gives a 100% even if it's not the most efficient use of that effort, but he has offered so much more than a lot of the players that have played in our colours in recent years.
  2. Really impressed me in the few games I managed to see last season he certainly proved to be a big loss when he left us, shame we couldn't have got him back.
  3. 15-March 11 - Happy Birthday Gate4TehWin :)

  4. Oh god what a nasty overpriced shirt we have... I have to say the scum from the south of the island have a much better looking kit for cheaper.
  5. Well he has received a lot of criticism at times, some of it unjust and sometimes quite fair but the fact remains he was our top scorer in what was a bit of a poo team for most of the season, and he scored the goal that should keep us at this level for another season.... but more important then all that how buff does he look! Another season for Blackman at the gate and some half time Gun shows lol!!!!
  6. Wooohoooo Blackman gun show all the way!!!!
  7. 15-March 10 - Happy Birthday Gate4TehWin :)

  8. Ouch bitter much??? As it happens tw@ face I find it quite hard to disagree with the facts you have stated this pretty much sums up the season, all though I can’t believe anyone thought we could get in the playoffs with the squad we had... Surely you are mistaken on that one all knowing Billy Sollocks? By the way just because I agree with the majority of what you have typed that doesn't make us mates and you're still a tw@ face!
  9. Well done Peter a really nice guy who liked a bit of banter shame we couldn't have kept him but then again he wouldn't have gone on to this I guess
  10. Will be there Tuesday first time since before Xmas, not sure if my singing voice will come out hasn't been out since the traumatic Trott seasons!
  11. Welcome back Iain & Jay!! lets hope Iain can do the job and the boo boys don't get on his back to quickly. Would be nice but doubt we could afford them all... or even one of them now we have Super Jay back!
  12. errr JJ this dude has all ready told us....
  13. Very Good technical player certainly to a higher quality then the Ryman premier ability wise, but lacked the strength for this level and really shot shy for a Trequartista/Attacking midfielder type player, like some people have all ready said it will free some money up... problem is who do you get in?
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