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  1. Hi guys, long time no speak, but glad you are really looking forwards. I keep an eye on your results , don't mess up our former players!! Just heard about your nemesis, dear old Sandy. I guess mixed views about his latest clash with the law, but when I was last here, he certainly wasn't flavour of the month!
  2. Last I saw was that he renaged on a sponsorship deal with Southill, shortly before they went bust.. Did hear a rumour that he jumped ship from the UK to a Carribean island. Hope is well.
  3. He doesn't know how to run a football club!
  4. A terrific, well presented and informative site. A must have on 'favourites' for every Kent based non-league fan.
  5. Hi Jeff, with your permission, may I copy the link to the official Fleet forum? I found this absolutely fascinating, I am certain all Fleet fanss will do so as well. Many congratulations on your work.
  6. It's a shame everyone was forced off here, as the Fans focus forum was a good meeting place for chat with fans from other clubs, a chance to make new friends, and to get a good feel about non-league clubs. Our own forum (as is yours) is a very busy place, if it has a downside , it is that you seldom get outsiders from other clubs, apart from the few days prior to a match with their side. I made lots of friends on here, had some great debates, and still am of the opinion there is room for both forums (although i probably cannot plug this site too much as I have a conflict of interest with our own site!). Who knows, a few may drift back, especially if there is some interaction with non-Fleet folk. Just out of interest, whatever happened to UU? Last I heard was that he was unable to come up with the sponsorship of Southill Alex, cut and run, leaving them virtually bankrupt. They folded weeks later and UU was actually looking to emigrate to the West indies!! Any truth in the rumour?
  7. Hmmm, that was 2 years, 5 months ago. EUFC are not in trouble. MYFC are still going. The relationship bewteen the locals and MYFC has never been better - we even shared a vote on kit colour. Fleet are back where they were pre- MYFC. The best news is that Loose, UU, AFF No1, Claudius and Billy Nick were really, really WRONG!!
  8. It is good and reassuring to see the old forum is now in safe hands, EU. Probably won't visit much on this bit, as I am tied up modding the fleet official forum, but I also keep tabs on Margate, as i have a number of freinds there too. Keep up the good work. Gary (formerly Chatham Gary and Hempstead Gaz)
  9. I have actually pm'ed Gordon , I guess in the vain hope that he would admit to what he did and everyone could draw a line in the sand and move on. I'm sure he has been chastened by his experience with running a football club, and hopefully feels a little embarrassed by his antic towards Fleet, it's loyal fans, and more importantly to the disrespect he showed to this forum, which was at one time a very healthy place. ( I had posted 5000 times before Loose banned me)
  10. Karl is an expert on figures and he certainly got these figures right about the massive losses that our club have had and which we had all hoped would go away as we stuck our heads in the sand and defected to the Stasi controlled new EFC forums. The renewal figures were also horrendous and I guess Karl and Claudio were right all along, I am too up Will Brooks's backside to admit it on the scary forum but I do wish we had listened. THIS is the post that was alttered by Gordon Parham (loose) when acting as moderator on here. I did not type this, and would like to clarify that I actually typed the opposite to what the final version shows.
  11. Just registered on here out of interest - I was right all along! FreeMYFC killed this forum. I had it confirmed that Loose DID alter my posts during his corrupt duration os moderation. Luckily, he , darter, Claudius and all crawled back under the rock they emerged from. Fleet are back in the conference, better and stronger than before, and arguably more united with MYFC than ever. We were right, FREEMYFC were wrong, and lost. Thank GOD.
  12. Fleet fan for life - but likes Kent non-league football to thrive.

  13. Not sure that Jacob Erskine is the "young, fit, athletic" type , at the moment. He looks to have bags of ability, but he is carrying a lot of 'timber' for a young bloke. If he lost 2 or 3 stone, I am sure he would be a better and pacier player.
  14. Hi Guys, long time no visit - but I promise I have kept an eye on your results - congratulations on getting CK back - you should now start the road back to where you need to be. What a hectic season that has been for us a Ebbsfleet - great start, lost a bit of form around Xmas, then playing some absolutely stunning, passing football to the end of the season. I wonder how we will fare in the BSP again? Great to see you have signed Deano, one of my favourite players, 110% committed to his club, will run through walls for you and has the courage of a lion. He was unlucky that he was behind the pecking order of Lorraine and Easton, 2 centre halves who would not look out of place in league div 1. It says a lot about Dean that he always bided his time on the bench, was always fit when asked to play, and NEVER let the club down when he did play. You have got a diamond there - make him club captain ,as he was at Fleet, and the team spirit and bonding will be all the better for it. Having just re-registered on here, I will pop in from time to time to make sure you are treating him well ! Good luck for 2012, and best wishes from me.
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