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  1. ALWAYS a chance in this div. as there are 3 slots to play for. go on a run, and anything can happen. the prem is a differnt story. has anyone mentioned play offs in the prem.
  2. well thats ok then. anything smudge says all in guernsey jump up and down and cry foul. cant he be eccentric, with a tongue in his cheek. lets just all enjoy the ride. it has been asked, but when does guernsey, stop paying for teams travel.
  3. For how many seasons will guernsey be paying for clubs to travel over. i am sure that once this stops, other clubs/leagues forums wont be as friendly. its all a bit of a jolly up at the moment. thats not to say that they are not good hosts.
  5. Altho' this is not the answer, I must assume and hope that Camberley are insured. That's what these scum think and say, well its not their loss they should be insured ! 5K ! .... shameful ..... all items now sold already I bet ! But if they get caught, lets say to them 'you shouldn't do things like that', a slap wrist, get a guilt complex and don't do it again ! It does my head in, our society is so nice, no wonder these scum do it 'cos they KNOW they get away with a telling off/warning, maybe a few hours Community Service they just laugh in the face of our justice system, they get 9-10-11 year olds to do the crime 'cos they can't go to prison.......we are so nice ah bless ! Thats it ! Thankyou CTS that's what I was thinking of Sharia Law, which I understand is used in the Arabic countries, now that would certainly make these scum think again..... its a real shame that we have to be talking like this on a football forum. we should be telling our MP's. mind you they tried to get tough with the rioters. until all the do gooders came out of the woodwork. i done 7 years in the army yes this would probably be hard on these people, but im not sure it would stop there behaviour. GOOD LUCK TO ALL AT CAMBERLEY.
  6. OH SO you want to ask the questions. you are a confused young man. you can call me mate if it helps.
  7. JURGS your anti smudge feeling is showing a tad. he seems to get under your skin a bit . Hardly an anti Smudge feeling Jazzy Jeff, I was merely asking why it bothers him so much.......I'll make sure I don't ask questions in the future though JAZZY JEFF, was that a dig, i know your not big on humour. so he does get under your skin. thats fine it happens in life. move on son.
  8. Easy Jeff, think that comment was about an official where this is not....don't worry I'm monitoring it thought......anyway this is about Knaphills hospitality not about incidents in games on that nice dressing rooms all in all looked after us well like Sheerwater and Frimley Green and South Kilburn and the comment made by wattsy was an honest one in his mind. think you have learnt too much from your old gaffer guv. if your punching doors, what would he think.
  9. JURGS your anti smudge feeling is showing a tad. he seems to get under your skin a bit .
  10. You were always liked at Meadowbank, Pagey..... ..... and your welcome as a visitor any time. Not as a player BJR ? .............lol !!! As far as I'm concerned, he's welcome as a player or a spectator, He has many friends at Meadowbank. think spencer might view this as a bit of tapping up.
  11. BE CAREFUL you Feltham boys. wattsy, was suspended for saying less last season.
  12. fair play son. and if im honest, your only crime was being honest.
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