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  1. Roll on next season same old shit except we might be playing ramshite
  2. Never claimed to attend all games, steve, just come to the ones I can. Any chance of a lift tomorrow? Only joking!
  3. To be honest gareths little article is a good read from an ardent supporter, keep it up. Atleast you now know people read it.
  4. Oh my I'm so sorry my grammer and punctuation is not up to your very high standards. I feel bad I saw the same game as you lot saturday, and couldn't make any of the goals up. Black z I was wondering who's shoelaces were hanging out of alan sat I now know. I cannot wait to pick up my local later.
  5. I'll have watch a different game to the one that wellsie watches then! No pleasing some. Cannot wait to pick up the local to see what nonsense your son has written this week alan.
  6. Ok alan no problem First goal tap in from rebound off of post 2nd goal I missed as I was having a slash Third goal i spilt my coffee as i had my back to the goal getting a cuppa right behind the choir I hope this is ok alan I know as a true fan I would have waited for a wee and should have been watching the game instead of getting a coffee. Anyway who ever was having a pop at rook had every right I lazy.
  7. Cracking result and cracking performance. I'm pleased if as you say my rant seemed to have an effect. It was just my opinion and I expected to get shot down by everyone, makes life a bit more exciting. On wards and upwards then and let's hope the close season will see the permanant changes the club needs Oh no was I being positive there?
  8. Go back a bit alan I think you will find that I have I've probably been to about 10 this season. I know that doesn't make me a real fan, but I believe it gives the ability to have an opinion. I might come and see you saturday then again I might not. With all of these quite major problems at the club is it really looking that rosey, I'll suppose I will never know unless I come introduce and talk to you ardent fans, mine is an opinion of a fan who isn't ardent but still want the club to do well.
  9. The club is looking rosey! No ceo No permanant manager No longer in the playoffs No chance of a new ground No chance of a covered terrace at bottom end No main sponsor Ops going to be shot down now!!
  10. That's it coffin ender why be so negative! Its a terrible way to think
  11. Well let's hope we can get a new ceo in position that can hopefully push the club to the next level. Which I'm sure cliff would have done if we didn have all the ground/sponsorship problems. As I've said before we are in a transition period with a caretaker manager. Love the post Alan always most of the time! All I want is a better margate.
  12. Broadstairs dave we have our goalie as caretaker manager. And Cliffs resignation has been accepted. As for message from KP that was pointless as far as I can see the club is drifting with no direction. Believe what you want Alan my opinion is just a different one to what others have posted, take it or leave it won't bother me.
  13. Cliff obviously puts a lot into the club and a break from all the stress is probably needed. However unless he knows of worse things to happen to the cluband is jumping ship beforeit happens? The club must be under great financial strain with no main sponsor. Yet we are still signing players. No manager no ceo the club is in a mess.
  14. Get well soon cookie, must have been the shock of one of our strikers scoring!!
  15. Sorry mr cook how very silly of me to talk to you in such a manner!
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