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  1. "Thou who talkie the b*ll*cks, shall receive the bollockies back" Nostradamus
  2. Edit - comment not made to me so I'll stay out of this one !
  3. We've had excellent exposure. We've been in many national newspaper articles about the club. We've been in non league magazines many times we have our own TV channel ( web based ). We have been mentioned on Sky by Matt Le Tissier many times. We have been filmed by Sky. If we go up a few leagues the exposure and interest in the club will grow and grow. We are a great investment for sponsors.
  4. I'm sure you will get your wrists slapped in due coarse its only a matter of time with all the scandalous lies you tell on here
  5. Well well well Smudgyboy even the FA are getting fed up with your comments and BS !
  6. It does matter if our sponsor comes from Guernsey, Isle of Man or Iraq ! As long as they get good exposure its worth their while. I don't see Arsenal turning down Emirates ( I think that's how you spell it ! ) because they aren't from England !
  7. I could only see a takeover as positive I'm sure William Hill would want to keep up sponsorship and we have had a lot of exposure it would only be good for them as well. If we could sort the ground issues we have and climb a league or 2 we would still be a good investment for them. The William Hill Stadium, a new ground in Guernsey ? I can only dream but you never know ! Its a funny old game !
  8. Adam has just as much right to be on here as anyone else. Don't like his comments either don't read them or ignore. Same goes for my posts
  9. I'll look forward to your visit PM me nearer the time and we can sort something out. Win lose or draw we'll party !
  10. You will be amazed by the amount of pubs in St Peter Port ! All very close together ! Probably about 25 pubs at a guess within a quarter mile radius some next door to each other :-)
  11. I probably will be lol ! I can show you the best pub crawl route, I have it down to a fine art ! When you over ?
  12. You need a night on the town Donkey style ! If you can keep up ! ;-)
  13. I think that deserves a warning asking for a forum user to be banned
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