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  1. 28-May 11 - Happy Birthday CIFC JACKO :)

  2. 28-May 10 - Happy Birthday CIFC JACKO :)

  3. 5 is better than the amount i got, zero!!!
  4. yeah was in echo last week as well friday i think
  5. Canvey 1- 3 chelmsford attendance of 708. I started coming to Canvey the year we got relegated back to the ryman division 2, so i have seen us win so many promotions because of King so i have to agree that he maybe should be applauded but i wouldnt go as far as cheering.
  6. i see all them chavs today in southend town still all wearing the same clothes, fun life
  7. i go croatia as well for modric
  8. yeah im glad they got stuffed, but as yellow angel said feel a bit for tilly.
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