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  1. Nosher, I still have access to www.combinedcountiesleague.co.uk which I was doing my best to keep updated with news as I find it. Lazarus is now maintaining the Pitchero site.
  2. The Combined Counties have always started on the first weekend of August. So if clubs are not ready for that then they are at fault. Whether it's a league game or and FA Cup game makes no difference. All clubs should be up and ready to start competitively on the first weekend in August.
  3. Not strange at all if they have a relegation release clause.
  4. It's what happens when you lose all your players and have to use last season's under 16's
  5. Smudge, just for your Ashford start at home to AFC Hayes. The fixtures were sent to clubs on Friday evening. I am sure that Alan will now be adding them to the FA's Fulltime website. The CCL website has already been updated to pick up the fixtures, results and tables entered into the Fulltime system. Fixtures at this level has always been held up due to clubs ground sharing and have been produced as quickly as possible following the release of the step 3/4 fixtures. For once why don't you try praising what the league do rather than having a dig at them at every opportunity.
  6. If Redhill get a reprieve then someone will have to move out of the Helenic and across otherwise you will have too many in the that division.
  7. The only League rule I can find that mentions the size of the Premier Division is:- 13.4 v) No club will be relegated from the Premier Division if by doing so, the membership of the Premier Division would fall below 22 for the following season.
  8. As many of you will know I approached the league a couple of years ago to re-design the site to make it a bit more appealing and user friendly. During this transition I added easy to use update pages for Alan Constable so that he could add news items himself. I appreciate that Alan also his own life to lead and that all these updates and changes should not fall at his door. I am proposing a plan to the league that will give club secretaries the ability to add their own updates. This will be done under a login system and anyone found to be abusing it would be denied access. This is purely for important announcements and not necessarily match reports. Once I have spoken to the league about it we will see if clubs want to use the system.
  9. Finished with 5 teenagers? Does that include both side?
  10. Spelthorne sports vs Windsor is off
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