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  1. mal316

    AC London Appeal

    League update - http://combinedcounties.pitchero.com/ac-london-53905
  2. mal316

    Happy Birthday Mal !!

    Thanks BJR, but never say never!!
  3. This is something that is being looked at over the next few weeks. Having originally revamped the website it was then transfered to a Pitchero site which probably hasn't gone as well as expected. Appologies to the league officials if this sounds out of turn. Once the issues have been addressed and the appropriate support gained from league officals / members I am sure that there will be a noticeable increase in exposure for league and member club events.
  4. mal316

    13th-16th March Midweek Thread

    I believe that if the referee feels that any individual posses a genuine threat to anyone at the game then he has every right to stop the match and refuse to restart until that individual is dealt with.
  5. mal316

    Hartley Improvements

    I don't see any issue with the DIv 1 promotion places. The same number go up from Div 1 as down from the Prem. The issue would only affect those getting relegated from the appropriate division above the CCL Prem.
  6. mal316

    Sat 10th & Sun 11th September Match Thread

    Yes, Alan Constable has been at a couple of ours recently.
  7. mal316

    Pre Season Friendlies

    Always got to keep on top of your game!!
  8. mal316

    Pre Season Friendlies

    Glad you enjoyed it Tango.
  9. mal316

    Start of Season

    Nosher, I still have access to www.combinedcountiesleague.co.uk which I was doing my best to keep updated with news as I find it. Lazarus is now maintaining the Pitchero site.
  10. mal316

    Next season's FA Cup starts on...

    The Combined Counties have always started on the first weekend of August. So if clubs are not ready for that then they are at fault. Whether it's a league game or and FA Cup game makes no difference. All clubs should be up and ready to start competitively on the first weekend in August.
  11. mal316

    Saturday 23rd April Match Thread

    The Chessington & Hook Utd vs. Windsor game will now be played at Stag Meadow.
  12. Is this what you mean Spurs? - http://www.fansfocus.com/topic/190950-dorkings-clubs-announce-historic-development-agreement/
  13. mal316

    Farnborough FC

    Not strange at all if they have a relegation release clause.
  14. What doesn't make sense is that although the league has been extended to the 7th May any team who could potentially be promoted bust finish all matches before 4th May because that is the date of the initial club alloctaion meeting. Surely it would make sense (hahahaha) for the FA to say that if there are clubs in this situation that they delay their meeting by a couple of days to allow the games to be played. Utter madness!!
  15. mal316

    Ground grading

    From memory they need to install a turnstile, erect a fence around the ground (the bushes will not suffice). I am not sure about the issue of not being able to get behind one of the goals.