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  1. Not at all. Just light hearted poke at the idea that playing a song will create any extra atmosphere! One of the joys of non-league football is the, for want of a better term, the shambolic and ramshackle nature of it!
  2. Woody SUFC

    Windsor Observer

    What about the 'Royalists' part. No Royal patron and the old club was wound up because of Her Maj!
  3. Nothing says Atmosphere like music coming out of a PA some parts of the ground cannot hear well to an empty ground as the small number of people who are there haven't yet decided where to stand or are still in the bar. Why not go the whole hog and put a "Welcome to Hell" Flag all along the chicken run.
  4. I think everyone wants what's best for the new club. Some people think one thing is not the best thing and are up in arms, some think its the right thing and knew they'd loose support of long term fans and helpers! How can pushing out, weather on purpose or not, a large amount of people who made up the good bits of the old club be a good positive step forward? Lets remember football clubs should not be about the Manager, players or chairmen but the supporters after all they are the lifeblood of any club no matter what size or how much the club has to spend!
  5. I am an outsider too and i simply cannot work out why a chairman would throw away years of experience in helping the club and more importantly money from fans who go to the events and home and away for a manager. I didn't mind Keith Scott as a person and have no idea why people have walked out. It's one huge mess when this had the first chance the club/new club had of a fresh start and everyone pulling the same way!
  6. Just been on the phone to one of the people walking away from the club. This must be the coldest welcome to a football club ever with most of the behind the scenes helpers walking out in protest and fans who've gone home and away for years talking about stopping. Kevin Stott if you care for the club you'd think again. Sounds like the soul has been ripped out!
  7. Sadly i mistook an invite to a hotel for something else and told him i wasnt interested!
  8. In the real world £250 quid for really a season ticket and a brick with your name on it at Combined counties level is a bit much for the average man on the street! Yes it's for 'founder' membership but try telling that to your Wife, kids, Goldfish! Wish the best of luck to the new club but it's been run by the man who brought the 'running' track to Stag Meadow!
  9. If its step 6 i will certainly return and try and get in the sqaud!
  10. Too many to mention and too many i cant clearly remember!! Not the game or winning but the journey there dispite a massive hangover that led to me getting a lift home. Started well with a good 15 of us running from the Windsor train to one heading into London nearly taking out everyone else on the platform. Later in the day, Dazza, Mrs Cat and myself finding something so funny we could hardly speak for a good 5 mins! A number of ballboys memorys overlap with mine. Lewes away was my first long distance away game and that charge down the bank was like something out of Braveheart! Abingdon away, Taunton away, Newport IOW away, Truro away ( both times! That video taken on the train back whilst very un-pc is very very funny) East Thurrock and Margate away (dispite them both being called off) Mangotsfield away and my one and only competitive darts match. On the pitch the 6-2 against Slough. Even taking away the derby element it was something else some world class goals from Coyne and Ben Porter. Lets hope for many more memories in the future for future generations.
  11. I do hope those who don't support Windsor but moaned are doing the same on Derby county forums at the moment as according to bbc Sheffield the same issue happened at even their replacement one went kaput!
  12. * *This is a man Yawning not eating a boiled egg.
  13. Very interesting e-mail from the supporters club with regards to this subject. About time someone got a bee in their bonnet!
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/nonleague at about 22 mins and then at 34 mins the presenters throw in their 2 pence. Fair play to Peter for agreeing to it and some very valid points made by the presenters. ( Yes i am awake due to adapting sleep for the cricket!)
  15. 200k a year going out...on what exactly? Mudgie claming hellnic wages, a small rent to the crown...Scotty the Stag to blame? Been using the clubs money on a PR man to stop the moose claims? Or is it just another lie from the power(s) that be? Oh well. Clean broom get rid of the people that alot of fans wanted out ( We, and i bet you, know who you are!). Cut the cancer out of the club and an AFC with the energy and support and most importantly of all duty of care that the supporters club currently has and if the fan base doesnt dwindle too far South west division isnt a million miles from what the club could survive at!
  16. The time for all that was months ago! Far too late to play the blame game and I am sure peter is hurting too.
  17. I know Crawley have money at the moment but are they really so silly to not wait a few weeks to see if they can get him on a free? Good luck to Chenns however. He could do a job for Sheffield United at the moment!
  18. Slough is one of the most religous areas in the country! Clearly due to Slough fans praying for a new ground! Perhaps Windsor will follow suit with people praying that a third winding up order isnt issued and the HMRC take 10k and give the club a chance rather than take nowt and give up!
  19. Thanks but no thanks SR Windsor sec perhaps you can put my bus fair towards the club lottery? Are you still collecting the money?!?! :cheesy (2):
  20. Even if the club halved the expenses going out that's 5 or 4 grand less to find. Yes it will set the club back on the pitch but I would be very presently surprised of you get 20 people willing and able to bail out Peter but not at a grand each!!! 250 and a 5 year season ticket 1000 and a lifetime ticket plus free coach travel or something would be more easily swallowed! Just a theory
  21. Just got my calculator out. If what Stott says is true why when the order was issued didnt Peter just get rid of wages altogether? Yes it would of meant certain relegation but in 4 weeks he'd of saved enough to pay the taxman off for the time being!? Or is Stott playing games?
  22. Down that blackhole? Come on WR you didnt get rich by doing things like that did you? I've been reading Alan Sugars book and hes put me right off!
  23. Seems to me from reading the Observer Simpson and Stott need to put personal differences aside if they really care the club and then Peter needs to explain what on earth went wrong, unless he did at the meeting?, Stott claims that Windsor are STILL paying £2500k a week in playing budget!!! Why would any sound businessman bail the club out with such huge debts? Lets not forget Stott is the brains behind the running track by the dugouts..how much did that cost?! And yellow submarine sank aswell. I'll see you at AFC Windsor and Eton where Mudge can work with a real Hellenic league budget!
  24. Actually you can blame whoever is guilty of not paying the taxman rather than the humble fan who just wants to support his local side! Even with all the will in the world i cant see the 20 or so fans who are 'hardcore' enough to go to events etc raising £48k in just over a month. http://www.maidenhead-advertiser.co.uk/sport/article-18090-royalists-under-threat/ Thats not a dig at the humble fan who just wants to see 90 mins of football every other saturday by the way. I'm enjoying doing that it myself!
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