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  1. Far too many memories to even contemplate putting into words. From my old grandad Ernie abusing every non-league official he could lay his eyes, and mouth on, to the first time Dennis Greene pulled on the famous red and green at Met Police away with that hideous bleach blonde hair. All the away days by train and coach like Tiverton in the cup, Cinderford away with the keeper who said he would drive me and then everyone on the coach abusing him as he walked out the ground. Countless trips into Oxford to Rosie O'Gradys and Harty's trip to the grapes (!), Abingdon, Lewes (grass bank will live long in the memory) and far too more to remember. Hopefully the new club can be run properly and that can see the club rise back to where it belongs, and whatever step the new club starts at, i'm sure every single Windsor & Eton fan will be there to witness the dawn of a new local club. UTR!
  2. Any news on what the meeting was about last night?
  3. Nice away trip first game of the season, remember the trip there in the fa cup a few years ago!
  4. I'm sure there will be a party at the meadow this evening, so doubt malc will have time to do it now!
  5. And to add attendance according to southern league site is 405.
  6. Like to second that matt. Been a long time coming, and gutted i missed on plenty of games this season. Although the recent problems around the club, we are now in the Southern Premier (or Ryman) and hopefully Slough can go up too so we can get the derby back. A massive well done to everyone at the club over the past few weeks to push on and get the win tonight that crowned W&EFC champions! It's been a good old race with Totton the past fwe weeks and credit must also go to them for the way they came back in to the title race
  7. shame, memories of that famous day at the dripping pan, storming down the grass banks and singing through the streets before the game, what a good day that was!
  8. Mrs Cat certainly does know her pubs!!
  9. what about the lesser built fans who won't fit into any of the abouve sizes?
  10. Put alot of work into supplying thousands of fans with upto date leagues during the close season.
  11. Originally Posted By: The Hovis Kid What the [****!!****].....????????? you heard hovis, its made in devon
  12. Originally Posted By: The Hovis Kid Originally Posted By: Woody WEFC You got drunk and spent 5 weeks in Scotland because of it? What on earth were you drinking!? BUCKFAST Which is actually made in devon!
  13. a bit rubbish that windsor aren't in the same leagues as the above mentioned teams, but hopefully a couple of duels in the B&B Cup and League Cup too will be most certainly looked forward to.
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