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  1. Sorry but with Cheshams form there was only going to be one result. As I stated before some players, and the management, need to take a really good look at themselves regarding discipline. If we had any chance of getting a result yesterday it would require a full team. Injuries are one thing but suspensions, despite people stating that some decisions were dodgy, are no excuse. Oh and the answer to my last post "Dilemma", no I did not attend yesterday, and if that makes me a disloyal supporter then so be it, but I know where I stand. Yesterday should have been an exciting and entertaining game of football in front a good crowd, WIN LOSE OR DRAW, and people would not be complaining now.
  2. It looks like our poor disciplinary record may come back and haunt us. We could really do with a good cup run to cheer up those cold winter days, and cheer up the coffers.
  3. Well done Gate, a good win and £6000 in the bank. However how long will Vines be out now? Second sending off in 3 matches. We need to sort our discipline out quickly.
  4. And the standby tannoy operator Although I have not got a badge Ever wished you'd never started this!!!
  5. £3000! Thank you very much
  6. Well I thought 491 through the gate was impressive. Lets face it Leiston was not the most attractive team to play, and the away support (no offence to those who travelled)was not that high. The good thing was that the tie would not have attracted that many usually, and so I think it worked in our favour. With reference to the match itself I think we were faced with a Leiston side who had not won for 4 matches and so they were pretty determined to get something from the match. Although we were guilty of some very poor passing in the second half yesterday, I thought they were very well organised defensively.
  7. Great video BB. Have you approached the club about doing something like this for other matches during the season the season? Would be great to have highlights for games. Well done
  8. We have one of the windiest grounds in the country but we never seem to learn how to play in it. Why do we not play it on the ground in those conditions? Mind you, why don't we play it on the ground all the time. I thought for the first 10 minutes today we did that and we looked ok. Then HOOF HOOF HOOF! The difference from three weeks ago when we looked unbeatable, was that we played FOOTBALL. Nil points from 12 since. Holloway and Osborne were announced as joint managers, because they were bringing more positive football to the club. What on earth has gone wrong. 381 there today, which if we had got even a couple of results over the last couple of weeks, would probably have been nearer 500 plus. While I'm on a roll why is it that our players never go and retrieve the ball if it has gone behind the oppositions goal when we are losing. They just walk away with the ball over near the corner flag allowing the keeper to stroll in his own time. There is no urgency with the players. They should be running to retrieve these balls quickly. Three and a half hours travelling for each home match for me, I really don't know whether I can be bothered again this season. Rant over, for now
  9. I see Don hasn't posted the photos on here yet. I bit pointless I suppose, 32 pictures of a ball high up in the air.
  10. If we had not agreed to release him for "Work reasons", could we have been entitled to a fee? Certailnly no loyalty to clubs nowadays.
  11. Best wishesTony, see you soon
  12. Both of our apparent first choice strikers have ten goals a piece in all competitions and 9 between them in the league- I know we were totally spoiled first half of last season but that just isn't enough Well I wish they would hurry up and score, another defeat tonight, played 7 won 1 lost 6, what has happened?
  13. Canvey, Concord, kingstonian and Wealdstone all above the gate and losing!!
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